Friday, July 17, 2020

paint party Friday Flower week

For the painting round up this week I have flowers and faces!

Inspired by my friend Mary's image on this post,  to use glorious golds, yellows and greens

Funny, how I was inspired by the image yet didn't stay true to the colors and shadows.

Seeing it in these photos I see where I went wrong in shadow and color but... it was lots of fun to make!

on the mantel
I really focused on dots of color. I initially painted a sea of gold/yellow, then shadowed with other colors and got the center proportions off, but... I liked making it, and love all the dots of colors on top of the watercolor
thanks Mary!!

next flower was done last Friday when my friend Sonja in Hawaii sent some glorious photos of her own garden... with a tropical hibiscus blossom. It was a lush shade of palest pink, and made me want to try to capture the delicacy in paint
I'm having a lot of trouble capturing true color in my camera right now, then the new computer software is not user friendly in editing as well.

still you get the idea

Sonja can be found at this blog

I notice little details when I go from photo to paint... don't always have a lot of control over it but I try to do an impression of the image, while pulling in little details, like the orange bits above.

now for some faces... I want to try bead embroidery, like beading around a cabochon. I wanted to use a moon face and had trouble finding one to purchase from a place I would be comfortable doing that, so why not combine painting and fabric???
a sketch on paper, after looking at google images for ideas...
now to sketch it on fabric....
Speaking of fabric, this week I wanted to use some tiny sewn blocks, and found this painting in my "parts dept" of old projects put aside...
and am working on making it all fit together... so far I added in shoulders so it's a little different. She is painted on fabric with paintsticks and embossed over templates in places. I do NOT use Shiva, I do not like the smell and they don't hold up over time. I add details with marker and prisma color pencils.

I went to a zoom lecture by Elizabeth Gilbert last night, and someone asked how she deals with being judged as an artist and writer. She said, we're always being judged... walk into a party and people inwardly think of how your hair looks, what you're wearing, how thin you are... When you do anything someone is judging it... so why not just create and ignore the judging?

That resonated with me... yes... if you're going to be judged anyway, why not make something to have after the judging is over?lol
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  1. I love your little dots and the effect they have! Also I want to say your hibiscus is lovely!

  2. The flowers are lovely. Love the details.

  3. Your flowers really are very pretty!

  4. That woman is right - just create and don't worry about what others think/say/do! Love you flowers. Have fun with your projects, and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  5. Lovely flowers and faces today!

  6. these are wonderful works!!!
    Have a good weekend, Elke

  7. wise words from Elizabeth Gilbert.
    Your watercolor painting is getting better and better, and I love all the fine dots and lines you make to add to the detail! Happy PPF!

  8. Love your work! Your flowers are so pretty.

  9. Your flowers are wonderful! You are so talented! I've always heard that human faces are very difficult. You make it look easy! I can't draw to save my life!

  10. I always want to serious of moon and sun..PPF and Coffee is on

  11. Especially love the sunflower! DH brought me some from a field close by, where you are allowed to pick them. Happy PPF!

  12. Love those flower paintings! Just great:)

  13. As always, your flowers are terrific.

  14. Ohhh you are just amazing. The detail is excellent.

  15. Gorgeous florals, and the dotting technique is really great. Lovely work all round. Belated happy PPF!
    Alison x