Friday, October 18, 2019

watching paint dry

Welcome to paint party Fridays
I've drawn and painted daily, which really has been a great way to learn.

sometimes I learn from a video, such as the feather with it's thousand little brush strokes
sometimes from prompt, like InkTober encouraging sketch with pen. Permanent, momentary.
gestures that catch my eye
or feelings I have
I continue to paint with the big brush, and big bold color. No plan, just color onto paper, then look at it and sketch over it with staedtler fineliners and pigma pens.
little details layering the paper
seeing what shows up.
I sit the day's painting on my desk and notice it as a whole, as I walk by thru the day.
Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I like them, and I'm pretty self critical.Many art forms interest me, but painting is providing an outlet I didn't anticipate.
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  1. Love your spontaneous art you have been making, great idea to keep it up every day. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. It's so nice to draw and paint daily! I really like your feather and pine cone! It's hard to paint emotions and feelings I think, but you did a great job! :)

  3. It's always fun to see your lovely artwork and paintings. Well done.

  4. Love your use of colours and the freedom in your paintings.

  5. I'm enjoying watching your adventure. It looks like you are spending quite a lot of time at it?

  6. wonderful art illustrations! I especially love the feather and pinecone. Well done! Happy PPF!

  7. Good job on the feather and the pine cone, so true to life and I love the vibrant colors of the flowers showing off your FL roots.

  8. Oh, you have faces, too. I love the colors and paints you are using. Your floral, fruits and vegetables would make a neat fabric. Spoonflower here you come.

  9. My favorites are the pine cone, feather and fall leaves. Just so well done.