Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday Sewing Round-up!


for this week's sewing round up I have four projects to share, each with their fair share of challenges!

First up, the hexi kaleidoscope blocks I learned on a tv show...

In this month's RSC color bright or light blues
Okay.... these do not go back together into a flat block, they cup up around the outside and pucker at centers. I asked my resident engineering expert, AKA husband Drew, to figure out what's wrong. 

After 30 min of sketching and drawing and using higher math, well, I'll have to let you know

I made two more wine bottle blocks from

in blues, and they didn't want to come together perfectly either... is it me?? This is my first vaccine and it really kicked my butt and I had 4 reactions lasting all week, so maybe... (note: I had to stop this post in the middle of writing as I had another occular migraine taking my vision for an hour)

they represent two of our fave wineries, Goose Watch in NY state and Chateau Morrisette in VA

  2017 Snow Goose

by the way, I keep projects for the monthly scrap challenge in these handy plastic zippered bagsdd

I spent a good amount of time sewing this scrap quilt (lozenges by Bonnie Hunter) into large sections to be quilted then put together.

It was a lot of matching and ironing seams open as there were a lot of intersections that would cause bulk if not opened. I now have it in two main sections that are dd each 27" across by 60" down. I have to decide if I am going to try to put borders around each of these before quilting to lesson handling such a heavy piece at the end. 

which means choosing a border, from fabrics in the stash that not only look good but are large enough

this fabric is bold, a Hoffman rich in saturated hue, beautiful til I put it next to the blocks then the colors in it mixed when viewed from a distance... looks washed out when it is anything but!!! A lesson in how the human eye mixed viewed colors to look different when next to each other. 

I tried black with bright colors and they looked somber, then this blue with bright circles. I'd say the colors maintain their boldness as the pattern is large enough to stand up to seeing from a distance. 

The first one has equal amounts of each bold saturated color so the eyes blend them. The blue's circles are distinct enough not to blend in our eyes. I don't want to use this up  but it works.

I have to quilt big work in sections because my vertebra have bulging discs and are loose, slipping out of place easily when I lift or pull on something. Then nerves are pinched and pain is intense.

Lastly, I planned, sewed and am just now hand sewing the binding on next week's runner for Table Scraps at TheJoyfulQuilter. I don't want to share too much as that's for next week's post but I love it enough to want to make a large wall hanging like it. This one I call Blue Moon and it's for DH's bedside tabletop.

So notwithstanding all the physical challenges this week, I spent a good amount of time and effort in studio. I finished a novel, a short story, and started another mystery all on audio. I was happy the Sketchbook Revival extended the lessons for another week so maybe I can spend more time painting and drawing next week.

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  1. Hopefully your vaccine side effects go away soon. How frustrating! My husband had his second one yesterday. Today he has a headache and feels achy and stiff. I have had a similar issue with dresden plate blocks as you had with the hexies. But I sewed little extra slivers along some of the inside seams and eventually they were flat. The wine bottles are just the BEST - so cute!!

  2. You big tease!! I can't WAIT to see how Drew's topper turned out for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!! I'm also looking forward to hearing what the resident engineer had to say about what the issue might be with those hexie kaleidoscopes.

  3. Oh, you have been pretty darn productive! Even while under the weather! It was finally nice enough outside to spray baste my Table scraps project. And very little wind. I think I succeeded! Hope you have a good week!

  4. i have those ocular migraines from time to time .they usually pass in 20-30 minutes and i lie down and just watch the light show.
    you had a most colorful and productive week mahalo for sharing.

  5. Fabric--don't be afraid to use it up! Use, use, use...they make more every single day. I'm drowning in scraps here all the time! Use.It.Up. The hunt for new wonderful pieces makes up for what is used! Having said that, the lozenge quilt doesn't really need a border, yet the one you picked is great!

  6. I looked Goose Watch Winery up and there are several in NY. One is 1 hr and 15 minutes from us in Romulus, NY on Cayuga Lake. But I'm guessing the one you visited is in Lake Placid. Sorry you're still suffering after effects from the vaccine. Hope things are getting better. All your projects are looking good.

  7. Great quilting projects. LOVE those wine bottles!

  8. Great projects and love the blue wine bottle blocks. Hope you are feeling better and have a lovely week.

  9. Wow you certainly powered through a lot of projects this week! Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  10. What fun projects!! the wine bottles... those grabbed my attention right away - I love them!! I sure hope your headaches go away!

  11. Loving the block with the smiley guy tongue handing out! It adds so much to the quilt!