Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Week ahead a day early

yesterday in the park, I think it is Fall
I hope this cold and snow is front loaded and the winter will be better than fall... It's snowing again for the third time in October, and this time for 4 days accumulating to 8" if the forecast hasn't  changed. And going down to 1F. One.

Washington Park late October
Yesterday we went to the really big park in Denver because we and all the other people there, knew it would be the last really warm day for a while. Dogs everywhere, getting along with each other, people playing volleyball, walking, running, biking, picnicking, playing croquet, doing yoga.

rolling in the leaves because I can!
We met someone with a wild doodle who ran with Milo in circles til we were all dizzy! Her daughter was wilder than the dog, I said they matched, and she said (relieved to say out loud)  "I'm exhausted from her!" She also reported Marley destroyed $800 worth of stuff while they went for a mini vacay to Vail... busy puppy!
Marley  the doodle
we walked miles around the park, then sat on a bench with our lap-poodle and watched other people go by in surrey's and running, etc.

Wished we lived there with  people who smiled at us and had signs in yards that they were accepting of all nationalities. The tiny bungalow homes sell for $800,000 and the regular sized homes for several million but we dreamed of living there and walking the tree lined streets daily, and feeling less isolated.

Today it's snowing... til Thursday when the temps fall to 1F. The grocery stores were shopped out. Drew said people were in a panic over lack of jalepeno's ! We wanted broccoli.(it was gone too)

Good thing I like to quilt and paint inside. Worry about Drew trying to drive in to work, and happy we moved close to work now.

It's a soft not blowing snow at the minute, drifting down steady and white. Tall Fir trees are already iced, the brown grass accumulating white patches already. Milo is wearing his sweater all the time now, I think the mums are done for as 4 days in the garage is a lot. I'm considering making soup. I opened our halloween candy, different that previous years... this one is full of chewable sweet tarts and lemon heads which smell wonderful from the bowl, but maybe no kids will be out in the extreme cold.

The plumber returned from Florida to fix our kitchen faucet, two leaking outside pipes, two broken (from the washer debacle) toilets, yesterday. He said, just keep your heat on! He fixed frozen pipes for a couple from CA who didn't. We finally have a new, again, washer but I'm afraid to use it but must today... there's a story about that too. The delivery guy, young and inexperienced almost fell down the stairs with the washer.

I think hiding in the house might be a fine idea.

Oh, I got out last week as the last snow storm was finishing up on Thursday, to go to a library comedian event, met a friend from a town way south of there (met in the middle) and after visited Trader Joe's like a normal person. I'm so afraid to drive here I seldom venture out. I remembered all the places I've lived and never felt nervous driving in... but the roads here are not good, and people are VERY aggressive, and the GPS never seems to know where we are, so I stay home a lot.

Hope the wet rainy start to this storm didn't leave a layer of ice under the pretty snow... guess it's about time to walk Milo.

It's nice to not hear the drip drip of the kitchen faucet, but the new one is tall and shiny, cleaner than it'll ever be again. The coffee cooled in our cups quickly this morning and I feel a bit like we're camping out.
I have many library books here at the moment, my diamond dot's Halloween project to start, the halloween quilt ready to quilt, paper to paint on, some old project boxes to sort in the studio, laundry to do, shows on the dvr to watch.

 I found a series on Smithsonian channel last night, on the real lives of monarchs, so I could see how Louis the 14th really lived in Versailles. I also found a hilarious and historical show on youtube (BBC) with two comedians (the show is The Supersizers eat...) who show us what people ate in ancient Rome, Mideval times, etc

My book on cd in the studio is engaging and I care about the characters. My night time reading is the next in the tea shop series by Laura Childs, and I have another one waiting in the wings to read.

 We have left overs from yesterday's take out, and lots of good food from Trader Joes like apple cider donuts, and turkey meatloaf, and sour cream spinach dip to go with crackers. I plan to roast the sweet potatoes today, purchased last weekend,. as it's a good day to run the oven.

that's the way it is... as I leave you to it, remember be strong
... have some fun
and have a good heart toward others
see my halo?
How is it in your area today?

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  1. Teeming, pouring, blowing rains have arrived--it's raining golden leaves...BUT: I finished quilting Autumn Snowballs--YAY
    now the rest of the finishing process begins in earnest: trimming, making binding and sewing it on and my label...I feel like this one was the L o n g e s t process of all the ones I've made...
    Would love to see your diamond dots project...still working on "Beach Dunes" it's Way big!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. The "washing machine going up the stairs" photo is terrifying! Glad it finally got installed.

  3. I think the flamingos need some leggings! It was 62 degrees at noon today, but windy and rainy off and on. We still haven't had a hard freeze which usually happens much earlier in Oct. Leaves are falling like crazy due to the many windy days. I have a baby quilt all sandwiched and ready to be quilted. I should go start that right now.

  4. What a huge washer! Upstairs no less. Smithsonian channel? Hmm-I'll have to see if I have that cause it sounds like a cool show.
    That's a lot of snow coming-and on Halloween. Enjoy it if you can.

  5. With that forecast, hiding in the house IS a fine idea! Methinks it's tooooo cold for me where you live. We may get snow showers during the day on Thursday (Halloween), and the night temps will be in the 20s. We may not have many beggars that night! Being strong, having some fun and being kind to others is an excellent way to begin the week. Cabo is on the mend, but refused to drink from his water bowl yet.

  6. Leggings on the flamingos? How about pool noodles! Just cut to fit! Aw, nice poodle there in silhouette! Right, stay in, keep warm and sew on!

  7. That's a big washer. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Your dog park in Denver sounds like so much fun! Mom raked leaves for 2 hours this morning. We're not ready for snow yet. There are still leaves on the trees that need raking once they come down.

  8. Not snowing here yet but it's supposedly on it's way to arrive on Halloween. Definitely going to be a trick NOT a treat if that happens. Glad you were able to get out some and enjoy that warm sunshine-y fall day. Hope you have a wonderful and cozy week ahead!

  9. Yikes! that is alot of snow for October, stay safe and have a good week

  10. I wonder if we'll get any snow? We had Snowmaggedon last year - a huge storm that shut everything down for days. That's too much, just a little dusting would be nice for Christmas. Your comment that you wish people were accepting of all nationalities makes me sad, are we not called to love our neighbor? It seems not in many places these days.

  11. We visited friends near the fire zone and they had an earthquake today. Trouble everywhere.

  12. Weather sure is getting weird. We had a cold rainy early October now a sunny end. But I'll take that even though it makes the nights cold. - Margy

  13. LA - I think Montana got a weekend taste of the storm that is now affecting you. My dear neighbor friend sent me pictures and it's snowing sideways. I am not sure I am ready to return to that … Glad you could get a day in the park before it arrived. I have been seeing flamingoes all over the place - watch for a future post with some of your favorite pink friends! Until then, stay in and enjoy your creativity!

  14. I've watched Supersizers and really enjoyed it, it was something different.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  15. Snow just before Halloween is not out of the ordinary here but the Arctic freeze definitely is. Feels like Minneapolis. In January! Baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday to warm things up as well as make the house smell divine. Stay warm.

  16. Dreary and rainy....and enjoyed my visit to your blog and will come again. I got here from Homemaker Monday!