Thursday, July 23, 2020

I Like Thursday #203

welcome to this week's list of's not that I'm always positive, it's that I spend time each day looking for something to like to balance the we go!

1. I finished the middle book in Jude Deveraux's  Medlar Series and it was wonderful. I didn't know who "dunnit" til the last sentence, and even then it was questionable. It was on E book and they just come and take them when your time is up, so I had to stay up til the wee hours to finish it. Then I wondered when the next book (A forgotten Murder) would be available.

The "like" part of this? It came in the same day the other one was taken! How often do things work out for me? Not often so this was astounding! I had been reading this latest one when they took it and gave it to one of the many people in line, so I went back and read the book before so the timing worked out well.
Now I just have to remember the story line in this latest one! And hurry up to read it before it's gone.

2. I checked out a couple audio books too, and only have a few days to hear them. I foolishly checked out Giver of Stars before I was finished with Child's Play on actual disc from library BC (before covid)  so now I only have 3 days to listen to the whole thing.They don't allow simple renewal... it's a big production to check any thing out electronically now.

3. I've done some fun historical research on the tudors, following lead after lead... fascinated with the shenanigans of his sister Mary this time. This reads like a novel!

4. We spent quality time over the weekend looking at castles/manor homes to purchase in France

when's the last time you wore a teensy weensy bikini? Remember this song??

5.  baby elephant videos of course. I watched another BBC British Museum show, and they're wonderful.
I also watched a documentary on Marilyn Monroe that was better than all the others I've seen, and made her very approachable. Also, a documentary on the Little Rascals and what became of the actors in those movies. Yes, I fell right down the rabbit hole of videos.

6. We are watching the latest season of The Crown and I love it. I learn so much and am entertained at the same time. The actors are terrific, I thought I'd mourn the loss of last season's actors but no.

not much on tv but that doesn't stop me from watching... I'm watching real housewives of Beverly Hills and NYC, 90 day fiance franchise, world of dance, some Acorn shows like Time Team and comedies, a few movies on netflix. PBS has quilting arts on tv that I can never find so I tasked  the DVR with that job. 800 words is starting Friday night on UPTV

Fine dining

7. dh found a recipe using Thai curry coconut milk. We got two cans, used chicken and lots of fresh vegetables to make a stove top casserole over brown rice. Really good, and aside from all the prep on veg, pretty easy

We tried a couple wines, nothing spectacular... we really miss Goose Watch winery out of NY and can't find it here

dh was able to find sparkle water at Target for delivery, so we have raspberry seltzer again! 

8. I zoomed with Joy (thejoyfulquilter) again last week and yesterday. It feels good to visit with a friend, sort of in person. I like our little emails daily to mention something we're doing, it feels very connected.

Today I plan to e-meet with my local artist- friend Rose,  and compare notes on our recent work...

9. I found another ball of bamboo yarn in the blues, so I'm making a pair of socks for me this time

close up of recent work
10. My sewing round up is on Sat but I've enjoyed finishing my painted lady quilt, and making the latest in my pink rose series this week. This one is appliqued as well as pieced work.


11. one day I just had to interpret the field of morning glories I saw on our walk, and did one more abstract that turned into a landscape. I do a painting round up post on Fridays and would love you to visit! I have three for this week!


12. The bean stalks continue to grow at a snails pace. The wildflower seeds are sprouted and I hope on their way to making a lush basket.

13. In one weekend I managed to groom Milo, including the dreaded feet shaving. He fought me on it this time, and hurt my neck and back... grrrr... then he pops off the table happy as a clam, and I'm left with pain...
Next day I cut dh's hair. Now I've done a superlative job the last two times, but this time got the top too short... note to self... trim the sides next time and leave the top.
the like portion of this is that it's done for Milo for one month, and done for husband for two weeks.
Meanwhile, I trimmed the bottom of mine too, and it looks awful... the proportions changed and now I look like I'm wearing a helmet. The like bit? none.


help! I'm in jail! I was framed!
I am ticked off at my people. I bark and bark to get them to come see the dangers, and they continue to ignore the warnings.
Yesterday, I woke up and had NO IDEA where either one of my pawrents was... I ran around the family room barking frantically til the Mama stuck her head over the catwalk and called to me.

Well, I ran up and was going to lecture her but I was just so stinkin' glad she was there I forgot, and just petted her for a long time. Why can't they tell a dog when they are going out of the room??
after, I was so tired I took a nap!
Forget the daddy who's always in his little office with the door shut. All I want to do it go in, look to see if he's still there but he keeps me out!
Milo likes his outside toys arranged just so... in a line
I lost a good ball this week too... I took it on the nightly walk, and laid it down for just a second while I sniffed something, and then it was all gone!
(editor's note: it was so busted up, it was basically just a shell of itself, so we kept walking)

Milo:    I miss him! the services will be this weekend, no need to send flowers, just send treats to make me feel better.
Mama: Milo! don't beg!

Please visit these wonderful bloggers, to read their lists of Likes this week.
Let me know if you did a post, I'll include your link too!  

member not posting today 


  1. Oh Milo! What a life you lead! I sure a new ball will be forthcoming!
    Thank you for all the likes today, LA! We need to get back to watching The Crown.
    Today is the rescheduled oral surgery. So my stitching and book are at the ready! Have a great week. Maybe it will cool down a bit!

