Thursday, April 11, 2019

I Like Thursday #136

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I love tulips, don't you? So many colors. I learned this week that colors don't have to scream they can whisper. We found these at Sams club, and it was enough for two vases in the house, doubling the beauty.

 Softest pink... blending to creamy white, as they opened you could see a soft yellow stamen.
pink, cream, yellow and spring green... wonderful spring colors to go with our white outside...
As the blizzard started Wednesday...hello snow! Can't miss you if you won't go away!
I was surprised it was about 80 F several days this week, we went from blizzards to HOT (and me with no shorts out) and we felt like turning on the AC, and then Wednesday, another blizzard. Okey dokey.

I liked that the judges on American Idol kept my favorites, and now it's up to total popularity as the public votes who to keep. I am in love with about 6 of them. Alejandro is my all time favorite, then I like the 16 year old country girl, the 27 year old blond woman, the gay guy (that's how he sees himself) and Laine who is just so interesting to me. Anyway... here's to good times!

A Willing Murder (A Medlar Mystery)
I have listened to and rejected all the recent books on disc from the library but the latest... by Jude Deveraux A Willing Murder is Wonderful! I love this author since I read A Knight in Shining Armor a long long time ago. This is full of characters you like, and deep plots, and a good mystery. As I sewed Tuesday on the scraps my old bee sent me, I listened to 3 discs. Then Wednesday as I sewed on my Aqua flowering snowball blocks, I listened to 4 more discs.

I googled the book and found out there is another one in the series published this year! Yea! It's good to hear familiar characters come back.

I love Aqua but have very little true Aqua in my stash. Lots of blues, greens, and turquoises but sparse on the aqua. I even had to raid the yardage stash where I still didn't see a lot of it. Aqua is an equal mix of blue and green. Turquoise is similar but more blue than green.
a few of the snowball blocks finished, 4 more to go
So I mixed some shades hoping one's eye turns it into aqua! I am loving the way the design wall looks right now. Yes, I'm still messing around with the birds.
what do you think of this combo?
More on the aqua blocks on Saturday...
I learned I love the mix of lime, aqua, turquoise and blue. Happy colors!
The soft pink nail polish (polar-izing) I found at Khols this weekend is so pretty... in the jar... but on my nails it screams SILVERY White! I still like it but I kind of startle catching a glimpse of my nails!

Milo's Moment
I loved meeting these dogs this week! Aren't they cute? Looks kind of like a big white dog cracked into three little dogs!
Whoa there little dudes!! That's a lot of sniffing!
I ran into my new friend, Mishka, on our weekend walk thru the neighborhood park, she's a Samoyed and a great runner... we had a pop-up-play date running all over the schoolyard field! Whew! she is so fast!

Then later I got to see my friend Onyx when she came over to my yard to play. She is a very fast runner, a black lab who loves her ball, so I make sure to get it first so she will chase me.
I loves to get chased all over a field! Don't You?

I liked having a new box to tear up this week. See that full toybox??? I play with almost all of them every night and like magic they end up back in my toybox the next morning! Who does that?!
(I'd like to have them stay where I put them, since I artistically arrange them)
Well, time for another walk, gotta exercise my mama so she is calmer.
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  1. wow you have super cute friends MIlo! I like when I can feel like a part of the family of the characters of a book... even when it can become dangerous theory LOL

  2. Whew! I"m glad I don't have your weather! How do you know what to wear on any given day? Milo and his friends--how adorable! Thank goodness both our pups are so social butterflies! Your quilt blocks look great I love those colors too! Have a great day!

  3. Hi LeeAnna! Yes, we would like a chance to miss the snow as well but it needs to go away first. Just in time for construction season - soon I won't be able to get to work or home as all the roads will be closed. Milo my friend, you have to learn how to pick up your toys just like my littles. You can have fun putting them back in the box too! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Yep had that same crazy weather. Monday mid 70's. I actually sat outside and got a bit of warm color. Last night we were forecasted to have snow. So drug my grow bags into the garage. Nope no snow, but much cooler and overcast. Soft spring colors are awesome. Your art pieces are awesome. LOL Milo and the Westies.

