Thursday, October 21, 2021

I Like #267

 welcome to this week's list of likes... My mums were very pretty this week and the weather was cool enough to sleep for the most part. We have had record heat for a record length of time this year and this is the forecast for next Monday, which means our bedroom will be even hotter as opening windows in the evenings doesn't seem to make up for the sun's heat during the day

every day I check the forecast, and Monday's temp started at 77, then went to 79 now is 82, so it might be even worse by Monday. I like cool consistent weather, but we go from 27 F Wed. morning to mid 80's on Monday....

I liked that our grocery delivery through Amazon and Whole Foods came on time this week, meaning all our frozen food wasn't thawed... a rare occurrence

I liked painting this week, a scene I saw while walking and will show those paintings tomorrow, sneak peek... I did three versions of the same scene


I liked finishing up the mountain abstract this week... only binding left to sew to backing, story on Saturday's sewing round up

the moon was pretty this week


I signed up for a free workshop this weekend through Kelly Blaser on 9  breathwork techniques

I've begun watching Making the Cut on Prime, a very interesting competition between clothing designers. Speaking of that Project Runway returned last week on Bravo. The shows are quite different but both good. Bachelorette returned this week as well as the dramas I have mentioned before. 

listening to on audio

I started to read this on ebooks but when the audio book became available I switched and it's really wonderful on audio. A story of a woman returning to the family vineyard and what she discovers about family history. 

I'm reading on ebook, love Ellie Alexander stories...

awe, who needs carved pumpkins?

Milo's Moments
yes I want to go for a walk!

Milo: don't you hate it when little bits of food stick to your nose while eating, so when you think you're done you still smell the food and wonder why? That happened to me with scrambled eggs and cheese this week, but eventually it fell off and I ate it from the floor, heh heh 

Mama: Milo tell them about the bunny we saw on a walk...

Milo: what bunny??

Mama: oh, well, never mind....

Milo: I'm still shocked at getting groomed this weekend, not only a bath but mama is doing away with me little by little. 

She pulls hair out of my ears, cuts my hair and throws it away, grinds my feet off, 

Mama: oh my gosh... I'm trimming your long toenails! 

Milo: well, they're mine, keep your paws off! 

Mama: I love you Milo...

Milo: heh heh, I love you too. I also love cheese...

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rosie and the boys nature pics 


  1. 3 versions of one scene - sounds interesting. You have me curious now.

    We had our first snow yesterday afternoon - it rained all day long and then turned to snow for a couple of hours. By bedtime it was melted. But the moisture was so welcome and needed. Back into the 50-60s again.

  2. Those are nice thankfuls and wonderful art too. Hey Milo, maybe you're secretly keeping that yum on your nose for later! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thrusday Blog Hop!

  3. Your mums are pretty! I enjoyed The Lost Vintage, too. I didn't think to look for it as an audiobook, but now I'll have to do that. Milo, I like scrambled eggs with cheese, too!

  4. Oh the toenails!!! Blue keeps his down, and spooky has been, but lately they've been getting bad so I'm going to have to try to do his- he's so wriggly I despair of making progress. But Bentley is the worst. I used to sedate him for the process, but now he's too old, so I have to mash him into the back of the couch and it's horrible and miserable for us both. But the vet doesn't do any better, and he doesn't seem to grasp that his dramatic improvement in walking is a consequence of not having ten mile long toenails. Yeesh. Your mums are really pretty but I'm sorry it's still been so hot in the day. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some cool weather soon (and that it doesn't go straight to COLD).

  5. would love to see more of your quilt- looks quite lovely- I just finished 2 twin boys quilts- fun to do! Cheers! ps you can see them here:

  6. Your mums are a beautiful color...the color of Fall! Enjoy your week sweet lady! Enjoy that nice weather. Hugs!

    1. I think you dropped the link to me. Should I take yours off my post today? I guess it doesn't matter. Nice to catch up with you this week!

  7. Hey Milo, Norman and Elsa share your pain on the grooming process. But they both agree that when you're done, the huMom is a lot more cuddly and heaps tons of praise on them. It's worth its weight in treats. :)

  8. Oh, your mums are so pretty! We had hot weather last week, but this week has been cooler. Today our high is 48, perfect sweater/sweatshirt weather! Of course, I've stayed inside where it's cozy and warm. Those books look fun!

  9. Hi LeeAnna! We have had some CRAZY weather here too. It's not global warming or anything of course (YES it is!!). We've had over 140 days of above 60 degrees. We've never had such a warm October - our leaves haven't even changed yet!! I know you've had issues with your upstairs being too warm all summer. I wonder if you should try a reverse fan. Usually mounted in the attic, it sucks the air out of the house starting with all the hot air that rises. I've had relatives who live in Las Vegas swear by their reverse fan. IDK personally, though. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Ooh - the moon! I loved the video of the elephants and the pumpkins. Look at that bunny rabbit - how did he miss that?

  11. i watched the elephant's smashing pumpkins of great size and thought of you on a youtube offered to me...and there it is on your likes!! moon dancing here as my 2 cat girls sleep all day on the deck afterwards! great weekend of art i wish you!! be well. sonja

  12. I enjoyed reading your list very much. There seem to be many videos of cute elephants lately and I love seeing them. This was a full moon, the Hunter's moon and our skies were really beautiful at night. We have to do the dreaded toenail cutting soon! Someone is not going to like it!

  13. Your mums are so much prettier than mine, and so is that ceramic pumpkin.

    As always, your taste in shows is so different from mine, but that's why there are now more than four TV channels to choose from (grin). I would enjoy that book, though. I love a good cozy mystery, and this sounds like one.

    Milo is such a sweetie. So glad he got all those trimmings, just in time for winter. He'll appreciate it in the days ahead.

    Cute elephant smashing pumpkin, too. That would make a great name for a band (OOPS, there already IS one)!

  14. Beautiful mums and I can't wait to see your quilt reveal post!!

  15. Your mums are so pretty! Great likes. I love the Ellie Alexander books too! Glad you are getting a bit cooler days.

  16. The mums are gorgeous as is your little sneak peak of your artwork on your Calendar. Oh, that elephant is adorable, but huge. Milo is sweet and I do understand the food on the nose problem! Yesterday, in our spoon feeding Percy he managed to spill his breakfast on the living room rug. He prefers it in odd places....or spoon fed. Yup, we do what we need to for our fussy ones!

  17. We are experiencing the "atmospheric river" the weather persons predicted, with the strong winds up to 70 mph, and now a deluge of rain more or less. We need more. We are in a drought and could use a fill up of our water reserves. The wind sure scared kitty but our outdoor dog met a new friend and they were having fun playing, both males. Your bunny is CUTE! Keep up the art, I need to get back to doing some myself.

  18. 55 for the high here in KY and much colder at night, but I like it! I meant to watch Project Runway. I used to be a diehard fan and am glad to see it back on Bravo. Thanks for linking up and I hope Milo is well.

  19. Love all of your crafts and projects. The little painting from something you saw on your walk, those GORGEOUS quilts, and your photography. You are my kinda gal!!