Friday, April 30, 2021

paint party, owls, and turtles


It's all about watching paint dry today! Spring is springing from snow to heat around here, the pollen count is high and I painted four small floral scenes to send to friends

Joann in the Netherlands do you see yours?

so much fun to paint on this shape paper (fluid, 140 lb) and I love my #8 silver black velvet brush

I wanted to remember how to paint this owl, so I painted a companion, and here they are in the studio. When I feel safe again, I'll get someone to frame them for me! (click any image to enlarge it for detail)

one morning I felt like exploring light, and using my long narrow paper, and these happened.

I like them so much I don't want to mess them up with more stuff! I used prismacolor watercolor pencils and my waterbrush to blend colors, the white gel pen to paint a pattern on the hanging pot.

I was surprised to turn the page in my Joanna Basford coloring calendar to see this week's sea...

and have been having a good time coloring painting and inking these

this is last week's page and I just love it! She's an amazing illustrator!

it's interesting to me to come and go adding a touch here or there, and seeing how colors look together. 

I thought at first, it says a lot about a painter, which colors are being used the most, but I also know that prismacolor pencils tend to break in a sharpener so you might grind them down more from that. Still... I seem to turn to gold and orange, to lime and turquoise a lot although I am liking the gray and purple to create shadows too.

I think from looking at my artwork you can see I like saturated color!

For my non painting friends, these pencils are easy to use, with sharp points, and if you color a line of two colors next to each other, then dab with a waterpen they will blend in front of your eyes. If you have gone over a color with water, you can recolor on top of dried paint, then dab with water to see a blending that is really pretty.

our new hanging solar lights! Saturated colors

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  1. I'm so intrigued with that calendar. I don't think I've even seen one like it before. The owls definitely need to be framed because they are wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous art
    Happy PPF


  3. Beautiful art, so many great creations! Valerie

  4. lots of colorful, wonderful art here! Love the cards. happy PPF!

  5. We love all of your paintings but especially the floral scenes!

  6. I just love your owls, so colourful.

  7. I love your flower paintings most of all, but those owls are very cute, too.

  8. Such lovely watercoloring. Well done.

  9. these are beautiful painted pictures whether flowers or the owl.
    Have a happy weekend,hug Elke