Thursday, October 7, 2021

I Like Thursday # 265

 Welcome to this week's list of likes... small likes add up, don't they?

I love this fellow... I have hung him up in October for years now, and the video at the end shows him dancing now in Colorado. Our tree is more colorful than last week, the video takes you on a small tour of our back yard...

we put out a few decorations



and got some mums for the back porch.

This week we made chicken souvlaki's with greek potato salad for lunch and had enough for two days worth

I call it Greek potato salad (they put that in greek salads in Tampa) because I make it differently than our usual. Boiled potatoes, a mix of half mayo and half yogurt, S & P, oregano, basil, minced onion and bell peppers, a splash of lemon juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar. So good! 

I make our souvlaki with chicken cooked with olive oil, spices, cooking sherry and lemon juice. I add in chopped onion, tomatoes, lettuce, kalamata olives, feta cheese in a tortilla wrap. Speaking of lettuce... we ordered living lettuce with roots this week, planted the roots and it's growing!

now that we wised up and took it out of the broiling sun so it gets less heat. Yep still hot for October, and the unfiltered sun bakes our house all day making the bedroom hot as heck every night. We try to cool it down by opening windows after the sun goes down earlier than it did, but the room never cools off. 

I was wondering...

 Heyyyyyy I've noticed the sun goes down earlier... I should get my chewing treat when the sun goes down. 

Mama: you get that at 8 pm no matter when the sun goes down, because then you're about done and want to go to bed soon after and we don't want to go to bed at 9.

Some of my shows had finale's this week but some dramas returned like A million little things, New Amsterdam, The good doctor, Virgin River, My life is murder. Survivor is back! 

I'm reading and listening to the same books as last week. 

I am enjoying having my diamond dotz project on the kitchen table ready to add a few when I can...

 I'm trying to paint and sew each day, and have those posts Friday and Saturday but this is my coloring page this week. 

The calendar is by Joanna Basford and she sent out a newsletter this week with several podcasts and freebies... join her mailing list for her emails sent every 2 months or so

I have to be honest with you all... I'm not handling things particularly well this month. I'm hot, I'm isolated since covid is contagious even if you're vaxed and many MANY people in our area are not. I have  health concerns that make me high risk so I've been isolated for a long time now. I love you all but haven't had the emotional energy to leave comments as often. Please forgive me and know it's not a sign of disinterest, just exhaustion. I need  human contact, need to continue looking for the small blessings for "I Like" posts, cherish dh and Milo, and my weekly zoom with Joy. Phone conversations perk me up so if you have my number, please call! 

I loved this puzzle online... all the colors plus black and white aspen tree... a real color study, click here: PuzzlePlanet 

there are times, when you have a choice of actions... and we could  be kind:


I LOVE this toy! It bounces great!

 (a video) Milo plus a yard pumpkin dance

Hey Mama, that's me!! I'm a star! Paparazzi stand back, prepare me a bone, hand me my toy! 

Milo: Hey Mama...

Mama: yes my darling?

Milo: Why did you come over to see where my peepee was this week?

Mama: we have a fairly big yard and you peed right next to my growing bell pepper, I wanted to make sure you didn't pee on it

Milo: well my peepee is like an autograph so you'd be lucky if I did, BOL

Mama:   lucky. Yep. And stop barking out loud!

Milo: how else will all the world know the star is here???  

hahahahahaha.... poodle humor!


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  1. we love your decorations!!!!...and we have to bring out some things too... it is time...

  2. Those ghost lights!!!!
    I cant believe our trees are already changing color too.

  3. You have a lovely back yard, and the ghost lights are just too cute!! Hope we can do a Zoom call next week. It has been too long since the last one!

  4. Love your ghost lights! Your chicken looks yummy too! Stay safe. You my sweetling are a town girl..out and about around people so I know this is extremely difficult for you. Sending you hugs and vibes of peace.

  5. Lots of color, fun and Halloween going on at your house Milo!

  6. Your Halloween decor is so fun. Milo is so good about using the stepping stones to return to the porch. I'm sorry about the isolation, sending a virtual hug or two. No worries on the commenting!

  7. Living lettuce? Now, that is something to like!! :o))

  8. Love your 'dancing' pumpkin. The breeze in the background is soothing and allowed me to slow down, breathe deeply and appreciate it even more. Especially needed that today.

  9. Love those yard goodies, what fun and that meal looks wonderful too. Milo, I hope you start getting that chewy treat when you want it. Hey, don't worry about commenting, we all understand. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. I love the ghost lights, too, just like your other commenters! They are really fun! The chicken dish sounds yummy. Love the fall trees in all the colors!

  11. That lunch looks good. I like to diamond paint too.

  12. Love those ghost lights! That lettuce looks so tender. May you have a cool fall (without it going straight to snow). Hugs!

  13. So many fun things here - love the spooky ghosts. I don’t decorate much but do love other peoples. I am sorry you are feeling isolated, do hope that you can find some ways to escape the isolation. It is such a shame that others have not gotten vaccines that help protect all of us. We go to dinner in places we know, but I do avoid crowds with people I don’t know. Give Milo an extra scratch from me….our former neighbor lost her Doodle on Monday - she was like Percy’s sister. Funny, we were at the vet on the same day and I was thinking I might see them….little did I know she was there…Percy didn’t tell me.

  14. What cute Halloween and autumn decorations. I am getting mine out this weekend.

    It's hot here, too. In fact, we've set all kinds of record high records this past week.

    Milo is SO funny. Love his attitude. Hope you have a super rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, LeeAnna.

  15. Hi LeeAnna! Your light-up ghosts are so COOL!! I know a crew of young littles that would ADORE them!! We've been warm for October, too. In the 80s is very, very ODD. But, of course, there's no global warming or anything. The next time my cousin says that's a hoax I'm going to bop her. We all have a choice of actions millions of times throughout the day - being kind should be everyone's go-to easiest choice!! Cute video - thanks for sharing. Milo looks so pretty and your mums look welcoming. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. I like your Halloween decor. I put out some fall themed stuff, so that is it for me! lol Milo is looking good. I asked my sister-in-law (a huge dog enthusiast) about dog food and she uses Ketona. She is very into canine nutrition. Thanks for linking up.

  17. LA - we live in a difficult world right now, made all the more frustrating by the fact that it would not have to be like this if everyone did their part ... I hope you can continue to find simple joy in your crafts, your hubby and your dear, entertaining Milo. That Greek meal had my mouth watering!