Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sewing Saturday old projects, repairs, & new projects

Welcome to sewing Saturday... the weekly round-up around here. The hexie star above is very Fall like isn't it? I looked back and saw the hexie star project of mine is pretty vintage! So what? Hand work is all about the process.
A few recent blocks...

love cross stripes on this pattern
They were all cut out for our move out West, and I got sidetracked what with all the house looking for the second time, moving twice and settling in.It's been fun to work on them again... all from scrap bins and a mix of patterns in each block. 13 pieces to a block
the back with papers in outside until it's sewn into place
spooky! pattern source (http://nelliesniceties.)
I took time out to mend a silk sweater that had unraveled it's neckline while in the closet
I didn't show you but I mended some OluKai sandals too, as the thong broke. I sewed some grosgrain ribbon to the nub and to the straps and saved an expensive pair of supportive sandals. It was fiddly and required hand work but all good.
I also sewed a button on DH's shirt... yes I do that too. Only now and then.

As to this year's Halloween quilt... it's been difficult to let go of the lattice project but
I researched some ideas for this year's Halloween quilt and I think I'll do some big applique blocks from this

pattern source
using these

I blew the pattern up to large enough to showcase some of my fun prints.
IF I can stop with the lattice quilt.
I'm finding out it takes a long time to sew 400 blocks together. But I'm driven and it's looking pretty.

I sewed all the blocks into 9-patches and some are dangling above the top as my wall is too small for this.
I sewed the far left section of 9-patches together row by row and it was a job but blocks look so pretty when finally sewed

That's about it. It's been a very frustrating week for me, having a really difficult time with our washer. First wait for 10 days to get a repairman out, then told Samsung isn't good in CO as our cold water rinse freezes the gel holding the stability balls causing it to go off balance then bend the drum.
We must buy a new machine.
Off to Lowes which is a trial in itself as they had the lg the repairman suggested, but then they couldn't find one of the three their computer said they had, then they found one, then put in the order, get a call back the pedestal box had no hardware, call all the other local lowes as they won't do that for us, none available, have to do the installation in stages which means each stage could then be messed up or something damaged. And the time. I am not enjoying it here. Oh and the too young inexperienced clerk at Lowes said, don't worry this happens all the time. Why?

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  1. That's so not right on the washer issue.Unbelievable. Might be easier (of course more expensive)just to buy a new machine. That owl pattern is adorable. Can't wait to see how you finish those blocks.
    Enjoy! mary

  2. Can't wait to see your Halloween owls - the pattern is adorable. And of course the stars are so pretty in the fall colors.

    Hope your washer problems are behind you. We ended up replacing EVERY appliance in this house last December - washer, dryer, range, fridge, dishwasher - all at once. Thought my husband would have a heart attack when I told him what I spent. But we had original to the house appliances over 20 years old. And all of them were starting to have problems.

  3. You definitely get a gold star for these stars! ⭐️

  4. Love, love, love those pointy stars! Anything pointy is good with me when it comes to quilting :-) So sorry about the washer woes; definitely not fun. Hope it's all straightened out and fixed soon!

  5. Sorry about your washer troubles. I also would like to know why this sort of thing "happens all the time". It would be nice to see some "service" put back in customer service. Sigh. Anyway, your blocks are wonderful.

  6. Eeewwww, I do not enjoy paper piecing -- but your stars look good! Can't wait to see the owls.

  7. Love your hexie stars and your lattice is going to be absolutely spectacular on your bed. Bummer about your washer. You certainly didn't need that problem!

  8. Awful about your washer--not fun!! And why does it happen all the time? Somebody's not doing their job again is what I think...anyway--love your little hoot cute...
    still not seeing well enough to sew as yet...a lot of thumb twiddling going on...S I G H hugs, Julierose

  9. So sorry about the washer problems. I hate when there is a kink in buying plans. I love your stars. Talk about fiddly. Those are quite thin points. Wow. Your lattice quilt is looking great also.

  10. So sorry about your washer problems. We underwent washer issues about 9 months before the home warranty company decided to replace it. Your hexie stars are wonderful

  11. Those hexie stars are awesome! And the lattice quilt? Love it! I will enjoy watching your Halloween quilt take shape.

  12. That owl project is going to be SEW cute!!! Enjoy working with those seasonal fabrics.

  13. The lattice is looking spectacular and I am happy to see those little stars out and about too. I'm sorry about your washer woes - hopefully you will get better service from the people who install it than from the shop.

  14. The Halloween owls look like fun!

  15. I'm eager to see your owl-ish Halloween quilt. I can see why it's hard to stop on the lattice quilt - it's looking really good!