Thursday, July 2, 2020

I LIke Thursday #200

Welcome to this week's list of likes
It is my 200th I Like post, which amazes me.  I have to thank everyone who also writes a list, and those who read our lists and share in our lives.... the connection between us is real, and strong, and keeps us going.
Thank you!

on with the show...
1. I like my husband and my dog... I like them and I love them... they love me too. We all want to survive,  and eventually thrive again. (as well as feel safe again... please God)

pit suspended on toothpicks, and some bell pepper seeds
2. I liked going old school and putting an avocado pit into water to see what comes of that. We planted more lettuce, are watching to see if the tomatoes come up, a bean is trying to form a stalk. I will not go shopping at a nursery, it's not mandatory like groceries, but I like to see things growing.


3. I like the new to us BBC show "you me and them"
so clever and funny (on Acorn) a modern family with foibles, humor ensues

Reruns of Spy in the Wild is back on PBS  animal robots film  animal societies

starting soon on UP TV is one of our favorite shows, "800 Words"

4. I like having a DVR included with our cable system... my recordings are diverse...

5. I am listening to A bubble in the sun in studio. It's about the heyday of Florida's great real estate boom, how Miami got started. The annoying part is how the reader pronounces St. Augustine. Floridians say
AUG-ustine. The reader says aug-US-stine and it's driving me crazy!
Let's just say just about all the development I grew up with, West Palm Beach, Miami, involved some manipulative developers and this development led to current issues.

at night I'm reading the 2nd Jude Devereaux "Medlar mystery" and loving it!


6. I'm enthused about making an abstract ocean quilt for dh's office with improv log cabins.
My friend Cindy sent me instructions for making a beaded improve peyote stitch bracelet I'm anxious to try!
a stack to be sewn!

7. I like having two quilts that need the bindings sewn waiting for me by my chair. I loved this third quilt in the pink flower series...

after a day it compressed into something that looked like lasagna

8. We made the improv lasagna this week and it was wonderful
spaghetti sauce (ground turkey, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomato sauce oregano and basil)
whole wheat bowtie pasta (because that's what we could find on grocery shelves)
ricotta, fresh parm swirls, and some cheddar (couldn't find mozarella at store)

Layer in a casserole, cooked pasta, bolognese sauce, spoons of ricotta, sprinkles of parm, some cheddar chunks. Repeat four times ending with sauce, parm and Italian panko breadcrumbs. Bake to melt cheeses.

9. animals who keep unusual pets


10. I like the blue bamboo yarn I'm using for the new socks. I like mindlessly knitting and seeing colors come up in variegated yarn. I had a lot of sock yarn stored up from sales back in MD and am using it to keep me off the streets.

visiting and meeting people

11. A fellow blogger/friend and I decided we needed to chat instead of email, so we did and found out how enjoyable that can be! She even figured out how to be a zoom host, so we had a long double zoom visit in our studios this week. You can meet her at

reisling reserve... one each! lol (just kidding, I drink both)

12. We've resumed having a glass of wine at end of day sometimes on our patio. If neighbors aren't out having fires or too close to our fenceline. It's almost like the old days on our lovely MD porch which felt so safe and comfy. We chat about the day, about places to move, about our projects that day and just connect before dinner.

summer joy
13. watermelon... here's hoping it has a good taste and texture. Buying a watermelon is a chancy endeavor.

 this is not a like, but I'm a human
Do you care about life? I do. Another 5000+ people died in America from covid19 last week.

 And SO MANY people refuse to do the thing that helps: wear masks and keep distance.
 For everyone's sake, for my sake, for Milo's sake put on a mask and keep back!
I love my country. I do not understand many of the citizens in it right now.
I also know that most people reading this right now, are doing all they can to help. Thank you.


hmmm I think some of these are done
And THIS is why I tear up toys... look what was inside the octopus!!!

 A cool spikey squishy squeaky ball! A surprise center! A chewy middle!
Editors note: A gift in the bottom of the cracker jacks box! (remember those?)

Milo: Mama! this is my turn!
Mama: sorry baby, go on...

Milo: well who's smart now that I found a toy inside the toy? Huh? I'm right!
I also decided to check out the toy box... man it's gotten outta control,

gotta know what you have before you let anything go bye bye
 there's toy skins in there from a long time ago, where's my handservant??? Mama??? Fetch these old skins to the trash please! They smell like spit.

Mama: sure thing hon! I'll get right on it! Anything else you need?
Milo: lets see... I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, two walks, chased off a bunny, barked at the street sweepers, and some walkers... just a little more to eat and a nap will do it! Thanks Mom!

Mama: I'll be here if you change your mind...
Milo: I got balls y'all!

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  1. guess what? I will try the avocado thing too... why not it was something good... and it makes my non-green thumbs a little better LOL

  2. Farming can be such a fun activity when its just a hobby. IF you do it for a living however, god have mercy on you.

  3. Congratulations LeeAnna! 200 posts of what you like! and to keep going during these last few months !
    I heard about putting an avocado pit in a bit of dirt in a sandwich bag and setting in on top of the fridge. Well, it didn't work for me.
    Improv meals are the best! It's mostly comes together and tastes good! Like improv know the basics the rest just go with it !
    yes, wear a maks and keep your distance...there was a funny comment on wearing masks on youtube...we wear pants why not a mask...good point!
    ah cracker jacks! caramel corn!
    Watermelon is on the list!
    looking forward to more lists of likes!

  4. Scout has NEVER found a toy in a toy and is quite jealous! Great likes this week, love that flower quilt! It's pretty! Now party for your 200th post!!! Have a safe and happy Fourth!

