Monday, July 27, 2020

a new week, a new format

I woke to find a new blogger format in place.
I've not tried it as there is enough stress in my life.
For the life of me, I don't understand when things are working, they have to be changed without being requested.
this is a test...can I meet the challenge? Do I want to?
Blogging has brought me many friends and many happy moments of connection. It allows me to chart my weeks, express myself, share my art and heart.
It was easy.
This is not, nor is it enjoyable.
you can do it mama!

if it doesn't start working for me, I will try revert to the old interface. I keep an old phone because I don't need a phone to be a computer and I don't want to have a learning curve on making and receiving calls.
I keep an old computer because I want to spend my time being creative instead of learning new operating systems.
I have an old car because I know it, it knows me, and I don't want car payments.
I make choices on what to keep and what to learn.Life is harder now, just surviving is challenging enough.
For years I had my blog, like an old friend, and now some technician has taken that, for what reason I wonder?
Don't we have enough areas of our life that are beyond our control?


  1. Some updates are good, and some are not. I actually didn't like the changes to the blogging interface at first, but now that I've played with it a bit I do like it a lot. The only thing I haven't gotten to work properly right now is uploading photos from my iPad. But that could be the iPad itself because it doesn't want to sync with my iPhone photos either.

  2. Thank you- I feel the same. I’ve figured out some of the changes but not others. There is no save button that works which is too risky for my stress level. I fought the photos for weeks on my iPad but now it works with lots of copying on my end.
    This is not fun and takes twice the time with no guarantee it works. I’ll see how this plays out. The old interface will be removed late August.

  3. As of later this month, the new Blogger is the default - the old one is slated to go away. Give this a few days - it is different but it actually works okay (designed to work better with mobile devices rather than the desktops so many of us use - that's the reason for the change). p.s. The save button is a drop down item under the Preview in the upper right hand corner. Poke around - experiment - you'll get it!

  4. It looks good!

    I hate the change, but I at least try the new stuff, so that I don't get TOTALLY blindsided when they force the switch. That's worse, because there's no falling back.

    I'm in the process of researching a new phone because I cannot get wifi calling to work on mine and have absolutely no connection at home. Very disappointing.

  5. I think you will find that it won’t be hard to get used to the new Blogger. They have already paid attention to some problems people had and have made things more clear, so you’ve avoided some of the aggravation already. If you have questions about where things are, be sure to post them, and other helpful quilters will chime in (I just noticed someone has already answered about the save button). I had trouble with labels, and got help with that.

  6. Good luck. I've gone back and forth with the new format in WordPress. Change can be a challenge, but it's what keeps our minds finely tuned and not buried deep in a rut.

  7. I tried the new format and didn’t have a problem, but I’m a lot like you and decided to go back to what I knew best. So far blogger hasn’t changed it on me, here’s hoping it stays as is.

  8. Yes, those update things, or the "new and improved" doesn't always work out for those who get stuck with it.

  9. Please don't give up. You have too much to offer to abandon blogger. Besides, you need it to as a form of communication to reach out to others and get feedback. There are some who have successfully managed the transition, and they've offered suggestions and help.

  10. It's difficult to change when we aren't the ones deciding to make said change but it does become easier. Make some test posts. I'm getting used to easier ways to post photos but finding I need to pre-write the post to get the words correctly inserted... or do I mean to get the picture correctly inserted rather than bunched up. I put XX on lines with spaced lines between. Then I go back and add photos where the spaces are and have a start on my text where the XXs are. Hopefully this makes sense.

  11. Hi LeeAnna,
    I've just posted photo's using the new blogger. Went well, don't over think it. I set my laptop, the inner working, in Dutch so working in blogger is also in Dutch! and I find the new blogger easy to read on a laptop. What you see on Internet is still in English :) I don't work with an I pad or I phone. I still have a Nokia!

  12. I feel your pain! I don't like change either, and I'm tech-challenged,so I was fearful of the new format at first too. But it's really not difficult. Click around in the new Blogger and you'll find the elements you need. You can't accidentally publish anything prematurely because you have to confirm you want to publish, so you can't go wrong. Don't give up - the connection with people is worth so much more than a little temporary aggravation.

  13. The new blogger is a pain! I keep switching back to use the old version since it is still available. Right now my big problem is that when I publish a comment they use to also copy to my gmail account that way I could respond to the comments via gmail. Now the comment is not copied to my gmail and I have no idea how to fix that. I need a "New Blogger format for Dummies" book so I can look stuff up. I am not one for playing around to try and find out how stuff works. Just give me the answer! I find it is hard to edit your posts too. I tried adding a picture and no matter where my curser was the picture would show up at the beginning of the post. That is when I switched back to the old version so I could add the picture where I wanted it. It is a pain and I wish you luck, but like other have said if you post a question there is someone out there that will lend you a hand! That is what us quilters are all about!

  14. Just hitting the so called right buttons on the new Blogger does not mean success. For 2 hours this morning I tried posting photos and the curser would end up in the middle of the page to continue. Not at the left margin. I also do not like all the extra steps just to blog. I.e. not having the photo icon readily available in the tool bar . I have to bring up missing icons first. I never had to spend 2 hours on a post. 5his is a blog- not rocket science. We should have readily available, easy to read ( not vague lingo photos) to use to post a blog. The most important part of the new Blogger’s failure is not having readily available instruction page or link to help. I am not happy-can you tell? Ugh. They screwed up on this one. And dont forget-in a month the old version disappears.

  15. I switched to the new version a couple of weeks ago, because I wanted time to play and learn. I was unhappy at first, but now I feel like I have a handle on it. Also, I just asked a question of the Blogger community and got a wonderfully quick response. So reach out and more than likely, one of us has already had the problem and can help. I wish you Good Luck!

  16. I already tried the new blogger format when the option was first available and after a few weeks I decided to "revert to legacy mode" ... works for me ... :) Pat