Sunday, April 28, 2019

sketching .... what do you see in this?

Some things I tried this week...continuing in my abstract mini-series
1. new ways to sketch from my online workshop
2. markers on printed black and cream fabric
3. quilting my abstract mountain piece
4. painting a background, or landscape

Today I'll talk about #1

My sketching workshop is very good but I didn't realize the lessons would be daily. It's a lot to keep up with, a lot of new techniques all at once. I did day one and part of day two but we're on day 5 now.

So in day one, we were to do a continuous line drawing of our face, never looking at the paper or our face (that is the smaller top one on the right). Pen touches paper, the opposite fingers touch your nose, as you move your left finger around your face, your pen moves around the paper.

Then we did it by looking in a mirror but not the paper, still continuous line.(next one down)
 Then glancing at the paper.(ugly top left)
I like the more Picasso looking ones but not lifting your pen is hard!!

 The next exercise was to take pics of sidewalk cracks and look into them like an abstract painting... what do you see?
Print the image then really see it, look for an image and draw what you see.
I saw a profile of a man. Then after taking this picture
and of course it depends on the angle you look at it, the angle you take the picture, I saw a

fish swimming
My process was to take the printer copy, turn it all around, and find what I could in the image. Then trace the lines with a sharpie marker on the paper.
what do you see here?

I saw my favorite one of all!

Very Leonardo da Vinci, no?

Again, the purpose is not to paint the great American painting, it's to experience something new, to learn to control your hands and paints, to see things a bit differently.

I started the next day's work, drawing little houses on a hill but I'm not that good!
Each day there are two talented artist videos presenting a new way to look at the world.
The link to the free workshop is:

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