Thursday, September 2, 2021

I Like Thursday # 260


welcome to this week's list of small likes... I LOVE flowers especially our patio pots of them

Me too, I like how I look with them behind me!
Know what these lovely clumps of petals are?

I like soduko and Kakuro puzzles a lot:

this one is very difficult but fun

I wanted to make orange juice cake this week, and had a recipe for orange cupcakes in my Gasparilla cookbook... I thought, I'll just make a cake instead of cupcakes! 

 The recipe, which by the way didn't tell me how long to bake them or how many it made, called for evaporated milk. 

A trip to the abundant pantry showed me we had one can of evaporated milk! Yea! 

The recipe called for a tiny portion of this so I began looking for other recipes to use the leftover amount, and found this excellent recipe 

SO good
 It was all good except that the recipe said regular rice would cook in 15 min... not in our altitude. It took 45 to cook, so we didn't get that soup for lunch. Next time I will add a second quart of broth, and add in lots of time to cook, but it was just delish. Oh, we just used a large can of chicken too.

Evaporated milk doesn't have the calories of cream, but makes food creamy

I LOVE TV again... you know I like Bachelor in Paradise, the bravo housewives, and big brother, but I am really into Fantasy Island, The chase, The Hustler, and Survivor is returning with A Million little things! 

I am very into the youtube videos of artists called Find Out Fridays... there are lots of artists and I am always inspired to make art after watching

I've been making sure to paint a 5 min. artwork each day this week, all the pics tomorrow, but here is one that made me laugh...

on some scrap paper, heh heh... laughing... 

Milo's Moments


all my toys are destuffed and spit covered and boring. I've been playing with the same old toys forever!

Mama: not forever, since you destroy them pretty quickly

Milo: cause they are boring. Unless the squeak, then they are okay. Even one of my ring toys is busted and chewed up!

Mama: exhibit one... you are destructo-boy! But you always reach for the chewed up one first.

Let's just go outside... and toss the ring toy...

now visit mama's friends who have lists of likes too!   


rosie and the boys nature pics 

friday smiles at a stitch in time 



  1. milo we are with you... all our toys are des-toyed... when is christmas? tomorrow?

  2. Fall is such a good time for flowers! Next year I’m going to follow your lead and plant wild flowers in some pots! Oh the joy of adjusting cooking time for the altitude! Sounds like the soup was yummy though! Well worth the wait!

  3. The soup sounds so tasty. And your flowers are pretty! My one geranium is the only flower pot still blooming here.

  4. OHHH - what is Kakuro ??? I'll have to look that up - I love a good brain game.

  5. Those flowers sure are pretty and that soup looks delicious. WOW, 45 minutes to cook rice?!?! Milo pal, you need a trip to the toy store right away! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. Yes we have a number of very expertly destuffed toys as our Ned seems very fond of fabrics...he's come to the right house, :) I'm checking out Find out Fridays...thanks for that.

  7. Great noms and what fun you have had Milo

  8. Your flowers have really been happy and pretty this year! Orange cake (or cupcakes!) sounds yummy. Milo, you are the great hunter - no toy is safe from you!

  9. No post from me this week, I'm busy moving our two adult kids. I'm enjoying the posts from others, though!

  10. Those white flowers almost look like candytuft. Norman hasn't joined Milo with being tired of his basketful of slobbered dog toys. Yet. 😄

  11. Thanks for another great video. She is so talented! And so are you!!

  12. Hi LeeAnna! I love pots of flowers, too. Or garden beds full of them but I hate taking care of them - so that's a problem. I never heard of Kakuro puzzles - I'll have to look those up. It seems like TV will be back in Fall, like in pre-COVID seasons! I saw a Survivor commercial for the 22nd!! Woohoo. I forgot about Fantasy Island but caught the end of one episode. I may have to give it a try! Aww, poor bored Milo. I know a couple of young ones that would LOVE to run and hang in the backyard. Too bad we're not closer. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Pretty flowers. High altitude cooking is always a challenge. I always thought canned milk had a flavor, my mom used to use it in gravy. So how did the orange cake turn out? I have been craving something like that. Oh poor got the dog days of summer blues? Bobbin has been enjoying yard time now that it is a wee bit cooler and less humid.

  14. I think the white flowers are Verbena bonariensis. The purple form is more common and taller - up to 2.5 metres. But the white is lovely.

  15. Great post but Milo is always such a distraction for me. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  16. The white flowers are candytuft....very pretty too. Milo is such a character....tell him Milly likes to demolish her toys too 😂😂😂
    Annie x

  17. Lot's of things to like here ~ Milo is the king! Enjoy your weekend

  18. I always enjoy seeing Milo. He's handsome and he know it.

    I want the soup and the cake. I'm glad you had that one can of evaporated milk.

    I hope you had a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  19. Ooh - I like your flowers. I am looking forward to soup season again. Enjoy the weekend!

  20. You have such great LIKES. Our TV likes are so completely different, though. I'm more into scripted TV than reality. I checked out Find out Fridays, and it looks like some of those would be interesting to watch. As always, Milo is the star of the show! Such a sweetie.

  21. Did the cupcake cake work out? I mean was it nice? I looked at the chicken rice soup recipe and it sounds really yummy, but here in Spain the evaporated milk is sweetened so I don't think that would work for me.
    Milo is great, despite the destroyed toys. Dogs are all the same.
    I looked at the video and I assume the idea is to make art out of the (surprise) materials that somebody sends you.
    Altitude makes a huge difference. We are at 3000 ft, so imagine...
    I love Sudoku, but most do Killer Sudokus. They are similar to the Kakuros but with a grid like Sudoku.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  22. I love Milo!! I will confess that I don't watch much TV. I like youtube and a series here and there, but not much else. I cannot imagine cooking at altitude :( I feel like I barely keep it together here at typical altitude!! Thanks for linking up and stay safe.