Saturday, September 25, 2021

sewing Saturday.... peach wine and ghosties


to start this week, I finished the Bats and Boos quilt (pattern fatquartershop) complete with binding, sleeve and label. It's on the wall now. Earliest I've ever finished a halloween quilt! 

Along with quilting straight lines to stabilize the quilt, the free motion quilting was leaves, vines and spirals

then some ghost buttons were added for fun texture

can you find 6 of them?

the backing was older holiday fabric, another to make a sleeve, and as it finishes at 40 1/4" square, was just a bit too large for my backing fabric

I pulled the back around to the front while quilting, and liked the look, so I trimmed the top, pulled the back to the front and hand sewed it in place. On three sides, the top wasn't long enough so I put another fabric binding up there.

fussy cut ghosts, fussy cut boo pieced in

The color of the month at Soscrappy is orange so of course my mind turned to wine...

pattern source Hoffman fabrics

I call this one peach wine since it's in a peachy fabric... 

with an angel print for a label... "Heavenly Peach"?

the second bottle is a darker orange fabric with a lovely horse print label...

"stallion apple wine"  ?

the cellar is almost full, just 3 months of color to go, 6 more bottles at least

I spent more time this week painting, the post with my paintings is HERE

and watching elephants, puppies, donkeys and podcasts on youtube. oh and listening to pumpkin jazz 

and writing posts, I Like list on Thursday, painting on Friday and today with you all...

bye, y'all

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  1. Oh my - your wine bottles look amazing together! Each is adorable separately, but together they do make a whole wine cellar. Love them! And your Bats & Boos turned out great. I hope to get mine back soon from the quilter.

  2. Congrats on the Bats & Boos, it's wonderful. Love seeing all the wine bottles together. I'm originally from Kentucky, so your horse looks like a race horse to me. Maybe Triple Crown Sec? Not exactly wine, of course.

  3. Your Bats and Boos quilt turned out super cute! Congrats on the (early!) finish.

  4. Great finish on the Bats & Boos! Fun to see your wine collection, too!

  5. I love your Halloween quilt! It looks so cool, and I love the ghost button adornments. The wine cellar looks like a fun place to visit, too.

  6. Bars and Boos is adorable! I love the fussy cut center of the center star - so perfect. Those wine bottles are so great - I'm going to have to try those blocks!

  7. Bats & the name and love your interpretation. So cute!

  8. Happiness is finishing the Halloween quilt early. I think there is only one more month of colors for RSC. Angela says to use Nov and Dec for finishing the quilts (like I've ever done that). But no one says you can't add more colors on your own, especially if you need more blocks to finish.

  9. Wow! Beautiful quilting work ~ love the other creations too ~ so wonderful! Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Congrats on finishing up your darling Bats and Boo wall hanging, LeeAnna!! I was only able to spot 5 ghosties. Your ORANGE wine bottles turned out pretty, too!

  11. Your wine cellar is really getting full. I may have to drop by and polish off a bottle or two for you! Hahaha! They really look good and I loved the pumpkin jazz. That would have made for some good listening while sewing up the orange blocks or quilting the Bats & Boos! I cannot believe how quickly you got yours done. Great job and I hope your weather has improved.

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    A good glass of chilled wine and a refrshing ghost story this September ! Bats and Boos turned out great !
    I hope it cools quickly for you !
    Family neer Wiinipeg manitoba have been commenting on the strange weather there as well.

  13. Your bottle blocks are turning out great.

  14. Those wine bottles are just too cute!

  15. Your Bats & Boos Quilt is gorgeous! I love the fussy cut center fabric, the buttons and the backing makes a perfect binding. Your wine cellar is looking fabulous, too. Looking forward to your quilt. You are sew creative. Mr Milo is as handsome as ever. Thank you for sharing in my linky party ... :) Pat

  16. what a wonderful collection of bottles you are making!

  17. LA - I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a slice of Pumpkin Loaf at Starbucks today. I love Autumn! Friday I will be putting up Halloween decorations, inside and out! Love your Boos Quilt! (And I could not find all of the buttons ...)

  18. Boo , boos and Booze! Lol.

    You’re on a great trend! Love the bats and boos and then all those ‘booze’ bottles too. Spectacular!

  19. Congratulations on finishing the Bats and Boos quilt! I love all the special details you added... the fussy cuts, the quilting, the buttons...great job!

  20. I’m with Joy and Angie, I’m only could find 5 ghosts! Are you sure there are 6? I love this one so much. Your stallion apple wine bottle, had me thinking..Caballo Rojo. There is a coal mine in our area with that name. It means red horse,I think!

  21. Ghosties looks SO great!! and PEach wine... ohh la la - That sounds yuymmy!

  22. Such a cute Halloween quilt! And I am loving those wine blocks. Such fun. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  23. Your Bats and Boos quilt is so cute! I need to start on mine - for next year LOL. Great details and quilting. And your wine bottles are great.

  24. I love your ghost buttons, fun and pretty quilt! Your wine bottle blocks look wonderful.
    Thank you for linking up :)