Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Like Thursday 239


birdie rest stop
Welcome to this week's list of likes... I like seeing birds return but maybe not quite so close!lol

Let's get this party started...first off, what a sigh of relief to have the new computer (Lenova)

 I am watching at least one video a day from Sketchbook Revival and loved the lesson from Helen Hallows.... bold paper work with touches of ink, that looked very quilt like to me. I can cross the lesson over from paper to fabric easily. I am woefully behind on videos but am also sewing


I finished my star blocks and got two borders on, now it's time to quilt it! 

I am enjoying my desk calendar by Joanna Basford, my favorite drawing instructor. She drew wonderful weekly designs that I can color. I love how the mix of  4 markers (Tombow + Staedtler fineliners) created depth in the lobster.

week at a glance desk calendar

Blue, aqua, lime, and avocado in the lobster. I mixed yellow, orange, pink and ochre in the seashells.


 I will try my watercolor pencils soon, and my colored pencils as well. The calendar page stood up to a quick blending with watercolor pen too. Whee! I ordered the calendar only a couple weeks ago, so I have Jan. and Feb and parts of March to color at leisure. 

what I'm reading, or listening to someone reading

  listening, and it's getting tedious...

Under a Gilded Moon: A Novel by [Joy Jordan-Lake]

 just started but it seems good.... free from Amazon Prime and miracle! the book I was almost finished with that had two holds, released back to me yesterday! Yea! I have some new ones queued up for audio books soon. 

I loved zooming with Joy again, we meet weekly. How wonderful to have a friend ! I hand sewed some tumbling blocks while we talked, she finished two projects.

for someone who likes archeology and odd trinkets from the past, I enjoyed this woman's finds mudlarking in the Thames

 I made hot cross buns this weekend for Easter,  for the first time and although I made a few changes to the recipe ( like soaking the cranberries in OJ , glazing with peach jam, , as well as making icing to do the crosses ( 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, 2 TBSP OJ, and dash of almond extract) they came out beautifully. 

 We all three had one and all three wanted another! .... much better than store bought buns!

(because you are my friends, I will admit as much as I don't want to cook, our food tastes much better now that we make it all at home. I am finding some fine recipes online to try, that are now go-to.


keeping Daddy entertained

Milo's Moments

Hi Y'all.... first let me start by saying I didn't have to go to the vet... yea! He talked to my peeps on the small talky talk and he agreed to order more allergy pills. 

I also scored sweet potatoes and some sweet buns this week, it pays to stand right next to Mama while she cooks! She can't forget me then.     

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  1. i love the desk calendar! that would be totally my thing I always have a pen for scribbling around when I do phonecalls ;O)

  2. I love your flimsy, your desk calendar, and your hot cross buns too ;)) Good for Milo!

  3. Oh your buns are making my mouth water! Well done you! Milo deserves a bun too, we all deserve a home made hot cross bun.

  4. I love the desk calendar...I am not much of a "colorer" but it may be relaxing. I think I own that book Under a Gilded Moon. I have been sharing my library access with the middle boy, and he uses up all my borrows in a day reading books. Sheesh. So now we have a deal. He gets 3 at the beginning of the month, near the end if I haven't used the other 7 he gets whatever is left. Your hot cross buns look awesome. Funny story, last year we got cases, and cases, but they didn't sell very well. We were looking at them, and noticed red, and what we thought was mold. GASP! Took it off the shelf an into the back. Popped it open to discover they have that fruits (including the green one) that is normally put in fruit cake. This year, I got one case of hot crossed buns, and they arrived Easter morning. Sigh, but them out and only 2 sold. Great likes for the week. I am with you, I seem to enjoy trying new recipes more and cooking at home.

  5. Your star block quilt top is fabulous! Wow! And your calendar to color, so cool! I’m not a yeast bread baker, so I’ve never made hot cross buns. But I know we would love them. Orange icing,” to die for” to quote a friend!

  6. Star blocks and borders ! Wow! LeeAnna ! That really is amazing!
    Those hot cross buns look so good ! Yes, home baking/cooking really does taste better :)

  7. Love how you put the star blocks together with the pretty border! Glad you're enjoying the calendar with opportunities for creative coloring - that looks like fun. Yummy hot cross buns - I'm impressed with your baking!

  8. What a terrific post! The quilt looks AWESOME! I love your coloring. And I too have a LENOVO! much better than my last. Milo looks like the purrfect entertainer! We are thankful for you and your posts! Have a marvellously happy day!

  9. Hi LeeAnna! I wonder what Milo is teasing Daddy with? He looks like he wants what Daddy has but isn't really willing to trade. Those buns looks delicious! I can't wait to see how you quilt your newest creation. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Wow! Your quilt top is BEAUTIFUL!!! So colorful. Those hot cross buns look yummy! No wonder you all wanted a second. And...did a bird fly into your living room???

  11. Love the quilt and that lobster planner, super nice and your hot cross buns look yummy. Milo, I'm glad you didn't have to do the Vet thing. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. I had one of those buns and it was most delicious. I also loved on Milo.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  13. Hot Cross Buns and a new Puter you are living large. We have had a few Lenovo you will enjoy it

  14. Oooh, those hot cross buns look fabulously delish! Well done. Put up the solar spray in the bird bath, hopefully some of the un-shy locals will drop in for a bath soon. It's fun to watch them, even if they're usually just black birds.

  15. watercolor & colored pencils... making me happy! :)

  16. Yum - hot cross buns! Always fun to see your projects, and of course, Milo!

  17. Those buns look so delicious! I adore that star project. Must admit I went online to find the pattern because it is so striking! Beautiful job on that.

  18. Stitching and baking...and Milo! Life is good! I'm still hiking while the weather is nice but when it gets HOT, I'll do some art and sewing! Enjoy your week my friend!

  19. Your quilt looks great! That lobster is cool. Buns look yummy.

  20. Oh wow! Your returning birds must feel right at home! Our Kitty would definitely add them to her "I like" list! Your quilt is a happy one with all those wonderful colors playing together. That desk calendar looks fun. After some computer time, I believe I will pull out my adult coloring books for a bit of down time. You are quite the baker!
    Milo, I'm glad you're getting help with those pesky allergies!

  21. What that a real bird? Wow. This post has so much fun in it. I love your latest quilt. Hope all is well. Missing you at T day. Hugs-Erika

  22. Love the quilt.

  23. LA - your coloring is beautiful. And you are the second person who has mentioned baking hot cross buns this week. That's it, I am just going to have to do it!!