Friday, October 22, 2021

paint party Friday

 Welcome to paint party Friday where we celebrate liquid color!

this is a view one morning on our walk... the sun was just right, and I liked the composition. I had to use dh's phone to take the photo because I didn't expect to see such an inspirational sight on a routine walk.

I really wanted to try to paint the feathery texture, the see through stems and the gold tipped fronds at the bottom... how to do that with watercolor?? I started with this one...

I didn't have the photo in my computer yet, so I painted it from memory. I used KOI paint, waterbrush, staedtler pens, pitt marker and white gel signo pen. Cheap paper torn in half. 

some close ups...

then I painted one onto my calendar to try to capture the feel of the fronds...

I really liked it more than the first one. DH and I discussed what we'd seen and he said it was like a solid wall of white fronds. I said but a painting is best when you relate to it, and there is poetic license.

I got the photos, that you saw above transferred to my computer after this, and really looked at them. We walked over there again and I studied the scene from several angles, really trying to see what was there in detail. 

This is the third iteration while looking at the photo

 Well, the proportions are off... but the exercise of painting the same inspiration view three times was good to do

there are aspects I like, and some I do not when I compare it to the other two

 While doing a free online 8 day workshop with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, here are two items from the first day

done on sketchbook paper, inspired by the mental meditation

she had us fold a sheet of watercolor paper into accordion fold and paint anything on the first page that was inspired by the meditation, 

I felt like exploring pink and purple, then some golden yellow

I thought it looked like a sunset when viewed sideways

then just a little painting one morning on my calendar pages

I hope so... 

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  1. I love it... and if we walk around it looks so much like your painting...

  2. I think your first painting from memory captured it best.

  3. Lovely paintings, nature is ss inspiring! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. I like how a chance discovery has led to you look, and look at what was in front of you, and how you saw extra things, different details, in each looking.

  5. What a pretty scene with such interesting texture in the plants. And you did justice to that scenery with your painting. Lovely!!!

  6. I love your field studies, beautiful work.
    Happy PPF Tracey.

  7. I hope I get brave enough to branch out on my own as you have done so successfully. I do like your autumn scene and your sunset.

  8. Super art. Luv the inspirstion. I will hold on to your words


  9. Sounds like a fun workshop! I think your paintings are wonderful studies! Happy PPF!

  10. Wow what an inspirational view and I love how your painting turned out. Happy PPF

  11. When we see something beautiful like that we stop and ask ourselves how would we capture that in a painting in oils. We met while he was taking an art class in college. I minored in art, but have no real training in using oils. But we now have (gifted to us) the equipment to begin.