Thursday, April 29, 2021

I Like Thursday #242


It's Thursday and I'm starting my list with coloring in my Joanna Basford weekly calendar. I am using my watercolor pencils this week, even had to resharpen them! For the non painters out there, these look like pencils but when you dab water on the colored page the paints disolve and mix like any watercolor paints! Just an easier application.

I color or paint, shadow and highlight on that week's pic all week long!

these white balls turn all the colors of the rainbow when it gets dark, thank you to Rebecca for featuring them on her Friday Likes page (

they constantly change color !!!


I tried a new recipe last weekend...

 er... we've been whittling it down daily since Sunday. It's so good, made with sweetened condensed milk cream cheese and chocolate! I used graham crackers to make the crust

did you say pie???

I'm LOVING the audio book playing in the studio this week

set in England during WW2, mainly a story of women and their relationships to each other. 5 women compete for a cooking show, but it's about sisters, and friends, and people you'd be surprised to become friends with. I'll look for more Jennifer Ryan books now.

 I'm enjoying watching this show, taking three families back in time to experience life anew

spring cartoon

I like that I can now see the top of my kitchen desk


I love how Milo looks (and smells) after we finish grooming him

Milo: I would like pancakes too Mama, your cooking tastes so good!

Milo's pancakes (what's left) on the small back plate

Mama: I gave you a whole one honey. It was just cut into four pieces and you ate it standing up not on a plate

Milo: right, you and Daddy had a plate of food and I had no plate of food so I want one!

Mama: well you had one already and you're not as big as us

Milo: hmmm maybe you should not have so much

Mama: oy... and it had sugar and butter in it, while your dog food has vitamins and protein.

Milo: sugar and butter have vitamins. Vitamin S and Vitamin B!

Mama: uhhhhh not so much, they just taste good

Milo: yes taste good = good, I'll have more please! 

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  1. I want this pie... right now... thanks for the recipe!!!

  2. Enjoyed your list as always. Anything with sweetened condensed milk is going to be so decadent...made my mouth water looking at it. Amazing what they are coming up with in the colouring line with pencils and such. A long way from our box of crayola when I was a kid that's for sure. Enjoy it all, LeeAnna.

  3. Ooh, I love those hanging solar lights that change color! Where did you find them? We have something like that sticks into the ground along our front walk, but the hanging ones are really unique. Your chocolate pie looks yummy!

  4. I, too, checked the link on the hanging solar wind chimes. They are great and pretty reasonably priced! And thanks for the audio book recommendation. I like reading stories from that time period as long as they are not strictly about the prison camps!

  5. Your pie looks fab. A friend recently shared an oatmeal pie, she said it tasted like an oatmeal cookie. I thought it needed chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Oh love your yard light it is fun. I think Bobbin agrees with Milo, why do I only get one with no butter or syrup? Love the spring cartoon. I love the old cartoons.

  6. The pie sounds yummy, but of course you had me at chocolate. The solar balls are very cute. I had a solar peacock hanging outside my kitchen window - until a storm a couple of weeks ago. It had survived 2 winters of blizzards, but now I'll be replacing it with something new.

  7. That was cool coloring! It looks like the pie was pretty popular, it looks yummy. Milo, I'm glad you at least got some pancake bites, you're pretty lucky. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. That chocolate pie--! Will go investigate that recipe. Anything chocolate, I'm there. Your colouring is just beautiful; I sat and looked at it for longer than any other photo! Those wind chime lights are so cool - I checked them out, and may just order one for a certain daughter's birthday. A friend gave me a glass solar light this year and I just love it! My post won't go up until later today. ;-)

  9. Yum on the chocolate pie! Milo looks great! Love your coloring! Have a safe and happy day!

  10. Yummy food and then there's Milo. Everything is better when we get to see Milo.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  11. So many fun things you shared! Did Milo get more pancake Mom?

  12. Hi Lee Anne,
    Love your coloring page...the colors are so vibrant. I can totally agree with Milo on the pancakes...I love them myself.
    Have a great day!

  13. Hi LeeAnna! What a cool concept - watercolor pencils. I've never heard of that! I love how you colored your journal. Dang, those balls that change colors when it gets dark out are really, really COOL. I think I need to get some of them for our littles, don't you think?! Milo looks so darn cute sitting so nicely at the patio door. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. I had to check out those wind chimes. They are really cool.

  15. Nice calendar and recipe. Nice thankfuls

  16. I have never heard of watercolor pencils before. They look so pretty! The Jennifer Ryan book sounds interesting. I must check it out!

  17. The pie sounds delicious and will have to give it a try this weekend to make for the office. Milo, you look excellent after your grooming. We hope you are enjoying the view. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals South Philadelphia

  18. Looks like it was a good week. Chocolate pie, pretty watercolors, a good book, pancakes and a clean Milo. Who could ask for anything more.

  19. That chocolate pie looks good! I have been enviously looking at all your creativity lately. I just have not had the time (work is sucking up my time and brainpower). Spring cartoon - I've just started to see the titmice and chickadees get twitterpated! :-)

  20. The pie looks wonderful and I will be checking out the recipe. I also like those watercolor pencils. My daughter would LOVE them. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  21. Absolutely LOVE that castle! So whimsical, so colorful. Well done.

  22. LA - I must watch that program with my hubby - looks fascinating! Thanks for the tip!