Thursday, October 14, 2021

I Like Thursdays # 266

 Welcome to this week's list of likes... I like pumpkins and we have one... just one this year as we had to order it to be delivered. I like mums too.

I love cooler weather and we finally got cool, er, below freezing at night actually causing some distress over the sprinkler system and the mums survival. We were nearly 80 last week, then a freeze warning Wednesday night. Colorado keeps you wondering...


the unfiltered sun hits our bedroom all day so it's always hotter than the outside despite open windows, so we're okay with cold weather. I like sleeping under a quilt or comforter and we couldn't for the last 4+ months. Now going from 80 to snow in one week is not optimum but we'll take it.

this little fellow was enjoying the stale bread and lettuce trimmings I put out this week...

We seldom see squirrels here so I was glad to serve him dinner... Milo never noticed him

we also had two close owl sightings this week. One last night came right toward us flying down the main street, very Harry Potter like! What a wingspan and dramatic view with the bright moon behind him. I doubt he's eating the stale bread or apple peelings I spread under the bushes!

speaking of food, I took advantage of the cool weather to bake

Molasses orange cookies rolled in crystal sugar
from April Harris @

and since I had some apples that needed using, we made apple crumb topped muffins...

really good, the yogurt makes them moist and tender. I used more apple than called for and they are just the best!. Milo gives them 4 paws up even though he doesn't like fruit

sewing finished something, to be shown on Saturday

coloring this little by little

calendar page from Joanna Basford

painting a series of three watercolors of the same tree, more tomorrow! just a teaser, the start to one that's finished...

Watching on TV

My Life is Murder, Dancing with the Stars (I like all of them), Survivor, The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, Virgin River and here comes Project Runway! Thank you to Shannon for alerting us to The Great British Bake Show is back, and I like all the contestants... haven't seen all of the first episode yet. Call the Midwife is so so good this season, as usual, and back on PBS. 



hearing on audio

on youtube... so many good things but these two really were fun...

do you like fashion?? I DO and this is the Armani 2022 spring fashion show...I love the layers, the skirt lengths the flats with them, the sheer fabrics and the silhouettes. It makes me want to make clothing again...

 And....For all the designers spring lines in a nutshell.....

Armani takes it for me, except for this wedding dress... perfection...

zuhair Murad

Milo's Moment

Hi y'all... I like playing keep away from the Daddy and lead him around the yard as he tries to capture my ring... here's a video of me, the star of this group!


I forgot it's cooler now, and played flipping on my back games but I also love fetch but don't return it, keep away, chase me, and you can't have it. I love a full day of playing and sleeping on the big bed on my pillow at night. I put up with my kibble but prefer muffins and cookies. 

now please visit these wonderful people to read their lists of things to like this week!



rosie and the boys nature pics 

friday bliss


  1. we love mums too....they have something special, the colors are quiet somehow and they remind us of tea and cookies (oooh the apple crumble cookies are super!!!)

  2. Such great and diverse likes! The video of Milo is fantastic! Have a great weekend!

  3. I mentioned to DH that I wanted some mms to plant near the birdbath. We didn’t get it done and now there is 6” of snow back there. So it’s probably ok! Our sprinklers hadn’t been winterized either. Next Monday is the appointment ! It’s all good! Enjoy your cooler temps!

  4. Great variety of things today to !enjoy and ponder! And that Milo....he's such a ray of sunshine!

  5. Your mums are really pretty! Those ginger cookies sound yummy - I'm going to have to try that recipe. Milo looks like he is always having a good time!

  6. Pumpkins, cookies and beautiful art is so cool and so is your video Milo! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thrusday Blog Hop!

  7. that wedding dress. You never really get too old to love a beautiful wedding gown, do you?
    I'm ready for cool air just to get rid of all the bugs! We're covered in Stink Bugs around here!

  8. I'm glad it's finally getting cooler. Parts of western SD saw 20" of snow yesterday. But we just got rain and wind. I've been enjoying the Ellie Alexander books too. And I just started reading the new Louise Penny/Hilary Clinton book that came out this week.

  9. I still need to snag some pumpkins (the farm is right across the highway, so no rush - haha). So many things you've been enjoying this week - I'll take one of those cookies!

  10. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, those cookies look good enough to eat!! I love Sally - I took a baking class with her in Chicago. Sue and I learned to make pie crust with her (and her husband was there as well). Very fun! I think Project Runway is coming on again very soon. Milo is fab like always. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Freshly baked cookies are always welcome on cool autumn days. Stay warm tonight.

  12. Great post! We too could not wait for the cooler weather of fall and were surprised it got cold so fast. We had the killing frost 2 weeks a head of schedule. no cookies have been baked yet and we LOVED Milo "following" the leader.

  13. The cookies look yummy. Glad it is cooling off, here too, so we will need to store away the pool filter and pump in the next few days. Milo and Bobbin must have went to the same school of how to play fetch. LOL How cool to see the owl. We have a hawk that seem to like to terrorize my chickens, that is what roosters are for, to warn the flock of danger.

  14. Lots of creativity - love the glimpses of your pretty projects. The cookies and muffins look so delicious and so cute to see Milo playing keep-away. I have one that plays that game, too. The weather is definitely trying to keep us guessing. I'll bet it is pretty there in the fall. x K

  15. The muffins and cookies look so good. I love to bake and try new recipes. Finally getting colder weather here, as well. I am ready for it. I hope Milo is getting his food situation straightened out! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  16. I loved Milo's moment. He is such a sweetie, even when he's playing around. Let's hope he finally gets the food he needs.

    Your cookies look very good. It makes me want to bake. And it certainly is pumpkin everything season,

    You and I don't have the same taste in things we watch on TV. I'm not a fan of reality TV. Enjoyed seeing you are into mysteries, though. I'm surprised you don't watch Grantchester, which comes on after Midwife.

  17. Mums are pretty! Our marigolds are still going strong, so we have color still in our yard. The cookies and muffins look delicious. Ah, Milo, we're all enjoying the cooler weather!


  18. Thanks for linking up this week. I’m sorry I had no smiles to share but I do have one to share with you this morning....for the first time since last Thursday I have woken with no fever. I am as weak as a kitten and very shaky still but hopefully I’m on the up now. Thanks for caring. I’m so glad I am double jabbed....I’m sure it would have been much worse otherwise.
    Annie x

  19. I am really impressed with your baking skills! Those orange gingerbread cookies look delicious. The muffins too. I also get recipes from Sally's baking addiction.
    I enjoyed Milo of course, he is so playful. Dogs don't seem to get it that they have to let go to be able to throw it again.
    Have a great weekend, (no snow I hope)

  20. It's still warm here but we're expecting a cold front sometime tonight. I like the warmth but hate the humidity. The cookies and muffins look delicious! I would love to see that owl! Milo always makes me smile!

  21. A November birthday means mums are a favorite, especially the many varieties of color. I am late with my decorations...always. Love seeing all the fall beauty and you are making me hungry! Love Mr Milo!