  5. We're in a full fledged blizzard this morning. I can just barely see the house across the street. Thick ice is coating everything under the snow and the wind is howling. My husband is just headed outside to try to knock some of that ice and snow off some low hanging tree branches.

  6. My sister, the librarian, is a big Jude Devereaux fan. I've never read her and maybe I'm missing something.
    I love how tulips come in such gorgeous shades these days. I thought the pale pink was going to match your nails, but not quite.
    We did not get the snow forecast for here and the sun is out today but it is cool still. I'm hearing from a lot of folks how mixed up the weather has been.

  7. Your pink tulips really are beautiful! Thanks for the book recommendation, too. Milo's 3 little friends are so adorable, hope he liked meeting them!

  8. Tulips are a favorite! I haven't gotten any this year. I NEED some. I love your little turtle. Milo surrounded by the trio of white dogs - so cute! I bet it was sniffing overload. LOL I like your aqua blocks (even if they aren't quite aqua).

  9. Love those tulips. How can you plan anything in that weather. Crazy. Have a great weekend. mary

  10. You had me with soft pink tulips, the art and dogs were a bonus!

  11. Tulips are a favorite of mine. Just the bright spot of cheer after a long winter. Thanks for linking up today. I love seeing Milo with those little dogs.

  12. I like the idea that color doesn't have to bright and bold...

  13. The temps here were in the 80s the last couple days. Today the high was 70 at 10am and it's going downhill fast. Lows will be back in the 30s until Monday. I love the colors aqua and tea.....the colors of the ocean! I can't grow tulips here because we have too many deer and they Luuuv tulips! Milo certainly has a lot of friends. Cabo met two new friends on last night's walk. Hope you've had a good week. xoxox

  14. I say anything between blue and green goes this month. I hope your totals stay on the low end of the forecast and melt quickly. We will miss the snow but get rain and wind. Milo seems to be finding lots of new friends. Keep playing with the birds. Inspiration will come eventually and they're cute to look at.

  15. I never knew the composition of aqua. Thanks. Your design wall looks fabulous to me, too. Love the birds and snowballs and your hand dyed fabrics. Yummy.
    Milo is so sweet. No wonder he has a wide group of friends already.

  16. So sad for the snow again! I guess it is just what Colorado does? And the tulips are so beautiful! Such a lovely delicate pink. The nail polish: it is disappointing when the color in the bottle doesn't match what ends up showing on the nails! Have a good weekend!! Hugs, H

  17. Good Morning, Lee Anna and Milo, I am enjoying catching up with some of my favorite bloggers today, Milo, looks and sounds like you are having fun times with your wonderful human. Lee Anna, your turquoise, aqua, blue and lime green birdies are looking wonderful. Your tulips look lovely. Good thing they are not outdoors in the crazy weather. Thank you for sharing your week with me ... :) Pat

  18. ..those tulips are a sure fire way to brighten the day. I enjoyed your 'happy colors.' Thanks for the visit, enjoy your day.

  19. I see that your spring is like mine - one step forward, one step backwards :) The dogs are cute and I do admire your quilting!

  20. Yep hot cold hot cold seems to be our weather pattern too and Rain, lots and lots of rain.

    Mom loves the aqua blocks combo. She is really into teal right now. She loves the mixture of blues and greens you have going on in your combo

  21. Nice post. Wow 80 degrees, we haven't even managed 70 yet this spring. Still we are not having snow/blizzards so I'm not complaining. Just a lot of rain. Tulips are lovely in any color for sure.

  22. There's a lot to like on your post. My son sent me a photo of that last blizzard. What weird weather. I'm out of aqua in my stash, too, and thanks for the heads up on Jude Deveraux title. She's a favorite of mine, too. One of my favorites is Saving Grace. I finally posted about some likes. Been so busy quilting that quilt. Here's the link: Blessing,

  23. LA - your birdies are inspiring me to draw them. As you might tell from my blog, I am trying to mix in a little drawing rather than relying on the web for "cartoon" pictures. I just put clear nail polish back on my nails after going bare for over a month. I've had a rash on my eyelids and the dermatologist thought it might be due to the nail polish! It's so nice to have even clear back on again! Thanks for hosting I Like Thursday, and have a great week.

  24. There's something charmingly delightful about pink tulips. 🌷