  2. Wow, LeeAnna! SEW many things to LIKE this week. The new flower quilt and that sweet painting both make me want to got create some art. I absolutely LOVE the way you look for the good and positive things around you! Milo, I'm sorry for your loss (but next time, you should really bring the toy home with you to dispose of.)

  3. it#s great to watch yur bean stalks.. it is like a project of all now ;O))) you lost a ball milow? wow we hope you can find it back or maybe your peeps can bring a new one for you?

  4. You've had so much fun with the painting this summer! Very serene little meadow!! I Zoomed last night with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a long long time. Two more were supposed to connect but either forgot, or just chose not to. Three of these gals moved away over the past couple of years, and I really miss them.

  5. You pack a lot into your posts, Lee Anna. I don't want to miss anything. I love BBC stuff and PBS too. Marilyn is one of those totally misunderstood public figures, I think. I use coconut milk in a lot of recipes as we love the flavour. I love that Juliette balcony you have in your house and I bet those stairs help keep you all in shape...including Milo.

  6. That was a fun bunch of things. We haven't watched The Crown yet but it's on our list. Milo, sorry about that ball, it's sad when favs disappear.

    1. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Hello,

    You do have some great "likes" on your post. I love your quilt lady and the field painting. Milo does like keep you close, he should keep his ball closer. I have to try the coconut milk for a recipe.Take care, have a happy day!

  8. So many things make us thankful and happy. Nice to read your list.

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    An entertaining Netflix 8 part show is The Big flower fight ! Amazing !
    take care,

  10. We have enjoyed The Crown, too, and liked the new actors who took over to show the queen and others as older. Hope you get to listen to The Giver of Stars - it's a good story! A chateau in France sounds perfectly reasonable, lol! Have a great day, LeeAnna!

  11. Good morning LeeAnna! Ooh, that raspberry sparkling water sounds good - and Target has it?! I'll have to check that out here. I've been watching a CBS show - Tough As Nails with Phil from the Amazing Race as the host. And the Titan Games on NBC Monday nights. TV viewing is tough now and I don't see it improving since they can't really film. Take care and happy Thursday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Poor Milo! Send him my best. LOL on your hair cut. I did my hair cut this week and always get nervous about the neckline. With short hair, it really shows but i made it. It’s just been too hot for me to go to Great Clips, not to mention the virus. A French chateau? Cool.
    We can now have our E books auto renewed unless there is someone waiting. Love, Love Love the English website. It had not dawned on me to check out something like that. I will start with the Tudors. Thank you for the hook up.
    That is a great rendering of the lowlands of Colorado. I sure miss seeing your state. It’s been many years but it was my favorite.
    What a fun post.

  13. I loved the video of the woman playing the guitar. My library uses Libby to loan out e-books; we get them for 14 days, usually, and can renew if there is no hold on them. I listen to audiobooks a lot.

  14. I love it that the timing on the books worked out so well for you. My fear is that I will run out of things to read, so I usually have a big stack on my night stand.

  15. Milo looks great! And I'll look for the book you mentioned. I'm listening to an audio book by Michael Stanley and it is SO good! Enjoy your day my friend.

  16. You pack so much into your weekly posts; such fun to read. If you enjoy the Tudors, etc., have you watched any of the shows by Lucy Worsley? She does some excellent and fun history videos. We catch some on Netflix, some on Amazon and some on YouTube.

  17. Milo, you're so funny, lol.
    LeeAnna, your stovetop casserole sounds yummy. I'm into brown rice at the moment. This current brand has a nutty taste. Haven't had it with coconut milk yet. I like your meadow painting. Love that green. You've given me an idea of how to put in an expanse in a drawing. You've also reminded me to pull out my pastels. Cheers!

  18. My beach book with the murder suicide is a memoir! By controversial famous photographer Sally Mann who also lives in VA. France?!

  19. Milo,
    You are so right about humans. We have to run downstairs and sing the song of our people until The Female Human comes and finds us!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  20. So many castles. I can't imagine owning one. A bunch of books came in at once - I checked out 5 books this week! How am I going to read them in time?! Yay for zooming and sewing and painting. Glad you're being productive!

  21. Pretty painting! Always a happy feeling when things work out serendipitously like with your books. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Wow my library e books are 14 days, at least, some are 21. Also unless there is a wait list it is easy to renew. I am so fortunate otherwise I would be a crabby patty. Love your painting. Glad Drew didn't make it hard to groom him too. :D

  23. You seem really busy! And fun! I also sew some, but I've never made a quilt. I want to, though. I guess I need to watch youtube. Thanks for sharing today!

  24. Is that fountain in your yard? It's quite lovely.

  25. You have a lot to be thankful for, taking nothing for granted! Nice painting.

  26. Wow, you got a lot done this week, and still found creative time, well done. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  27. Your round sewn is very nice.that's a beautiful painted work. You have been busy this week.
    Have a happy weekend, Elke

  28. I can't get into audio books. My mind just wanders. I read a lot so I'll just keep doing that. I loved The Giver of Stars. Your painting is beautiful. You're so talented. I hope Milo gets a new ball!

  29. Hi Leeanna. What a detailed post. It is nice to know how you balance things out. Your home is lovely. I have tried to listen to audio books but I evidently don't have a device that allows me to do that. Have a truly wonderful weekend.

  30. Very enjoyable post. - Wow I'd hate to be reading a book and have it disappear. I use Amazon Prime reading where I can keep the books as long as it takes me to read them. Loved that painting.