Saturday, October 12, 2019

sewing saturday Halloween owls and projects

Milo approved of the lattice flimsy
welcome to sewing Saturday and my projects for the week
While the weather outside was frightful
 inside it was all fun color!
even snuck a halloween print in
what's this you may ask?
 Cleaned cherry pits from summer snacking
Cherry pits make the best cold packs for injuries... so I found a cute scrap at least 20 years old because I remember who gave it to me... a friend made a shirt for her nurse brother !
sew it into a pocket, put in the pits, sew all around the edge.
It's not enormous but big enough to put on a headache or small injury. It will live in the freezer.
while folding clothes this week I noticed this hand towel was gnarly, so I cut it in half
hemmed the raw edge, folded the sides in and stitched across them, turned it right sides out and made two kitchen scrubbies
I like this better than a flat washrag as you can push against the seam with your hand inside.
Do other people just throw things away? This waffle weave is great as a wash rag, and the embroidery says living the lime life with a margarita! heh heh.

I got the lattice under control by sewing long sections together, now just need to sew those long strips to each other and find a long arm quilter.

The Halloween owls are moving along...
The challenge was to find the right prints out of my stash. I get sinus infections from fusible, so I used it sparingly. I cut the centers out of the big owl fusible, so I have a ring around the edge, and now the little owls are all pressed and can be auditioned onto backgrounds.
I could do a four patch and call it a holiday, or add in some old orphan blocks done with Halloween fabrics.

 Or arrange them up and down to look wonky. I got precious about my cool prints, and needed just the right bits to show the owl shape anyway. One day I need to make a plain block quilt to showcase the prints I've collected over the years.
I'm gonna be adorable! Look into my eyes.....
Can't wait to see what they want to be!!!

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  1. If you have trouble with fusibles, over the summer I learned that glue sticks can work extremely well until you can get a piece stitched down. I hadn't believed it until I actually used them! I do only use the washable kind, but there is also a permanent type, I believe. Might work well for your little pieces and easier to stitch through than fusible also.

  2. Whoooo knows how-l they'll turn out lol...they look really cute, LA. Hugs Julierose

  3. Adorable owls - love the glue stick suggestion (I know others who use it along with Roxanne's Glue Baste It rather than fusible - which I don't like much either).

  4. Your owl quilt is coming along so beautifully. Love, love, love the lattice quilt! Hi Milo!

  5. Hi LeeAnna,
    Snow ! Now that is a change in the weather!
    like the snail trail pattern! nice size! is there a pattern? link?
    Halloween owl quilt .. great fabrics! love all your prints!
    have a great weekend!

  6. I would be sitting on the porch watching it snow!! Love those owls.

  7. I would be sitting on the patio watching it snow! Love those owls.

  8. Your owls are so much fun! I especially love that last one - and great background fabric for him, too!

  9. Those owls are pretty adorable. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. Those Owls are a real hoot!! Pun intended. I wanted nothing more that to race up to my studio and dig out all the Halloween prints for a quilt of my own!

  11. Thanks for the tip about cherry pits. It's too late for me this year but I'll save all of them next year. A great excuse to eat more cherries!
    The owls are adorable. When I get bored of Lone Stars these may be the next thing I try for baby quilts.

  12. Such a fun blog and oh I do love those wee owls!!! They have such adorable faces.

  13. PS I can not believe how cold it is up your way all ready????? We have had the coldest winter since we moved here 23 years ago?????

  14. Just the other day (it seems) you were going to farmers markets, so lots of outside stuff, and now you have SNOW!!?? How is THIS happening? How bizarre!

  15. Wow! You're getting tons done! Yes, sadly, we do tend to throw things away that can be recycled...after a visit to Taos and now your post, I have been enlightened! I'm looking at my "trash" differently and saving money already! :) Thanks! :)