Tuesday, April 30, 2019

exploring abstracts... markers on fabric

last week I tried new things
1. new ways to sketch from my online workshop
2. markers on printed black and cream fabric
3. quilting my abstract mountain piece
4. painting a background, or landscape

This is #2
Markers on fabric.
Well I've applied color to fabric just about every way one can.
I used to lead a workshop adding color to fabric 12 ways, for quilters to experience different methods.

 I do love the control of markers
 I got this black and white print recently, knowing I wanted to try coloring. I've dyed black and white prints before, and painted them to look dyed. It's a lovely effect. But this came out really pretty.

I tried some markers that were too saturated, so they will be for words on fabric, or outlines, these pastel markers added the right amount of color, and blended well when overlapped.

Start with the lighter colors, then flick the marker a bit overlapping colors and they will blend on the fabric. It's a way to control where the color goes.

I paint, and prefer the serendipity of watercolors, feeling a little like the universe has a hand in the finished product. Pigment flows and blends sometimes, unplanned and beautiful. Acrylics on paper is harder, more immediate. You can mix colors but they tend to stay where you put them on paper. Oils stay suspended in the medium on canvas but take a long time to dry and smell.
I've enjoyed watercolor pencils, the color is a mix of pencil control and when wet will travel to blend.

I've used oil pastels on fabric, and they have a different look, as do inks used with a brush or marker.

It's all good, and all so much fun. Watching paint dry. Seeing colors appear. It's all good and you have to use the technique that works for your project, so it's good to experiment so you'll know when to use a certain medium.

Also it can be thrown away or repurposed if you don't like it.
I always like it! (eventually)
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  1. I totally love your butterflies it giives the fabric this special touch what makes it so fabulous unique ;O)

  2. Fantastic job on those butterflies. I would have guessed they were that way when purchased!

  3. You're so creative and clever. Beautiful job.

  4. Glad you've had so much fun playing. It's the way to get through the lesser moments of the day.

  5. Your exploration of color and mark making tools is great! I am going to have to try some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. LA - a neat idea to take pre-printed fabric and color it with markers. Turned out very nicely. Coloring has been one of my favorite activities since I was a wee child … why haven't I gone back to my roots!?

  7. Now that's fun! I have some flower fabric in my stash that is for just this purpose - coloring on. But I think I'll use it a black/white print.