  5. Wouldn't it be fun if they could make a snail version for spy in the wild ! That would be something!

  6. A dog's life in a loving household - so good!! On the mask topic, a friend posted a rant on Facebook yesterday about how she would keep wearing her mask at work when required, but will quit shopping at stores requiring a mask. She works in IT in a big hospital system so she should know masks save lives. I was shocked and disappointed in her attitude!

  7. You will love this - a door to door roofing salesperson came to our house uninvited yesterday and when Mike went to see who rang the doorbell, he said to her, "What are you doing, coming to my house without a mask on?" That got rid of her! Milo's toys crack me up! They're like our fabric stash - even the ugly ones are still in there!

  8. That was quite the wonderful list of things you like! I can tell, Milo sure likes his toys!

  9. I problem can’t work up a post today! But next week I’ll try to join you!

  10. Hello, You have a great list of likes. I like you Milo. The lasagna looks yummy too, I would like some of that. Hubby and I continue to wear our mask and keep the social distance.
    Take care and have a happy day!

  11. Fun post. I like your “grateful” painting. I miss have fond memories if my avocado plant started in my first kitchen in the 70’s! I laughed at your DVR list as it is like mine but I also have kid shows and sports for Thomas. What a great idea for improv lasagna. I could even use cottage cheese on hand instead of ricotta! Thx for the idea.

  12. just tasted my melon on ice excellent Aldis

  13. Hi,
    Love reading your's amazaing all the..stuff we see everyday and don't take note of it...then can blog about it!..I've posted mine here...
    Have a great day!

  14. Lots of good inspiration! I am inspired to crochet or knit and do some painting again. It has been a while for me. And yes, I wear my mask!

  15. I like the way you put your likes in categories...farming, making, eating. I would add birdwatching and swimming at the pool (small town and we have to reserve a slot).

  16. I can't figure out the issue with masks. It's not that big a deal. Even I, with my asthma, can handle a light mask.

  17. I not only like watermelon, I LOVE it! :) Your socks and quilt are beautiful and your dog looks like a sweetie!

  18. NOW you bring out all your toys, Milo?!?! LOL!! Happy tummy, happy, taste buds, and happy hands, LeeAnna! About that Zoom meeting? I definitely LIKE that!!! :o))

  19. Hi LeeAnna! Wonderful likes and I totally agree about the mask issue. Just wear one. If not for yourself, for all the challenged people you know. Like me. Milo - you are one lucky puppy with all of your toys and your man servant. Stay safe! ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Aw sweet and Elsa seem to be competing for the best toy chewer in the metro area. Have a safe and happy 4th.

  21. So I have been accumulating plants for my wire rack in the sunroom, I need to do the avocado pit thing. Love that you have a stack of finished projects to bind. Neat yarn. Your lasagna looks yummy. Bobbin isn't too bad with toys, but occasionally I start to find stuffing randomly throughout the house.

  22. Love your cute little pink quilt. I can't find whole wheat bowties. I'm jealous. Love those socks! Milo - that's quite a pile you have!

  23. I agree that watermelon can be tricky. It's got to be just right, not mushy and it's got to be sweet. That yarn is pretty, and yay for wine! Milo, did you clean up your toys when you were done?

  24. I did the avocado pit in jar, too. Did you ever grow a sweet potato in a jar? Hey, I have sweet potatoes in the cupboard. Hmmm.
    I love your illustration and the message, perfect, LeeAnna.
    Your watermelon kind of shocked me. I've been so cold today that I forgot it was summer.

  25. Three cheers for your 200th 'I like' post. It is a bright spot in my week. My library is finally open this week for contactless pickup. You put your books on hold, they call you to schedule a time and leave your books in a bag on the table in the entryway. I now have to good books to read.
    Here in western NY, people are still wearing masks (not that I go anywhere but the grocery store). We've done a gradual phased opening and malls and bars aren't open yet. We plan to stick close to home for a long time.

  26. What a wonderful list of likes/loves and inspiration. Congratulations on 200 posts 😉 Carol

  27. sure have a bunch of things going in your life, it's like being a jugger! I got a kick out of your farming, how I miss the seeds in watermelons! Thanks for stopping by, keep on keeping on!

  28. I enjoyed reading your list of likes for this week. Have a Happy 4th of July!

  29. Milo has a lot of toys!!!! That is the same with my cat Sissi - they are all around!

  30. I remember trying a potato in water, but not an avocado….I think I’ll give it a go and share daily with my grandbabies via video….I miss them so!
    “You, Me and Them” has been added to my watchlist! Thank you for sharing….
    Your knitting is so beautiful – and that you call it “mindless” is amazing, absolutely amazing to me! I struggled so with it! You have my deepest admiration!
    Good for you and hubby, connecting at the end of the day! 
    My sister (a dedicated social worker) works in a hospital and was exposed for the SECOND time to a COVID positive person. Luckily, she tested negative. This is a relief as she is Daddy’s main caregiver – he has stage 4 cancer with mets. Please, everyone, please, masks and distance….please. Many lives depend on it. I join Lee Anna in giving thanks to all those who are doing so much to keep us safe.

    A quick Question for Milo: Any tips for training our Chico to put his toys back? :)

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  31. LA - congrats on your 200th I Like post - time flies, doesn't it? I saw your last post too, about protection - it is a shame that masks have become political. Hubby and I were just reading a news article, and someone was talking about pants. The person said "Pants may be uncomfortable, but I am willing to wear them for you." Enough said.

    Watermelon! What would summer be without it? And wine on the deck (or margaritas) - another must have. Are you really thinking about moving?

    By the way, we do not have "lobster" in Montana - that was a BIG crayfish!

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