Thursday, October 28, 2021

I Like Thursday # 268

 Welcome to this week's list of likes

this little lotion bottle now holds tiny bouquets

not our trees but in the 'hood

our tree had it's leaves blown off
... the weather was hot for a couple days then went right down below freezing in one afternoon... so it's cooler in the bedroom now at night, yea!the ones with leaves are pretty colors this year

I like cold drinks even in winter, and love using these rubbermaid containers to hold cinnamon iced tea and filtered water...

I signed up for a 10 day free creativity event... all are welcome, a snip of description and link is here:

"The CARNIVAL OF THE MUSES hosted by Aoife Nally, an artist, theatre maker, creative channel, and muse magnet, will guide you through a ten day introduction to these fascinating, elusive, mysterious embodiments of pure creativity, using art prompts, meditations, and visualization to create your own unique artwork dedicated to all your creative and inspired endeavors.

You will meet a muse each day, and appreciate the art form they empower: Love, Epic and Sacred Poetry, History, Comedy, Tragedy, Music, Dance, Astronomy, and Divination.Each day, a special guest will lead a practical demonstration or lively chat related to the particular qualities of each muse.
starts soon...

my current book on audio: 

reading on ebook

watching on TV:

all the usual dramas, reality/game shows, and comedies including a new one we both laugh at...

"Ghosts" on thursdays at 8 pm on cbs... 

sewing... finished this month's table runner story on Saturday, and finished this last week...

link: HERE

 I found all bran cereal again finally and made a batch of muffins from the recipe on their box... adding in applesauce (1/2 cup) and some apple cider... OMG as good as I remembered them! this was my go to breakfast food to take to gatherings when I was a young working woman. I've already made a second batch in a week since we all three love them for breakfast!

 aaaaand we've finally been able to eat something we planted... lettuce. Of course we have to put it to bed in the garage at  night but it's really good. Living lettuce from whole foods, eat the lettuce then plant the roots.

after harvest of plucking it's still living!

speaking of kitchens we finally got a spoon-tula and love it ! Kind of like a flexible spoon but also can lift things and stir well, and scrape a bowl very well too!  

funny halloween meme cinderella

funny halloween meme decorations

 Milo's Moments

yes! Mama's making a cheesecake!  I'm first! If you need that last cookie put away...

Milo: Hi everybody! I want to tell you about a fun game I play with Mama every night. 

Mama: er, what game is that honey?

Milo: YOU know, where I look right at you and send you messages you never get? 

Mama: you mean where you appear right in front of the TV and stare at me til I put down the ipad or look at you and smile? Then you wag your tail furiously and turn around and back up on me like you're about to sit on my lap? That one? 

I wonder....What are you trying to say? 

Milo: I don't always know either, but something! "Look at ME! Let's play! Give me a chewbone! Go outside! Feed me! " one of those probably although when I'm tired I just want you to pet me a bedtime story. 

Mama: so I'm supposed to go down the list and try each message til I hit on the right one? 

Milo: ...or get it right the first time, but you're not excellent at that are you,...... Mama?

Mama: hmph... yes baby? 

Milo: I luuuuuuuuuuuuuve you! That's the main message!

look at me I'm a "Poo-bra"  or a Zee-doodle
 now please visit these paw-ple with lists to share too!



rosie and the boys nature pics 



  1. that's a wonderful time when the trees are golden ;O)

  2. The bran muffins look good, I remember them too! Love your pretty trees and the Halloween funnies. Does dust count for Halloween decorations? Enjoy your day!

  3. Our golden trees (mostly ash) are mostly naked now after wind and rain. But the orange and red (lots of maples) are still hanging on. The pretty fall colors just don't last long enough. I've been getting a kick out of "Ghosts" on Thursday nights too. I just crave light and happy movies and TV shows. About 5 years ago I totally stopped going to "shoot em up" movies or dark, creepy movies with my husband. Life's too short to sit for 2 hours watching something gruesome that I didn't want to see anyway. LOL So I'm enjoying Young Sheldon and Ghosts, and anything that makes me laugh.

  4. Ooh! Thanks for the Bran Muffin recipe! I have a similar one I should make again soon. It uses All Bran and shredded wheat and buttermilk. A huge batch but keeps in the fridge, forever!! Then you can make six at a time, every morning! Or not! Mr Busy and I were just commenting on the trees in our neighborhood yesterday! Some still pretty! Some nearly naked! Windy again today, so that will take down more leaves. Then it’ll be yard cleanup time again!

