Friday, September 17, 2021

paint party Friday love of orange tones


Welcome to paint party Friday!  I am painting fall scenes like doing a rain dance, to bring on cooler temps. Today is a bit cooler but back to 90's for the weekend. My new goal is to do at least a 5 min color study on small torn paper each morning to start the creativity.

 This week I realized, I used to think I didn't like brown or gray... but nature uses them so I do too now, and see their value

know what I'm learning by painting more often?

you use your supplies up! Who knew? I've finished spools of thread, I've cut the last of fabric, I've dropped irons that needed to be retired but not used up a lot of paint, til now!

I am on my third set of posca pens and white signo gel pens, the black gel pen just ran out, several Staedtler pens ran dry last week.

what's wrong with these I muttered! Well, they got used up.

 That's a good thing and a sign that I'm "making"

  I didn't know how wonderful posca pens were til I got this one, as the first two from the art supply store caked, blobbed, and dried up within a couple uses. This one is perfect (got this one from amazon)


 I heard one creative say making art is a portal into ourselves, if we are creating from within that is. 

That's just about reason enough to keep painting I think!


paint blending, thin layers on thin layers, dashes of dark pigment, then highlights, smears with fingertips, using the muddy mixes on the palette for shadows, a dash of green with brown for a leaf. 

Lettering with tombow marker, write in gray then add another line to thicken some sides, dash of black... a message sent

don't forget the chop on the card back... a sort of logo to signify the end of that work... 

some morning time spent coloring in the Basford calendar page... color is glorious. 

Another thing I realized this week... I often think I don't like my paintings at first, finish them and walk away to do a chore, and when I come back they have transformed into lovely works of art! 

Why are we be critical of our own work? I end up loving each one even tiny quick pieces for their color, lines and blending of tones. They haven't changed, but my perspective has.

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  1. I love this special orange... it brings a warm feeling somehow...

  2. Very nice fall paintings. It is feeling like fall here. Turning cold already. Have a nice weekend.

  3. My rock painting project used up some of my old acrylic paints. A few went back to the early 2000s and needed to be used before hardening. - Margy

  4. Love your autumn paintings - especially the pumpkins!

  5. a beautiful rich and warm color palette for the coming autumn season- wonderful art! I love my Posca pens too:) happy PPF!

  6. Awesome pumpkin creations ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. You are making me think of pumpkins! I went to the CIDER MILL today so I know it's fall, so definitely pumpkin time.

    best... mae at

  8. Oh I love your pumpkins and your painting.

  9. I think we are critical of our own work because we know what we envisioned before starting. And sometimes the art goes in a different direction. And that’s OK.

  10. I love your cheerful pumpkins.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Really loved reading your post, specially the part about creating from within and that's reason enough to keep painting. Yes, I am so ready for cooler temps too! I love the idea of painting fall scenes as rain dance. Beautiful paintings they are too!


  12. Love all your orange paintings, very seasonal.

  13. So true about creating from within. Your recent commitment to video lessons and practicing every day and is really paying off! I see a lot of depth and sophistication in your small works now. But what do I know, I'm not an artist, I just like what I see. I'm just glad you're enjoying the process.

  14. You're living proof of the value of daily practice, even if for short periods of time. Your pumpkins are very realistic and lifelike, not just blobs of color dabbed on a page. I'm always delighted to see what you've produced.