Friday, October 11, 2019

watching paint dry

Welcome to Paint party Friday...
I've been painting or drawing or both each day, and it makes me feel great! The above picture is from my sketch book, the floral design was to try the big brush with pale fall colors, then using black and white gel pens.

It's InkTober where you sketch in pen.... this is one day's sketchbook page. I think she looks like Isabella Rossalini...These photos look small to me... you could click on them to make them larger and clearer.

My calendar sketches are leaves from the video that follows this picture.
 I was inspired to make two small cards, tearing canson paper in fourths and leaving a beveled edge.
the insides
the backs of the cards with my chop
the quote inside one, paraphrased by me but still attributed
I painted a wild scene last week, and then painted another one that felt very tropical. 
Amazing to me, as I just painted blobs, and slashes. From that grew this lovely lush painting. I don't think I will do the black lines or white lines this time, I like it the way it is.
with last week's sketch over the painting to compare
I am so enjoying the process of seeing color on paper. For years I've worked with fabric, creating color line and balance with different print fabrics, but this is so different, and yet the same creative excitement about color comes through. Whether painting, sewing, writing, or dancing I am managing to focus my energy toward creative pursuits at some point each day instead of anxiety.
tomorrow is Sewing Saturday where I'll share my fiber love of color! Happy weekend y'all.

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  1. Tour work is beautiful, LeeAnna;)) loving the colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. Your cards are really lovely! Your botanicals are the best.

  3. Wow, lots of beautiful and colourful art again. Love the tropical page. Playing with paint is always fun. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. I said it before but I just love the name of your blog,, and your work is beautiful I really like that quote too!

  5. Beautiful colorful leaves! Autumn is that 🍁🍂
    Happy PPF and weekend ☺

  6. Beautiful watercolor art! isn't it nice to have so much You Tube inspiration to guide us... happy PPF!

  7. Love all your drawings and paintings.

  8. Thanks! I respond your nice comment. You dream about good thing 👍

  9. Yesterday was the perfect day for watching paint dry!

  10. Beautiful things to see on your post LeeAnna! Lovely sketches and I thought the watercolours on the cards were so beautiful. Happy PPF :D)

  11. Your tropical watercolor is cool (well warm actually). I love it. Hope you didn't get too much snow although I read that it was supposed to get really cold. We've been blessed with sunny weather in the 60's all week because we're some kind of trough between all the stormy weather systems. Oh well, our time is coming soon.

  12. Hi LeeAnna,

    Wishing you a creative colourful autumnal weekend! You're off to a great start!

  13. Fabulous work! You’ve reminded me that I have some sketching to do.....

  14. I've heard several people talk about Inktober. I'll have to look into it. - Margy