  5. Your all bran muffins sound good, and look at that lettuce! I like the look of that spoontula. I bet it's really handy! Happy Thursday!

  6. I always save your posts till I have some time to really read them. I made bran muffins last week too and I also like the way you can change up ingredients or add stuff. I always have a few cobwebs in the wood beams here...some I can't reach to clean. That's my excuse. Love Milo's moments...I'm doing my best to read a Lab's mind.

  7. Hi,
    I really like your teapot...the flowers look great there. Haven't read your books, but I'll be checking them out. Your muffins look yummy! Milo looks great with Have a great day!

  8. Oh yes, grow your own lettuce is wonderful!
    And that spoon/spatula combo thing looks like it may be the handiest thing ever to have in the kitchen.
    Hugs to Milo!

  9. We do like yummy bran muffins, warm ones, on those cool Autumn mornings! Milo, you are quite the gamer pal..Thanks for joining our Thankful Thrusday Blog Hop!

  10. Your quilt is so colorful and pretty! I like bran muffins as it makes me feel I'm eating something healthy plus sweet and delicious. Good idea to grow your own lettuce --I grow fresh herbs indoor during the winter.

  11. LA - oh my goodness, All Bran Muffins! My Mom used to make those all the time! I will have to put that on my list of to-dos when we return home from vacation!

  12. Hi LeeAnna! That is one CUTE lotion bottle. A coworker of mine collects teacups and pots and would just love that! And so useful, too. It's funny but I like a nice cold beverage any time of year! It doesn't matter the temperature outside . . . unless it's below zero, I guess. Hmm, I've not seen Ghosts but it did look funny. I'll have to check it out! I used to make a bran cookie years and years ago and ate it for breakfast. Yum. I'll have to check into that again. It sounds like a nice change of pace. The spoon-ulas are really handy! I remember Rachel Ray sharing them way back when she started on the Food Network. Cool! Oh yeah, baby! I am ready to start decorating for Christmas . . . right now. Why wait?!! I used to wait until Thanksgiving night but will definitely start earlier this year - probably after the littles go home on the Sunday before. HAHA! {{Hugs}} to you and Milo. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. you got my attention at " pet me a bedtime story."
    here's the cat version " purr me a bedtime story."

    muffin time i have a lotta frozen banana that need baking!
    thanks for all the shared stuffs, you find the neatest things!

  14. I love how usually the hickory tree starts out yellow, turns to gold then orange. There are times I swear it seems to sparkle.Again we had wind and it took all the leaves off the top too soon. I used to make bran muffins but it used raisin bran cereal and buttermilk. Made a big batter bowl full and you would spoon enough out for a few muffins daily. Bobbin does that to me too. I go through the list. Potty, outside, play throw the baby, you need a belly rub, or you want to sit with me. LOL

  15. Your little pots of green are cute! OMG, I was in Home Depot last weekend and I heard Ho! Ho! Ho! It startled me (no no no!!!). I like your zee-doodle!

  16. I want a muffin. I'm hungry and haven't eaten all day. Yours look SO good. I can see why you needed a second batch.

    Those trees in your "hood" look like they are definitely sporting their autumn leaves.

    As usual, Milo is adorable. I think he's found the perfect game to play with you, too. Happy Halloween, dear LeeAnna.

  17. Your quilt is fabulous, the colors are so rich, you are a quilting artist! The cover of One Snowy Night resembles the cover of this one: Not Just For Christmas by Natalie Cox. It was really lovely Christmas story with a dog and love. I warmly recommend! Happy Halloween to you and yours and Milo of course!

    My review is here, in case you wish to look:

  18. Your muffins look great! I can't believe how many Christmas ads have already started to be shown. That teapot is so cute! So glad you're repurposing it! (Is that a word???) I love seeing what Milo is up to!!

  19. LOVE your little flower holder! So adorably whimsical and cute.

  20. The muffins look good. I can only do one holiday at a time, so Thanksgiving is next for me, despite all of the Christmas decor/stuff in the stores and everywhere else! Thanks for linking up and I hope Milo is eating well. I think of him often :)

  21. I love the little lotion bottle. So pretty!