Thursday, April 1, 2021

I Like Thursday # 238 no April Fools day tricks!


Welcome to this week's list of likes.... and spring in Colorado! Snow one day, 70 F the next...

I like seeing Milo's foot prints in the snow after he chases his toy. Remember that cartoon Family Circus when the parent tells a kid to do an errand and you see his circuitous route all over the house?

 I like seasonal kitchen towels... which means some snowmen and some bunnies for Easter!

I made the one dish lemon blondies this week, and are they ever delish! I use fresh lemon zest and juice and what a difference. They are so moist and flavorful! Link to recipe (

I like that dh bought another computer to replace the one I've been cursing at for the last two weeks! Finally I can just type.... and one thing I've been doing, is taking free workshops on creativity

1. Sketchbook Revival by Karen Abend provides two video workshops a day for two weeks. I'm so behind but it's available for about three more weeks.

2. Community Stitch Challenge with AWESOME fiber artists through Textile Artist.  

Now with the new computer I hope to catch up and make something from these lessons


I finished the round robin quilt (link) last weekend, and now I am doing a scrappy project using bright colors and my black and white stash of scraps

I want to keep making blocks! It's already bigger!. Don't know what size it will be but I still want to make more blocks details on Saturday Sewing

I have so enjoyed books this week... Finished this on audio

and the reader over emphasized each. word. but I still enjoyed the story, not deep, just a romance but still fun to hear Scottish accents. Started this one on audio, third in series....

still reading this on kindle

Finally started watching Queen's Gambit on Netflix... and now that I got over the orphanage giving kids barbituates, it's good. Finishing up first season of Firefly lane soon.  On regular tv, American Idol, Real housewives on Bravo, New Amsterdam, and others. On Youtube....

 I smiled through all these happy dogs body surfing on the snow (you won't see Milo doing that)

 and for cat lovers (I am not owned by a cat but I love them)

Milo's Moments

What cha want mama? I'm busy....

Milo here.... are you kidding me? Time for baths already?? Well I like the shaver when it goes all down my back...

Mama: yep you look like a little sheep with the fleece being cut off! This time you were almost gray under the black hairs...

Milo: just trying to look like you and Daddy, hahahabarkingoutloud! 

Please visit these people to read their lists of likes this week! If you do a list, let me know to add you in

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Looks like Winter in the Rockies there !
    Here...23 C yesterday...back to 6 C next Monday !
    Fun to see how you create with colour !
    Have a great weekend !

  2. I'm hoping we don't see any more snow this spring, but we sure could use more rain. The 40+ mph winds we've had this week aren't helping the drought situation. Seeing your SAHRR hanging on your wall sure made me smile. It's so fantastic!! Now I'm excited by your black and white and bright blocks!!! I've done a couple of quilts in those colors and I love the combination.

  3. Great likes. Your lemon squares sound yummy, and everything is so much better with real ingredients. Love your black and white blocks. Don't feel bad Milo, Bobbin was a very dirty girl the other day and got a bath, then she was a very unhappy girl.

  4. I'm so glad you got a new computer!! What a relief! And I also enjoyed the queen's gambit. The first part was definitely weird but I think it got better along the way. I wonder if you could spin or knit with Milo's shorn fleece? Have a good week!!

  5. That's crazy weather, flipping back and forth like that! Love those scrappy X's.

  6. Bunnies and snowmen tea towels ... how cute! Our snow is gone snd everything has turned to rain ... and mud. The first spring flowers have bloomed to brighten the yard. The lemon blondie recipe looks yummy. I shall have to try this for my lemon cake loving guy. Milo is a handsome boy even when he looks like a sheep. He does look very dapper when sheared, though. Love thise colorful quilts ... <3 Pat

  7. So glad you're back on track with your computer. Spring in Colorado is definitely changeable, but I think we have a wonderful weekend ahead! Your lemon blondies sound yummy! The newest scrappy project you're showing there looks happy and fun. Enjoy!

  8. A new computer makes everything so much easier. I don't know about snow in April! lol Although, we are having a freeze each night this week in KY. Thanks for linking up.

  9. We think we're done with the snow for this year, the cold is coming back though, it's going to be below freezing tonight here. Those lemon blondies do sound yummy. Hey Milo, I like your Family Circus tracks and I hope you did okay with your spa day. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. Oh boy, still a lot of snow! I love your scrappy bright new project!

  11. You sure do have crazy weather in CO! Love the sliding dogs ☺

  12. The weather can certainly change in a hurry! Hopefully we are almost done with Winter! I like seasonal kitchen stuff too! But I need to expand my variety. I have Fall, and Christmas and Halloween, but not much Spring and Summer. Soon I’ll feel safe shopping again! I’ll fix that!

  13. Snow and sun, snow and sun. I'm ready for sun, sun, sun! You have such fun projects going on! I'm still working on my creative stitches project, but have enjoyed the videos. Milo, such a cutie!

  14. Maybe I need to give The Queen's Gambit another try. I think I only watched the first show. It was so sad and dark. Good story and great acting, though. I hope your Colorado weather starts to warm up. I can remember going to the reservoir with my grandson in April and him wading in the water!

  15. Colorado has had some Spring this year!!
    I've turned into a Elin Hildebrand junkie. Right now I am reading "The Island"

  16. Spring is so unpredictable. It keeps letting winter back in.

    Loved both the videos. They are so entertaining.

    Hi Milo.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  17. Hi,
    I really like your kitchen towels..pretty. We are having Spring like weather too, but we got a sprinkle of snow last night. It's all gone now. Have a great day!

  18. BOL, Milo! You're quite the funny boy, aren't you. You always look good. You're lucky it's YOUR mama grooming you and not ours. You wouldn't be so handsome if she did it.
    Your friends,
    Norman & Elsa 🐾

  19. We sure do have crazy weather. But as a Colorado native, I am use to it. Love all the photos and especially the fur babies.

  20. Thanks for the link to Lemon Brownies! PERFECT for Easter! Have a wonderful holiday!

  21. Hi LeeAnna! I love seeing Milo's paw prints all over the yard. He has to mark his territory and make sure there's no interlopers while he's inside. I'm so glad to hear that you have a new computer and one that isn't causing you stress! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  22. I love the dogs and cats playing in the snow. At least the dogs were mostly short-hairs. My Lhasa loved the snow. The problem was then he would come in with little snowballs stuck in his fur. It always reminded me of wearing wool mittens out in the snow.

  23. Your snow looks beautiful and Milo is quite the handsome guy! Sweet towels, too!

  24. Snow! Oh No! We are lucky that we did NOT get any! The quilt looks awesome-YES more squares!! Lemon Blondies!?! I shall have to look at those. Milo! You look magnificent! Cinnamon needs a bath too, it has been muddy and she is blowing her undercoat1 We are so happy to see you guys and catch up! We hope you all have a marvellously Happy Day!

  25. It's not just CO. We were 70 F on Tuesday and it snowed today. Just enough to flatten the daffodils which were in full bloom. I love lemon anything, so I'll have to check out the blondies. I like the new sewing project and look forward to seeing more. Glad to hear you have a new computer.

  26. loved the cats in snow video especially cats that can swim in it!

  27. LA - I can relate to the changeable weather - you captured it well by having a bunny AND a snowman on your towels! I loved the Queen's Gambit (yes, apart from the drugs). Lady Power!

    That lemon recipe looks delicious - I just made a Pineapple Carrot Cake for my neighbor - it shouts SPRING! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  28. Love all the pets in the snow - so cute - and your quilt is turning out wonderful. I think lemon blondies might be dangerous for my waistline :) Happy Easter!