Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday Questions and spirit

sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits

 Today's questions come from Sunday Stealing (HERE!)

1. What’s your favorite kind of cake?

cheesecake, or black forest chocolate cake. Mainly I love homemade cakes of any kind

2. What’s your favorite cocktail?

long island iced tea for liquor... or a pretty martini, maybe a margarita

3. If you are alone for the evening, what do you fix yourself for dinner?

hopefully leftovers

4. What make was your first car?

soon after getting my license at age 16 my father came home with an ancient ugly beater of a station wagon. I was thrilled to have my own ride to use! He bought all of us cars when we were seniors in high school and got me an olds cutlass supreme in powder blue (I wanted red) 

5. What is your height?   5' 7"   so average...

6. What was your least favorite toy as a child?

rubiks cube, or those sliding puzzles

7. What’s your favorite cartoon character?

easy, Betty Boop
20 Betty Boop Easter ideas in 2021 | betty boop, boop, betties

8. What’s your dream car?   don't have one

9. What’s your favorite pizza topping?    mushrooms or caramelized onions

10. What’s your favorite sports team? none

11. What’s your favorite TV show?   Gilmore Girls always

I love Amazing Race, Survivor and This is Us, currently. I miss Northern Exposure

12. What is your favorite ice cream? salted caramel or coconut

13. What is your favorite song?d Girl from Ipanema 


14. What’s your least favorite chore? cleaning hard water from shower stall

15. What was your first job? baby sitting  but the first one outside the home was working in a bulk mail processing plant. My friend told me about it, and we both were so happy to have our own money .  I did a lot of volunteer work for no money, and learned a lot thru those jobs. I enjoyed my work as a wench at the renaissance  fair the most and made a pauper's wage! I did not love my career nearly as much. Later in life I began lecturing and teaching at quilt guilds which was the most fun and rewarding.

What is more important for a person, success or being a good human being? -  Quora


  1. A woman I know said that when she was very young, and the tallest girl in her grade school class, she talked herself into believing that SHE was "The Girl from Ipanema." It was on the radio all the time and she daydreamed that some stranger saw her walking to school and didn't see her as gangly and freakishly tall but "tall and tan and young and lovely." Decades later, when she read of Heloísa Pinheiro, who inspired the song, she admitted she was jealous. So seeing that clip in your answer made me smile, thinking of her.

  2. #6 I consider myself to be quite intelligent but Rubik's Cubes did my head in. I agree.

    #14 - We are lucky in that the water isn't that hard in Manchester. It was in Walsall though and I remember my folks moaning about it.




  3. Hard water is a pain. Lots of Lime Away and vinegar. I finally convinced the hubs to put in a water softener and it has made a huge difference in the lime build up.

  4. You and I would be fighting over the ice cream!! LOL. I miss Northern Exposure too. It was one of my all time favorite programs. My favorite indoor toy might have been a toss up between any drawing/painting stuff and my Barbie doll. And my first car was a ‘61 Ford Fairlane. Baby blue clunker with no radio. I’m sure I did plenty of whining about having to drive that car.

  5. I love "This is Us" too, but I'm finding it too disjointed this season. All those characters I don't know! I miss "Northern Exposure" too. And "West Wing."

    A friend once bought me a Long Island Iced Tea and I loved it so had a second. I didn't realize until later how much booze there is in that drink--and how expensive it is!!!

  6. We have hard.hard.hard water. My next big purchase is either a water softener or a porch cover. Haven't decided which. Either way, gonna have to save my pennies. I swear by CLR for the water stains. And Kaboom. That stuff is the bomb!

  7. Those were interesting questions and good answers too. Happy Easter from all of us!

  8. Ok--here's some real trivia for you: the doctor that Northern Exposure was based on was practicing in my hometown, but they thought Northern Maine wasn't quirky enough so they set it in Alaska.

  9. My first car was a beige 72 Olds Cutlass handed down from my dad. I got his old car some time after he bought himself a light blue Cutlass. Great car, the Cutlass.

  10. Love the quote from the Dalai Lama. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This was fun to read - and of course it's fun to figure out my own answers as I go along.