Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Like Thursdays #138

Welcome to this week's list of likes...

first, some photos of random likes...
Pier One
napkin rings at Pier one
cute sofa for the end of our bed, and if we can make him, Milo's new bed
I really liked the lines of this little sofa at Pier One, and we need one for the end of our bed, but it's nearly $800 so.... we'd better love not just like it.

I found this cool aqua purse.... in my own closet. I bought it on sale and never used it. I love it! Aqua neoprene outside, and pink felt inside, perfect size for wallet and first aid bag, phone and camera.

cute garden ornaments... cow! at Nicks Garden Center
display at Nicks
pots at Nicks
sauce and cherries from Nicks
cup from Pier One
Long lasting mini carnations in fuschia and salmon from Trader Joe's
hand painting fabric on the back porch
I learned how painting fabric here will be a bit different from my experience back East... more on that Friday!
lines of blossoming pear trees and blue skies
delicate pinks and whites with spring green leaves
I like Wednesday night tv... Survivor and Amazing Race is back!!! Love it!

Milo's Moments
I liked the warm weather this week
and meeting this little fellow
named Gris. (that's grey in French, since he was grey as a puppy)

LeeAnna here again, I loved meeting and chatting with Gris's mama in the neighborhood. People are fascinating to me... she is so talented, an opera singer and jazz singer who's just dropped a new album and is headed out to a European tour after doing the DC area. She is from Louisiana which I love to visit, and has a master's degree in voice. I love smart funny people!
We have much in common, both adopted, both dealing with the aging process, both love dogs and the creative process.

You never know when you start a conversation, how much fun it can be!


  1. that would be the store for me.. oh this sofa and the flamingo....

  2. You found some interesting things to share this week. I have quilty friends who love flamingos so would like to see these but neither is a blogger. One will say, "have you flamingoed today?" You flamingoed at Pier One. I am a homebody so theta cup would be my cup of coffee. Milo looks so happy in the love seat and I think he votes love. Your new friends are very interesting. Thank you for sharing and hosting the Thursday bloggers. Looking forward to the fabric paint post ... :-) Pat

  3. What a cool store! All those flamingos must have made you happy. I love that sofa. Looking forward to your fabric paint post. Have a wonderful day. mary

  4. I really like the pink flamingo. I'd better hurry over to my local Pier 1 to see if they have it.

    1. Love your ISP name, Comfort Spring Station. What a happy address.

  5. I love those flamingo napkin rings, and milo is so cute on the sofa. The aqua purse is super cute- it's always great to rediscover things we already have!!

  6. Love those Face Pots!!! Very cute!

  7. I love those animals on bikes/garden art! We just saw one like that in our neighborhood - it had a frog on the bike. Seeing the blooming trees is my favorite thing in Spring - they're so pretty. Still waiting on the one in our yard!

  8. I miss our Pier One stores, none nearby here. Always such neat things. We do have a World Market, kind of the same. Makes me want to go. Beautiful flowers! What a great find and in your own closet. Those are the best kind of finds, I think. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. As long as I get to see Milo I'm happy. Such a good pup.

    Have a woof woof day, Milo. Smoochies and lovies from Auntie Sandee. My best to your mom. ♥

  10. I love when you find a new forgotten treasure in your own closet. Thanks for sharing the quote.

  11. Hi LeeAnna! I love Wednesday night TV, too - I'm happy the Amazing Race is back on. I've found so many places I'd like to visit by watching that show. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. I haven't been to Pier One is SO long! Looks like I'm missing out on some neat things! Enjoy your afternoon!

  13. I finally got to do an "I Like Thursday" posting...Hope to keep up with you...hugs, Julierose

  14. That little sofa is the cutest thing. I hope you bought it! Milo could get used to it :) Thanks for linking up today and always!

  15. P.S. i love your hand painted fabric--what type of paint are you using?? hugs, Julierose

  16. Great likes. I especially like the pots at Nick's. Very cool. Your painted fabric is so pretty.

  17. Great likes. I haven't been to pier one for a long time. I have a chair in my bathroom which was from pier one. Love your fabric painting. Great pots that look like the bottom of people's face.

  18. Ooh, seeing pear trees makes me smile too! I especially like the #homebody mug, will have to pick one up for my daughter, same daughter who bought herself some glorious mums at Trader Joe's that last and last! Fascinating your chat with the opera singer--going to have a listen now...

  19. Funny to see so many flamingos in Colorado. I guess they are just popular everywhere these days. Looking forward to your fabric painting description. Our group dyed some scarves last summer although they didn't turn out all that colorful. We're going back down into the 40's on Saturday and Sunday. Yuck.

  20. Those planter pots, ooh-la-la. Methinks my pots need smiles. Your photo of the open pear blossom is amazing. The blossom looks like a butterfly or a fancy opera eye. I saved a bunch of white linen napkins to sew into a top and hand paint. Will come back to read about your fun.

  21. Great likes! Milo looks so handsome! His new friends look like the pom-poms Scout loves who live next door. Love the new purse!! Aren't gardening centers wonderful? Have a great week!

  22. I so enjoy your Thursday likes and your trips to Pier One. We do not have one here in Eastern Kentucky so I just get to dream.

  23. That adorable Pier One flamingo made me squeal. How gosh-darn cute is that?!

  24. Love those beautiful carnations and the charming bag!Great pics!

  25. What a lovely variety of great images!! Wow, that cup fits me to a 'T'!!

  26. Happy Pink Saturday, Leeanna. Thank you for joining us to make Pink Saturdays special.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye".

  27. Loving your random likes - so easy to forget the positives in life! Well done
    Visiting from Pink Saturday