Thursday, September 16, 2021

I Like Thursday # 262

Welcome to this week's list of simple likes! This week, while looking through my fabric stash I couldn't fit a big fabric meant for a tablecloth back in the drawer so.... 

it became a table cloth for the kitchen table!! I figure no worries, it's still just fabric hemmed on the ends and could be used in future if I needed it. for now it makes me smile even though it's "busy" 

 I have found lovely recipes to try but am waiting til it's not in the 90's F here (did I mention it's September which is usually in the 70's?) When I try them I'll show you. 

I love this pen for opaque white lines on paintings (also works on fabric) 

I've had two of these that dried out and misbehaved, both purchased at a local art supply store. I almost didn't order one, but needed one as they add highlights wonderfully. This one from Amazon behaves just as advertised so... yea! 

Speaking of paintings... I'm still trying to do a small work mostly in 5 min. each morning and it sets the creative tone for the day, post tomorrow

this is painted with my kOI paints and waterbrush, it's a calendar page from Joanna Basford

I'm quilting and painting with orange this month...

whew, what a struggle to quilt this 42" quilt

Paint post on Fridays, Quilting post on Saturday


 We are both laughing our faces off watching this season of Celebrity Game Face

Celebrity Game Face" Returns With Bigger Competition & Stars

 Kevin hart has three celebrities with their spouses on zoom, to compete in the wackiest most hilarious games. The "winner" gets a truly funny but ugly picture painted of kevin a la real art. We both laugh the whole time.

Lots of shows coming back in the next couple weeks including Project Runway and Survivor!

On youtube:

I am enjoying the video podcast visits of Lisa Van der Pump who interviews people, gives recipes, and is refreshing. Here's one with ice skater Adam Rippon  Link: HERE

What I am Listening to on audio books:

time to bathe the baby...

 Milo's Moments

Milo: Oh my dog... what now? My peeps are forcing me to eat different food!

Mama: we feel your ear issues could be food allergies so we want to try a different protein, these are lamb. We thought you'd like it! We performed a taste test...

and it seems like Merrick grain free lamb and sweet potato is ahead. Milo is VERY choosy so time will tell... 

Milo: why confused? You KNOW I like cheese crackers! Pass that bag over. 

Mama: hmph! Hey, on our walk this week a doggie threw herself at her fence barking her head off when you walked by. What was she saying? 

Milo: nothing

Mama: she was obviously saying something and yelling it... come on...

Milo: it's a dog thing, can't explain it to pawrents!  Gotta go!

  Now sit! Stay! visit mama's friends to see their lists!



friday bliss

rosie and the boys nature pics 

friday smiles at a stitch in time 


  1. love the table cloth... it is great!!! we are always more science lab than kitchen when it comes to dog food. a friend suggested food with horse meat... it worked... but black beauty and silver and mr. ed have a high price... sigh...

  2. Love the tree painting!! The table cloth is so cute and cheery. Once upon a time I came close to buying canisters and other matching "stuff" for my kitchen in that chubby chef theme. So cute!

  3. I really really like your tree painting! It’s like a magical tree. I think you could sit underneath it and experience all kinds of wonder!
    Poor Milo! Cheese crackers are the best, though not for our waistline! Or if you have a dairy allergy!

  4. I love that happy chef table cloth and your tree is very pretty! Milo, food changes stink, but hopefully you'll enjoy something new. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Hi LeeAnna! That tablecloth fabric is so darn cute. It would definitely make me smile each time I looked at it! I've seen or even heard of Celebrity Game Face, but it sounds like we need to give it a try! Who doesn't need a good laugh?!! I am really looking forward to both Project Runway and Survivor. We watch The Challenge on MTV and Michelle from Survivor was playing - it was nice to see her in a different roll. Aww, Milo. You are sitting so nice, looking at the new food. I, too, wonder what that naughty pup was saying to you at a full on bark. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Hi Lee Anna,
    Love the table would be great at a picnic. Your picture of tree is Awesome! Have a great day!

  7. I always like to draw in my planner at the start of the day too - it really helps me ease into the chaos thats about to happen.

  8. I don't think that tablecloth looks busy - it's so darn cute! I also like the quilt you are stitching up, along with your other projects. Be choosy, Milo!

  9. What an adorable tablecloth! Your painting is just fabulous! Well done.

  10. So, I just realized-- and you may have too-- that 262 "I Like" posts is just about 5 years worth! Congratulations! You should definitely have something fun to eat on your new tablecloth to celebrate!

  11. The cook fabric is perfect for a table cloth! And I love your bats and pumpkins quilt, too. Those are great blocks!

  12. I love that your gorgeous tree has a fairy door. I can't believe you're still getting temps in the 90's. Hope it cools down soon and doesn't snow for months. Sorry, Milo, that you don't have adventurous taste buds. It's good to shake of your diet from time to time. Our friends have a Bouvier with food allergies and the only flavor he can eat is lamb. The baby elephant taking a bath (and drinking his dirty bath water?) was so cute.

  13. LA - your tree drawing is out of this world - I wonder where that little door leads?

  14. Greetings to you and Milo! Love your tablecloth you clever woman!!! Have a swell weekend!

  15. I like the way you used the extra fabric as a tablecloth. It has a baking vibe to it.

    You and I don't have the same tastes in tv shows. I'm a drama queen (oops, that should read I prefer dramas and mysteries) while you seem to like reality shows.

    Milo looks great this week. I hope you find food he'll actually eat and enjoy. I hope he likes whatever you decide on. Laughed a the "dog thing." Have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, too, dear LeeAnna.

  16. Roseanne at Home Sewn by Us sent me here. I shared a list for Thankful Thursday over on my blog - MelvaLovesScraps(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  17. Fun table cloth. I really like that tree - such pretty colors. I watched The Chaperone on PBS - I didn't realize it was a book. Good stuff!

  18. I love your tablecloth and your painting. Milo always makes me smile.
    Annie x

  19. Milo ~ so adorable ~ love your colorful tree art and great quilt work ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Beautiful calendar art. I have heard great things about Posca paints but they are a little pricey. They sure need to work when you pay that much for them. Glad you finally got one to cooperate.

  21. Milo is adorable and glad he is finding something he might like to eat. I love your coloring of the calendar too!

  22. Milo is such a sweetie but the little elephant was a great distraction. I have bought lots of different white pens with a variety of results but just got one of these so fingers crossed. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  23. I like your tablecloth and how you set the tone for creativity each morning. I hope you get Milo's ear problem solved. I have an elderly Jack Russell who is now on Blue Buffalo wet food and it has helped her. In the past I have had great success with Science Diet food, with other dogs. Thanks for linking up and have a great week. Kisses to Milo!

  24. That is a 'happy' tablecloth. Most of my tablecloths are 'happy', but I also have some posh ones, more formal. (And Christmas of course).
    I just love your quilt. I love orange...
    It must be really complicated to discern Milo's allergies from food. Do you think dogs naturally avoid foods that are bad for them? So would choosing his food help? I do hope you get his ear problem solved. Looks like you need a lot of patience.
    I loved seeing the little elephant!
    Thanks for the book recommendations. I like the sound of the Moriarty one. Might get that if it's not too expensive.
    I'm sorry to be late again, but as I've mentioned before, we are not home on a Tuesday and I can't get to my computer.
    Happy belated T-Day,