Thursday, September 9, 2021

I Like Thursday #261

Welcome to this week's really short list of likes!

I'm still here, sweating in nearly 100F heat instead of the usual more temperate September temps. It makes me very testy. I am sewing and painting... I've continued to do a 5 min painting each morning while I have my coffee. I've finished three small quilted works. 

 The paint post is tomorrow and the sewing post is Saturday, hope to see you then.

I'm listening to the next book in the Kilts and Quilts series on audio while in studio. 

I'm taking my time to finish the delicious e book The Tangled Vines as I got it free from Prime : a young woman learns her family is not who she thought, and inherits a winery in Italy, the layers of information peeling away like an onion. Home Again [DVD] [2017] : Movies & TV

We watched the movie Home Again on Netflix with Reese Witherspoon and a lovely cast of good actors. It was just terrific. Two thumbs up! 

On youtube this week:

Another cross -species connection... all living in peace, all their lives are enhanced by understanding


We love the mystery show "My life is murder" out of Australia with Lucy Lawless... and it's back! We watch on ACORN, a new show drops each Tuesday.

Fantasy Island   is just terrific... a scripted drama update from the original show. Love the sort of magical way they deal with people who come to deal with some kind of issue.


well, it's sold but look how some people live... my style to a T

finally, do you want to giggle?


Milo's Moments

Now what! Mama and Daddy have a new obsession with my toenails. 

Mama: you mean talons? We let them grow too long so we now are trimming and grinding them weekly til they can be called toenails again. 

Milo: well can you do it without touching my tender feet???Also my ears have to be cleaned every night now, and that's no fun!

Mama: you're telling me? Well you're having horrible allergies from the smoke and heat combo.We always give you a treat for letting us clean them

 Milo: ooooooo is that why I get the extra treat at night? heh heh

Mama: you  know that!! Every time you get off the table you run to the treat cabinet wagging your tail

Milo: oh, well, yeah... thanks Mama!

I really like those treats!

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friday bliss

rosie and the boys nature pics 

friday smiles at a stitch in time 


easyweimaraner said...

we hear ya Milo... the mama does our nails when we sleep per evening... it seems this is the job furever and ever hahahaha said...

Yeah Bobbin who runs on gravel all the time needs a nail trim weekly too. Since we seem to like going to the vet (weekly lately) we get our nails trimmed there. Nice list of likes. It was actually kind of chilly here this morning which meant I needed to put on pants and a hoodie.

Sara said...

Poor Milo - having to put up with people touching his toes and his ears. Those are such ticklish and tender spots. I can't wait until the new season of Survivor starts later this month. I've sure missed it. And one of the best movies I've seen recently was Queen Bees. I rented and streamed it online when Dave was gone for a week, but it's coming to our theater tomorrow.

Kathleen said...

Weekly trims are a great idea....I aspire to that! Thanks for the shares on the watching tips...always looking for ideas!

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Home again was a good film ! We also saw it on Netfix !

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That blue flower is amazing! We are also having unusual hot weather this summer and still above 90 in September. There has also been wildfire smoke in our air which makes the days very hazy. I'm looking forward to fall and cooler temps. That's for the recommendations--always looking to watch something good on TV

Brian said...

The quilts are very pretty and that bird video is so sweet. You are sweet too Milo, all trimmed up nails and ready to enjoy some treats. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Sandee said...

I'm always thankful when I see Milo.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

Michelle said...

Trimming toenails is some hard business! Poor Milo and poor you! Thanks for linking up!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Aww, Milo is so darn adorbs. He looks so handsome sitting in that chair, giving you the side eye. Maybe he needs an extra treat? Just because. I'm sorry it so darn hot there! That's just nuts. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

We love My Life is Murder, too! Thanks for the movie recommendation - we'll try that one. Hope you're staying cool today - it's another hot one!

piecefulwendy said...

Life is Murder is a favorite of ours, as well. I'm with Milo on treats, and extra treats are the best!

PaintedThread said...

Pretty, pretty flowers. Treats for ear cleaning - sounds like a reasonable trade.

Angie said...

LA - the second photo, of one of your paintings, is FAB-ulous. Well done! This summer has been so challenging with heat and smoke - and the sad thing is, it seems there is nowhere to go to escape ...

Annie said...

I’m chuckling at Milo. Milly likes having her nails done and even enjoys a file after her trim lol
Annie x

riitta k said...

Thank you for the movie tip Home Again! Milo is so sweet 💕 Hubby’s daughter has a young black Tibetan terrier called Milo as well… your turquoise quilt looks lovely.

Susie H said...

For a "short list" you had a lot of likes this weeks. Loved the little birdie video. I wonder which Hawaiian island she lives on. We were on Oahu for 5 years with the Air Force years ago. Loved it there! I'll have to check out Home Again. I like Reese Witherspoon. I'll also have to check in on My Life is Murder. Did the new Fantasy Island start already? I figured next week or the week thereafter. Poor Milo. Polly, my kitty, hates her nails trimmed too. So do I since I usually end up bleeding! Haha!

Lisca said...

Yes, life is murder, especially when looking at that house for sale. Must have been a big family as I counted six bunkbeds in one room at a certain point. Anyway, it is a beautiful house. I wonder who bought it (and for how much...)
Poor Milo, I feel for him. But he is getting the treats and that should be worth something.
Have a lovely weekend,

Azka Kamil said...

Weekly trims are a great idea

Tamar SB said...

Your quilts are so pretty!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Norman and Elsa are both drooling that bag of Merrick treats. We love that flavor and are currently out. Bad mum!