Thursday, October 10, 2019

I Like Thursday #162

Welcome to this week's list of likes! We liked the French Market on Saturday, and I found a wonderful tunic of the softest textured cotton in a wonderful pumpkin color. We wandered and chatted and Milo visited with people and dogs too.
can you see that enormous golden doodle???
We had a wonderful chat with a woman at chick fil a  who has a poodle too. We compared notes and then when her daughter came up we had even more conversation. She is going to Med school, and I asked if she'd make her family call her doctor, she said, Definitely! It was good to meet nice people.
we decorated for Halloween, and enjoyed the changing trees in the yard but......
Today the temps dropped from 80 to 20's tonight and we're expecting sleet, ice pellets, snow and have already dealt with high winds. A concrete shingle blew off the roof! I'm writing this Wed night, because we'll no doubt wake to weather.
I liked doing a final harvest before all the cold and snow this week
on a fun placemat
 I also cut the largest branches off the tomato that finally fleshed out, and hope they ripen on the vine, in the garage.

I like looking at the mantle and seeing fall colors and cute items with acorn lights!

tricks for treats!
I like my Halloween kitchen towels! I wanted to go through all my Halloween stuff and organize it, get rid of things no longer fun, but wildfire smoke put an end to the outside sorting. Maybe next weekend since after the 3" of snow, it's supposed to warm back up to the 60's next week.
I liked putting my fall flannel quilt back on the bed.
I like the bee bar lotion in citrus scent for really moisturizing my dry skin (from Amazon)
auditioning backgrounds
I liked starting my Halloween quilt of owls, and how the little eyeballs in the beak fabric make it look like the owl has a smirk! More on Sewing Saturday.

 I have been drawing or painting every day, and love what I'm painting. I looked up some Autumn quotes and liked one by Jim Bishop.

Here it is in one of my cards, paraphrased of course, I had to change it up but the sentiment is the same.

More on Paint Party Friday!

I liked writing another little story last Sunday.

I love this blog.... made me laugh and laugh, and it was needed this week

I looked around for Autumn music and heard this realizing I LOve it and never knew the name!

Harvest moon
I fondly remember the movie with Doris Day, and her singing Shine on Harvest moon with Joel McCrea who was my man crush as a little girl. This is a version by Leon Redbone

leon redbone Shine on Harvest moon

Milo's Moments
 Don't worry y'all. While Mama and Daddy were running around in the howling wind trying to put things away before the storm, I gathered up both my babies from the back yard! Whew! I know they're safe now! Imagine if one blew away or was buried in snow. I took one to bed tonight (I can only carry one at a time) just in case.
I liked the market and meeting dogs and people. I like when Mama is happy like she was finding her new clothes.
I love a quilt! Don't you? When I went up to snoopervise mama this week, I was happy to see she put a quilt out for me to snuggle into!
 there wasn't much to lie on but I managed. I have no idea why Mama seemed unhappy about it, shouldn't she be happy I'm up in the studio with her?

Please sit! Stay! visit these nice peeps keeping a list of likes too! Join us sometime!  


  Thankful Thursdays pet parade


  1. 80 degrees to 20! YIKES! Love your autumn harvest on your Halloween placemat!

  2. We had 3 lovely fall days in the 70s and woke this morning to the wind and rain. We might also see snow on Friday. Isn't it sweet how our furr babies go right to the quilts to snuggle?

  3. Hi LeeAnna! I used to always pick my tomatoes and bring them in before the first frost. They would lay in a cardboard box and they would indeed ripen. Some fruits like figs do not ripen off the tree, but tomatoes do. So you will definitely be able to enjoy them later. If it gets too cold in the garage, bring them in the house. I'm sorry you had snow/ice/crappy weather so early. Oh gosh, I adore Doris Day!! I remember that movie as well, and so many others featuring her. Sweet Milo! Yes, mama was a bit stingy with the quilt she shared! Only a couple of inches but you managed to do your best lying on it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. It was definitely a wacky evening last night - wind, lightning, thunder, hail! I love your owls - that's going to be a fun quilt!

  5. Yikes, that's quite the temperature change Milo, keep warm pal. I love all of the fall and Halloween decorations! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. I've pulled unripe tomatoes off and placed them in the window sill where they ripen up nicely. Wrapping a few in brown paper staggers the ripening time from sunny window sills. Managed to leave a fig plant outside but luckily it was next to the brick and didn't freeze. Stay warm today. It'll be back in the 60's by Saturday.

  7. That dog halloween towel is super fabulous!!!! I love seeing all your fall decorations. I'm glad Milo saved his toys from the storm, and I hope you guys survived the storm ok!

  8. If I get to see, Milo then all is good with the world. I would have loved to have gone to the market with you though.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  9. Love how your quilt looks! Great veggies. We just put our winter quilt on the bed, too!

  10. So nice that you met some great people. If I made it through med school I would make my family call me Dr., too! lol Thanks for linking up today!

  11. Oh I love those owls. And that saying and Neil ‘s Harvest Moon. Your flannel quilt will come in handy it sounds. Provinces out west are getting clobbered with a storm from a Colorado low but so far we’ve just had a few brushes with freezing point overnight.

  12. LOL Make the family call me doctor. Made me smile. Great likes. Love your mantle decorations. I have been kind of phasing out some of my hand/dish towels that are looking a wee bit worse for wear. Oh your flannel quilt is lovely. Stay toasty.

  13. 80s to 20s, wow! I've gotten so I don't know what's normal anymore where when it comes to weather. I've been wearing my new knitted cap in the house to keep me toasty warm and we're only in the low 70s/high 60s.
    Your owls are sooo cute. And, yes, I had a crush on Joel McCrea, too. Did you know his son played the tall goofball in the Beach Bingo movies with Annette Funnicello? In one movie he falls in love with a mermaid, who, I think, was played by Linda Evans. Ha, ha, the things I still hold in my memory box.

  14. I sure enjoyed the videos. It was fun trying to imagine how Doris Day sang what Leon was singing, and I've always loved "Harvest Moon"--so much that I bought the album, the only Neil Young album I have. I liked seeing the musicians, but they seemed stuck in the 70s, with all that hair. Neil sure isn't as pretty as his music! ;-)

  15. Oh no not sleet and snow!!! Hope you weather the storm safely! Good time to do some baking and sewing. Love your Owl quilt!

  16. ...the temp swings in your area amazing! Thanks for having the videos, I don't know which I like best. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Hello Milo!
    You certainly chose a beautiful quilt to snuggle up to!
    A wonderful, happy weekend to all of you!

  18. Your Halloween d├ęcor is fun -- I'm just getting started with mine here, the little grandsons are coming here for trick-or=treat, so I need to get cutified for them. I'm a Leon Redbone fan!!! Off to explore evilsquirrelsnest ...

  19. Sound like a fun week! Outdoor markets are definitely a lot of fun. It's been a while since I've been to one though.
    And those quilts are quite lovely :)

  20. Autumn is here as well. We went from 90 to 60 with nights dipping into the 30s. That should kick-start the tree color! Cabo had a spa day and they trimmed his coat down further than I anticipated. So, now I'm going to make him a coat to wear until it grows out a bit more. We're planning a visit to a pumpkin festival tomorrow and I hope it's not as chilly as it was this morning. Love the videos and your Halloween decs are so cute! xoxoxo

  21. LA - your Halloween decorations are adorable. I especially like the placemat. The weather in Montana was all over the place before we left; I am not sure how I feel about what it will be like when we return. But I'll pull a Scarlett O'Hara and worry about that tomorrow! Your owls are adorable! Enjoy the rest of your week!