Friday, September 24, 2021

paint party Friday late September is golden


ahhhhh paint party Friday again! This week I painted three tree pieces, and will share them here, with detail shots... ready to party?  

We have been pining for the Adirondacks this week... the sweet pine scented cool air, the gentle views of water, birch and mountains...

This from memory, and from looking at the aspen in our yard. I like the tone of it, and the random size of trees. I don't fret paintings, so what appears is seen as a gift! I like how the shadows look, the blue could be water or mountains.

I like the little mushrooms and growing weeds

this one started the week's paintings...

soft yet moody

It started as another 5 min work, but I fell in love with it's softness, so added more and more details

still done quickly with little time to dither or fret

Number two this week was the one above. I broke the rules adding in two trees, an even number. It's in a watercolor sketchbook, which I seldom use. I like the sense of a meadow, the gold and orange of the leaves, how the trunks seem old and wise from seeing so much of life

I watched a video on lettering by the woman below. On the video below she is discussing how to blend colors with tombow markers...

To do these letters I used tombow, then went over them just on the bottom with another color... cool effect

about my paintings.  I  am looking more at blending now. Not just enjoying the color but seeing how it mixes and how four colors become one that has depth. I try to see an object with it's lines and shadows now not just see a tree but SEE the tree.

I thought I always really looked but now I am looking past the known, it's a tree, to what I see, lines of brown, green black and gold together forming something solid. 

The colors here affect me though, the brown tones and duller colors make me look at color differently. Turquoise (water) and pink (skies) were my palette in Florida, deeper shades mixed with black for Maryland's different sunlight, and now the washed out pastel earth tones of Colorado seem normal. 


I color in the calendar pages even if I don't like the tiny busy ones, I make some attempt, like doodling... this if from this week... not only blending, but decisions about what to color and what to leave uncolored...

thank you for visiting... It's so much fun to make art, and fun to share it with others!

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  1. love the colors ... they are like real... fall is about trees ;O)

  2. Love the trees! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Beautiful paintings, I should blend more!

  4. lovely! You will need to get in the car and explore in the Rockies for some pretty fall colors. The aspen trees are probably turning.

  5. Luv today's paintings
    Happy PPF


  6. Girl, trees are your thing! Love the colors, shading and vertical movement!

  7. Very nice. I plan to start painting again after I retire.

  8. Simply gorgeous trees! Happy PPF!

  9. I do love tree art. These are fabulous. Have a nice day.

  10. Fantastic journal pages. I really love the birch trees.

  11. Oh wow...LOVE your aspen trees! The blues and yellows go so well together.

  12. Always something new to learn and a new way to do it, exciting!