Saturday, April 3, 2021

sewing Saturday Spring Hop


For today's sewing round up, I want to show you a quilt I made years ago. I call it Spring Hop, then what I'm working on this week.

Size 33" X 35" or so
spiral programmed stitch for quilting here, free motion hearts
Note the piping inserted in binding

 I probably made this about 10 years ago but forgot to make a label!!! 

It started with paper pieced bunnies, the idea of doing 3-D ears, decorating their Easter dresses, making paper pieced tulips, and using some favorite purple garden flower fabric to create a kind of clearing for the dance. Click on images to make them larger to see details.

what fun to add buttons, trims, ribbons, an easter egg basket. To soften the edge of green to purple fabric I cut around the motifs, creating a sort of hole in the big fabric to applique over the green fabric. Lots of quilting, the words Spring Hop quilted in with flowers and clover.

embroidered faces, beaded eyes, raw edge applique on flowers

smocking stitch on the blue dress

It's a bit crumpled since it's been folded up for years but it is bringing a happy look to our family room this month. 

I've been obsessed with this little quilt all week, happily making block after block including blue scraps for RSC this month!

just a peek !
the pattern was found on the site CraftGossip which has 5000 free craft projects (thanks to Monika for sending me the link) I resized the block in the word processor, and printed them out onto paper piecing paper that's easy to tear.

I printed them 3" which finishes at 2.5" and it takes four to make a star. You have to color in the stars before you start or you'll not know what color to piece in where. 

At first I made 20 blocks and asked Joy should I make more....she laughed and asked if I might make it king sized! I said, "stop me if I go that way!" but at the moment there are 54 blocks and measures about 15" X 23"  

 I might stop here and make it into this month's table runner... more pics later. Right now I am choosing borders.

I thought I might be able to close the black and white scrap bin easier but somehow they all take a deep breath when it's opened, and expand. Then I thought, well right now the pieced center is about the size of a half yard of fabric... that doesn't take up that much space. I actually had to throw away a lot of trimmings too though... it was fun to use so many black and white scraps.

 I finished one book on audio while sewing this week (The Garden of Promises and Lies) and started another (Word to the Wise) and can't wait to get back in studio to sew some more. 

I am also taking a free course on art quilting and stitching through TextileArtist and one on painting through sketchbook Revival. 

 We've had snow and heat this week. 3 or so inches of snow, turning to 70+F temps today. Might as well just stay in pj's and sew since I never know what clothes to wear.

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  1. Cute little rabbits, I love your mini quilt!

  2. What a fun star pattern. Hopefully the drawer for black and white will close more easily before you are done.

  3. Adorable Easter quilt, LeeAnna!! You always include such fun details in your work. At roughly the size of a FQ of fabric, your new little quilt is SEW cute! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you will do next.

  4. Happy bunnies and beautiful projects! Love the bunny quilt!!!

  5. The bunny art quilt is amazing! So many fun details. I’m so glad you pulled it out for us all to enjoy! And the black and white project is turning out wonderfully.

  6. Your Spring Hop quilt is adorable. Love the closeups of all the details. Your new scrappy quilt is bright and happy, too. Looking forward to seeing more as you sew ... :) Pat

  7. Your Easter quilt is amazing. Love the dimensionality and all the detail that you added to it. Wonderful.

  8. Love the bunnies, especially the 3-d ears. Happy Easter Lee Anna

  9. Your Spring Hop quilt is just precious! Happy Easter to all of you!

  10. Aw... so much cuteness in one place. Those floppy ears are adorable. Happy Easter, LeeAnna!!!

  11. Love the bunny quilt. Those Xs are pretty cool, too!

  12. I love that old quilt. Thanks for pattern for this fun scrappy quilt.

  13. Love the floppy eared bunnies and the black and white scrap block!
    I think I will make mine slightly bigger!
    I have a friend who Love Joanne in the Netherlands too!
    Thanks for sharing some wonderful ideas!
    Stay safe and sew on !

  14. The Spring Hop wall hanging is so clever with the floppy ears and all the other embellishments. I'd be tempted to leave it up all year, but then, you have so many other wonderful pieces to display. But this should definitely come out to play every spring.

  15. Hi,
    Love the Bunny cute. I really like
    the X blocks. Have a great day!

  16. Such a sweet happy bunny quilt. Love it. Happy quilting.

  17. Love your resurrected Easter quilt. You could steam press it from the back to get the creases out.

  18. The bunny hop is way too cute. Love the buttons.

  19. LA - those floppy ears make the quilt! Fabulous!

  20. Spring Hop is adorable and timeless!

  21. Very cute Spring Hop wall-hanging. Love the 3D ears. Your current project is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Ha! Pajamas sound like the perfect solution to crazy weather. Love your bunny quilt and all the details. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.