Saturday, May 1, 2021

sewing Saturday two finishes both using scraps


24.5" X 36"

for this week's sewing round up, I have lots to share! This was finished last week and I am still seeking a name for it! I LOVE the colors and pattern. I got it free on the craftgossip site, it's paper pieced and you must plan colors so they come back together into stars. 

 I used all scraps and the bins are still full.

I quilted it following lines plus some free motion flowers in each star, and followed the diagonal lines out into the borders

I used superior rainbows thread a lot as it's in the same colors. Love that I had a confetti like fabric in stash to use for the binding! 

next up is the pattern by Beth Shibley found here (

21" X 31"

She has lots of videos on youtube of free patterns. On this one, I did it her way at first, then as it was too chaotic for me in my scraps, I took out the ancient patriotic bin and thought, lets play with this idea. 

I started with 6" squares, four for each star. All face up, I marked in and down from the upper left corner 1.5" and from the bottom right corner the same. All blocks cut the same, on the diagonal the way Beth showed us. 

 Then I made sure to keep the same fabrics in the corners while mixing the points a bit. Beth did it much more random and hers looked good that way, while mine looked like a quilt in a blender! So I had to instill more order. 

You can see a mixed up one on the bottom left, and ones with more repetition on the rest.

I used up a lot of scraps from that americana collection of mine, but the bin is still full. I had just enough of the binding stripe to do this quilted runner, which will count for my Table scraps entry in July! (you'll see it again folks) 

had to piece these scraps for the backing and piece my batting but waste not want not I say.

both of these need names... ideas?

this week I've been going through my old teaching materials, from the many classes I developed and taught over the years. It's interesting to remember how much work goes into teaching 6 hour workshops and how much fun it was. It felt like I am at a crossroads.... what will I do in future?  How long will I keep all the samples, step outs and hand outs?

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  1. Both are fabulous finishes. I really like the black/white fabrics with the brights. Nicely done!

  2. Oh my - I'm blown away with both of these projects!! Definitely in my wheel house in terms of styles and colors. Gorgeous!!

    I recently went through some things from a bag workshop I've taught a couple of times. I used one set of step-outs to finish a bag, and tossed what I couldn't use. It always hurts a little toss fabric. But I did it anyway.

  3. Those paper pieced stars are SEW darling and I can't believe you already finished your Disappearing Squares quilt, too!! What a busy quilter you were this week.

  4. I love your top quilt! I have some Tula lineworks and I think with a few solids this would be a great design for them. Maybe call it "Crosslines"??

  5. I keep thinking Mardi Gras Stars and the R,W & B one looks like propellers to me. Maybe Patriot Propellers or Blender Stars! I’m no good at quilt names! But I’m especially fond of the colorful stars.

  6. I really like the first one with the stars and b&w backgrounds. Why not call it Confetti Stars, since the border fabric does look like confetti and the star colors match it so well.

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    Those turned out really good !
    Super how you turned chaos into order but still kept it exciting !
    Funny how a bin with scraps seems to fill up the more you use it :)

  8. Such beautiful pieces and from scraps! That's amazing.

  9. Estella's trellis came to mind. Yes, the wonder of scraps rearranged to your liking! thank you for sharing fabric beauty!

  10. Fabulous fun quilts. Thank you for sharing these beauties. Happy quilting

  11. I love your little patriotic quilt! The bottom right block is my favorite.

  12. I love both, wonderful use of scraps ;)