Monday, July 6, 2020

please do your part

We may never pass this way again

The United States saw a 46% increase in new cases of COVID-19 in the week ended June 28 compared to the previous seven days, with 21 states reporting positivity test rates above the level that the World Health Organization has flagged as concerning.

Staying alive will require sacrifice for a while.

Stop putting everyone at risk just so you can have a party see family in a big gathering or go to a ballgame.



  1. Yes! Thanks for the post, LeeAnna.


  2. seals and croft were awesome in the day and still speak true

  3. Wear a mask and wash your hands - keep groups to 10 or less outdoors if at all possible (family - not friends and neighbors, coworkers etc). If only folks would respect the health of others as much as they value their "rights."

    1. being outside is not enough... there is new information on that, I might post tomorrow. Even family members who do not live with you can pass the virus to you. The virus has long term effects, scarring lungs among other problems like brain damage. You really need to stop mixing with other people. Even family, you know how fast a cold is passed around???

  4. Or the beach or the mall (although Gov Cuomo has not opened the malls in NY yet) or even socially distanced indoor dining. No one knows what the long term effects this virus will have on people who are asymptomatic or have a mild case. Ask anyone who has had shingles (caused by a resurgence of the chicken pox virus).
    And now to rant on a different topic. We're on our third day of 90+ degree heat which will last until at least Sat. We don't have air conditioning. It was 88 degrees INSIDE my house today! We've had no rain in 2 weeks. Everything in my garden is drying up and so am I. Ugh. Sorry, I'm grumpy.

  5. I appreciate everyone's comments. Please be safe. My sister works in a hospital and has been exposed twice to Covid positive patients. She is the main caregiver for my aging parents. Her life is literally on the line, as is my parents'. Please, please, be thoughtful and considerate of our health careworkers, our aging population, and each other.

  6. Don't be a COVIDIOT...wear a mask. 😷 It's that simple.