Saturday, April 24, 2021

sewing Saturday three finishes


Blue Moon #1 13" X 18"
I sewed a lot this week, and finished three items. Let's start with the one above, made for my husband's bedside table. I want to use my scraps to make a table topper for Joy's "Table Scraps" party each month this year. My husband loves blue, and the color of the month at RSC is blue, and Angela encourages us to use our scraps so I got out skinny strips and got busy!


I knew I wanted to insert a circle of strips, and make something like the moon on water. 

I sewed light blue strips, then cut out a circle for a full moon. Then started sewing lots of odd sized and uneven strips. My original plan was to embed the circle into the side like that. 

I changed my mind, in two design decisions

1) applique moon instead of insert... I placed thin fusible interfacing on my circle, sewed all the way round, snipped the interfacing and turned the moon RSO.  

2. Decided to keep it rectangular, and pieced some cool water/sky fabric scraps for the backing, layered it and began quilting with the threads you see above. Mylar, rayon, variegated cottons. Around the moon I went a few times with silver metallic halogram thread that shimmers!

I think all the different threads add a lot to it!


hand stitch a binding while listening to books on audio. and try to decide which way I like it oriented

moon on top?  Moon on bottom??

or the way I showed you at the top?? This one will lay on a table however DH likes it, and be slightly covered up with his glasses, water, ipad and lamp. But...

I now want to make another one, larger for the wall... I really love this one. I might just do a vertical one like at the top of the page!

Linking to TheJoyfulQuilter's Table Scraps party!! HERE!

I kept sewing with blue strips and made 4 uneven improv log cabin blocks which I just sewed together!

 just for fun I laid them on a background... I kind of like this, for a pillow maybe?


I took up my hand sewing this week too, and made blue tumbling blocks... I have enough to start putting the blocks into order and sewing them together soon.

I finished this project too...

hanging in our stair well

this long banner was done last year but I couldn't settle  on what applique to add. I made three fused poppies and some tiny white flowers but just couldn't commit...

til this week,

 when I added on some broderie perse tulips

cut from a scrap of benartex fabric from my first ever challenge quilt made for their traveling show

(it pays to keep stuff) 

click on any image to make it bigger

I didn't fuse them on, just placed and started sewing... a lot of stitching. The quilt was finished some time last year including binding so this was the final step since I do not plan on adding beads.

and one more finish that I'll share next week

I was quilting the borders here, using tape for line placement. It's done including sleeve and label but I have to save something for next week, right? 

linking to these parties: 

oh Scrap Sundays


Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Any glow in the dark fabrics and threads ?
Yes, you should make one larger for the wall.
Sometimes it's works out right to put the finishing touches on a quilt a while later. Love the flowers :)

Michele McLaughlin said...

Very pretty! I love that technique for the first one! I love the flowers~! Have a great day!

My name is Erika. said...

These are gorgeous quilts LeeAnna. Happy weekend. Give Milo a pat for me.

Sara said...

Blue Moon is so cute and will look terrific in a larger size too, but that tulip quilt at the bottom is a WOW! Those pops of red are perfect. You have been a such a creative roll lately!

PaintedThread said...

Ooh - these look great. I love the moon and the flowers.

Ivani said...

Blue Moon and the flowers one are just awesome.
Happy weekend!

grammajudyb said...

I liked your poppy banner last year....but now it’s finished and awesome! The Blue Moon table topper is great too! I’m going to make a topper for my dresser.I was just going to use strips, but you may have encouraged me to be a bit more creative! We’ll see what happens!

Mari said...

Three finishes! Overachiever! :) These look great. I love the poppies. Can't wait to see that colorful one at the bottom next week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm SEW glad that you finished the floral banner, LeeAnna... LOVE it!! Thanks for linking this month's TABLE SCRAPS Challenge and giving us a peek at that colorful quilt, too.

MissPat said...

Three finishes, you are on fire. Blue Moon is wonderful and yes, you should make a larger one to hang on the wall. And the banner with the poppies and tulips is great, too. I did finish a baby quilt and got my Table Scraps pieced, but not yet quilted. I must start earlier next month.

Kathy S. said...

Very nice table topper. I like the threads you picked. They really sparkle. Fun improv log cabin! I like that background too.

Connie W. said...

The blue moon table topper is amazing! What an inspirational piece! I just don't have enough words and exclamation points to fully convey how this touched me. The poppy banner is also terrific. Thanks for sharing these projects.

dq said...

Fantastic finishes! I love the artistic effects of the moon looking one. At least, it has that feel to me.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Your projects are always lovely but I adore that poppy banner. So glad you finally pulled it out and finished it. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

Marly said...

I love the poppy banner and the table mat; the improv strips really set off the appliqué beautifully. If you rejected the idea of reverse appliqué because the insert circle technique was too much hassle check out this video from Irene at Sugaridoo: This is a foolproof method; even I managed it with ease!

Rebecca Grace said...

You are one of the most prolific creative people I know. I love, love LOVE your poppy appliqués. And that look Milo is giving you? I get the same look from my dog ALL. THE. TIME. ;-)

sonja said...

i'm over the moon with your blue moon #1 table topper for DH!
And with 3 blue moons this spring , my cat girls are out moon dancing often!!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Your hallway quilt turned out spectacularly. Well done.

Miaismine said...

Oh my goodness! I love that table topper! And goodness gracious - your long quilt is so lovely! When I saw the photo on Midweek Makers, I didn't realize it was a quilt! I actually thought it was a photograph from one of your outings! It's stunning!

Susan said...

the tulips are a perfect addition - they fill the space nicely

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Fabulous finishes. I especially love the long coral banner.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Go you !!three awesome finishes. The moon one is so pretty and the colors make it really look like a Blue Moon Rising!! Great job!