Monday, April 29, 2019

the week ahead

in the hood
it's Monday.... time for Happy Homemaker posts!

Weather in Aurora CO
It's been warmer, trees are blooming, pollen is high. Now it's time for more snow and it's 30 F.
We decided the temperature can be 60 and if the sun is out, if feels like 85. If the wind is blowing and it's sunny it may feel like 70. If it's cloudy and windy it feels like 40.
I think it's spring near the Rockies.

To Do
The heating element went out on the dryer. Call home warranty people, and start that problem
You might fuss about laundry til your washer or dryer go out, then suddenly you miss doing laundry!
Already did a lot of chores. Now it's time to plan for my birthday trip... maybe to Santa Fe since we've never been there.
Go through more of my supplies, deciding whether to keep some PIGS (projects in grocery sacks)
eat better and drink more water
finish some projects
now that I'm feeling better, mail packages to friends (hate going to the P. O. here!)
I might have to get out the summer clothes bins if this hot weather/sun keeps up!

nighttime book is the next librarian series by Victoria Gilbert
studio book on disc is Death by Chocolate Lab
in the wings, Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen
look through and recycle magazines

New Amsterdam is hanging in there with episodes when so many series have ended
American Idol, Amazing Race, Survivor, Midwives, Murdoch Mysteries, Real housewives of NYC and Beverly Hills, old movies on TCM
(adele's Rolling in the deep)

Listening to
birds returning to the area
Jake Shimibukuro on Ukelele
bosso nova as always

one of the "I Like Thursday" posters mentioned cauliflower crust pizza so we got one to try this week. I made a batch of scrambled egg whites we can warm up for breakfast this week. We all like them scrambled with cheddar cheese, then we pull some out for Milo for the week, and we add garlic powder, paprika, and chives to ours. Easy to warm for breakfasts. I got some chia seeds and coconut milk to put in the fridge for breakfasts too. Haven't tried it yet.
I've been noshing on the chocolate covered blueberries I got from the easter bunny.

I'm taking a free online workshop on sketching and it's been very good. I'm learning new things. It's very daily though and hard to keep up with. I'm on day three and they are on day 7 I think!
I've finished the smaller mountain piece, and gotten the larger one ready to quilt. I'm back to just finishing the painted birds piece with batiks. I want to make the flowered table runner pattern from Podunk Pretties.
I need to find my sock making needles to replace some that have finally gotten too holey and repaired too many times.

Lessons learned
"It might not turn out as badly as you think"
While grooming Milo on Sunday I discovered many matts in his naturally curly hair. I fretted that I'd have to shave off his pretty tail pouf, and possibly his topknot. When you're a poodle, those are important features!
I tried just cutting into each matt a couple times with scissors, being careful to  point scissors away from skin, then brush. It worked and I was able to break up the matts and keep a pretty boy!
Another lesson... a haircut changes your entire look! (I need a new style)


we are all connected by a thin silver thread


  1. Really enjoyed that last post (well I enjoy all your posts but you know what I mean); so interesting. You seem to have life very balanced now with your creative ventures. I like all the food items mentioned in this post and do my best to include them in my diet.

  2. scrambled eggs? oh yes please...that is like soulfood when you come home from a wet and cold walk ;O)

  3. What an interesting post today! Loved the eggs idea. Have a great day. mary

  4. Love the blossom picture! So pretty! Can't believe your getting more snow. Hope it warms up and stays warm for you soon. :/ I enjoy chocolate covered blueberries, too! So yummy! The online sketching workshop sounds good. I think I'd enjoy that. Is it something that you can share the link to? Have a terrific Monday and a great week ahead! <3

  5. Spring seems to have a split personality all over the country this year. We had temps over 80 about ten days ago, and had snow again on Saturday. Enough to turn the ground white. I was in Chicago for work last week and there were tulips blooming all around and they had 2" of snow over the weekend again. Have a great week!

  6. Reading this while listening to the great music you posted. I too have decided to check out the sketch class after you mentionned it last week. Interesting but running out of time too. Hoping the classes will be kept up for some time.
    Have a great week

  7. Sounds like you have a good week going. That's a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  8. Pretty blue sky in your first photo! I like chia seed pudding but it's not for everyone. Hope you get your dryer fixed without too much hassle and have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. What a lovely sound in that Ukelele video! Yup, it's definitely springtime in the Rockies today. This evening's weather should be interesting. I've told you we've had snow the first week of May, haven't I? Those are the storms that dump and then melt fairly quickly 😄Stay warm.

  10. If you are heading south for your birthday trip, you might stop at Taos along the way to Santa Fe. I liked that it was smaller and full of quirky art and native American culture.

  11. I've mixed chia seeds into oatmeal before and sometimes I'll sprinkle them on yogurt or fruit salad, too. A birthday trip to Santa Fe sounds wonderful! I hope to visit the southwest someday - I've always wanted to. Enjoy your week!

  12. Love New Amsterdam. AI, just now watching last nights episode... Sketching sounds interesting!! Have a great Monday night!

  13. I really enjoyed stopping by! I love the quote you shared at the end! Its so very true! I loved the pictures you shared!The one of the bloom on the tree is stunning! I hope you have a great week!

  14. You will LOVE Santa Fe - You'll find it so inspiring. There's something magical about the atmosphere there. And the concentration of artists - no shortage of interview subjects for you!