Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Sewing Round-up

It looks like I've hardly been sewing but I've been up in my overheated garret studio every day this week!
Mainly doing this
Joy got me started, and I thought, why not make a king quilt for the bed in summer?? I'm using leftover solid fabrics for the most part, mixed with some older calico scraps, some black and white, and a cut up oxford white shirt of dh's! Right now there are 40 blocks and I realized I need a half row at the bottom at least to cover the bed. It's still in sections because that's how I'll quilt it when the batting gets here if it ever does.
when you make the 9" block you have to cut away a 3/8" X 3.5" Piece. All the little solkd cuttings were pretty in the trash, so I decided to maniacally sew those together!
This may be my fave part of the whole kit and caboodle!

When not up in that hot studio (we had 100 F days all week) I painted a series of trees and flowers
and took to putting some of them up on the mantle the hibiscus on the quilt stand is from yesterday. The painting post is HERE

When not in the studio  I looked through this old book of mine
and remembered how much I like her work.

It's inspired me to work in more subtle colors to make a tree piece.

when not in studio I also watched a class with Judith Trager on bluprint. She makes unstructured log cabins then paints over them, appliques over them. DH asked for a blue quilt for his office, one to remind him of water or landscapes but a peaceful scene.
my review of the class: some of her individual lessons are inspiring, but her delivery is very annoying. She comes off as arrogant to me, and her attitude is irritating. She assumes her viewers are unskilled artists, and even if it's your first time doing any of the things she mentions (and sister, this ain't my first rodeo) everyone shows up with skills and deserves respect.
I talked to a friend of mine about her, and she asked if I got anything out of the class.
Good question!!!
I said, it made me want to use my pieced backgrounds freely, instead of seeing them as the finished work... I want to screen print again, and layer them, even if I cover up the piecing. Take a risk that I might ruin them in the name of experimentation.
That's a good thing to leave with, don't you agree?

I had some thumbnail images printed with the large pink flower painting left over on my fabric sheet, that I made into this very home made looking bookmark.

Markers were used to draw the leaves and flowers, a buttonhole stitch became the binding

When not in the studio I knitted on another pair of socks, this time with bamboo yarn...

  I have put off sewing the black on black binding onto the longer green summer quilt, so instead I hung up the smaller one in the stairwell.
 Every time I come down those steep stairs (my personal stairmaster) I see it and know I made something!
The United States saw a 27% increase in new cases of COVID-19 in the week ended July 5 compared to the previous seven days, with 24 states reporting positivity test rates above the level that the World Health Organization has flagged as concerning.
Put on a mask to help the country... and me. 



  1. "Why not make a king quilt" HA LOL ! Why not. Now what? Why not quilt a king quilt. Hugs. It'll keep you off the streets. :D

  2. LOVE those socks and that quilt!! So beautiful. Stay cool.

  3. OMG, LeeAnna!! People think I'm crazy for sewing up my 1" squares, yet you actually stitched the stuff that I threw (and left) in the trash when making my Magic Star Quilt. Yikes!! Happy to see your smaller green quilt has finally made an appearance on the blog. LOVE the stars and those sweet flowers you added!!

  4. Every time you show the Magic Star blocks, they just get prettier! I love that you sewed the little leftover strips together, too - you'll make something amazing out of them. Stay cool! (I know that's not easy right now!)

  5. First of all, those socks are such a beautiful array of blue! I like that book marker especially the phrase. Ya know, I have seen several instructors like that and I end up shutting them off. You have more patience than I. I still haven’t got mojo to sew but I’m tempted with random strip blocks which was my favorite. Hmmm. Since I love trees so much maybe I should paint them instead . Yours are cool.

  6. I love all of your projects! A king quilt. Why not? But quilting one can be daunting to me. Here’s an idea if it is a summer quilt. Skip the batting. The seams will still make it heavy enough (if you are like me and need the feel of weight) but not too warm for summer. Our summer quilt is old enough that I made it in the days when tying with perle cotton was my habit for larger quilts, and it’s still going strong. I would think though that with good basting, it could be machine quilted. Feel free to disregard my comment—can you tell I’m done with being overheated this summer? :)

  7. I need a King Size quilt, but keep making smaller ones. They intimidate me, and cost a fortune to have long armed,
    The Magic Star quilt is going to be awesome. And your book mark!! Well done,

  8. The quilt is awesome!! And I really laughed when I saw “now where was I” on your other little project. I must say that at least once a day.

  9. Love the bookmark and the socks. I thought we had it bad with temps all week in the 90's, but 100's would do me in. Did you see that Bluprint is being resurrected again and going back to the name Craftsy? Let's hope that really happens. We had a cold front go through with some much needed rain and it's much cooler in the house tonight. Hope you get a break in the weather soon, too.

  10. Hi LeeAnna,
    It's so cool that you can make scraps look so good ! Thanks for showing your pretty painted fingernail in the photo:)
    Love your Summer quilt!
    and all your creative ideas! Big fan ! great displau wall by the stairs!
    and you can knit when it's so warm!

  11. You certainly do keep yourself very busy and you do such beautiful work!

  12. Hi LeeAnna :) Your paintings are very pretty and I do love that quilt!

  13. Hi,
    Love the idea of the sewing the leftover strips of fabrics together..I hate throwing away all those little pieces of fabric...I've started using them to make tile blocks..have a great day!

  14. Oh, so much creativity! How about making a summer quilt out of your twinkly two-color blocks? No batting, just backing....The superscrap strip blocks are going to become something terrific.

  15. You get so much accomplished in one week. You put me to shame. I like your idea of quilting that king size quilt in sections. I have done several large quilts like that and it works perfectly.

  16. Love how that bed quilt looks with the solids. Those little scraps stitched together are great, my moto is "no scrap is too small"
    Great socks!!

  17. Looks like you have been plenty busy! Love your magic star quilt...and those tiny strips!

  18. That quilt is beautiful! Hot studio...I can relate...but oh....I still have to sew...