Thursday, April 18, 2019

I Like Thursday #137

My scrappy bookmarks
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
It's been a loooonggggg week. I fell sick Monday, hoping it was allergy to all the pollen out now, but my calendar shows...
no lists of activities... only one word... sick. Bad head cold, and the coughing has started. The quote is not true, one needs good health. I renewed my acquaintance with coldeaze zinc lozenges, but it's an intense head cold. Can't sleep for the headache and congestion. So what did I find to like this week?

I made a big push Tuesday to finish the scrap mountains quilt top, and I'll do a post tomorrow on all I made from the scraps. Two art quilts, three bookmarks and a bit of scraps left over
I have close ups and discussion of what's involved in making a top without worrying about size or angles. Improv in the best way, starts with the scraps and an attitude of experimentation. Please come back to see it tomorrow. They look like mountains to me.

I couldn't go to either meeting yesterday, but I would have liked to.
I finished all that to show my art quit people... wah

totally enjoying this book on disc while sewing.
LOVE my nightime reading of latest Rhys Bowen book, so engrossing I forget to go to sleep for wanting to read one more chapter.

So happy that my faves made it through the current round on American Idol... I would buy the cd of Alejandro today if there was one. So original and talented. He's written so many songs already.

I love musicians who feel their music... have a passion for it.
I used to date a musician a long time ago, who wrote a song for me. There, that's another unusual fact about me!

I enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a cute lunchbox out of our fave fabric... or for me a sewing tote
I think this fabric lunch box would be fun to make...the video is by Mister Domestic

Milo's Moments
Hi y'all! Mama made me the coolest thing... a sock dispenser of my very own. Every time I walk by I grab one to play with! Finally my requests have been granted and I...wha??

Mama: MILO! Put down that sock! Those arent for you!

Milo: Are you sure Mama?  They are right at nose level and as you suspected that washer doesn't wash as good as the old school ones did, the ones that didn't think for you? Anyway, lookie! I can easily reach the exact ones I want, they are displayed beautifully...

Mama: Nice Try
Milo: well I've been smelling a bone and a toy somewhere in the house. That Easter Bunny better bring me some treats to make up for this disappointment!

Mama: I have a sneaking suspicion he'll bring all of us something on Sunday sweetie...

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  1. your own sock dispenser? wow! do you think da easter bunny can bring us one too? we hope your mama feels much much better and that evil pollen stuff will stop...

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Yes, that sock dispenser right at nose level. That is one lucky poodle! Your bookmarks turned out cute, and I'll certainly be back to see your art quilt tomorrow. What a great use of scraps - any size! That book looks like it would be fun except for the 'death' part. Hope you're feeling much better for the Easter bunny. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Love pretty bookmarks are a good way to use up small scraps. I like to improv by picking up pieces that fall on the floor and making fabric. So sorry you have been ill. May you soon feel better. I have had a bad winter for colds and spring has brought headaches and other ailments. It has been very damp here and I am so achy. Some days I just want to stay under the quilts awhile longer. Looking forward to your mountains quilt and other projects. Milo is always so entertaining. Does he cuddle when you are not feeling well or does he try to get you up to play? Sometimes my kitties do one and sometimes they do the other. Easter will be at Son # 2"s house this year. May you and yours enjoy your visit from the Easter Bunny ... :) Pat

  4. Hope you are feeling better! I swear by those Zinc cough drops. Those and the instant Lipton cup of chicken noodle soup are my go-to's. Your bookmarks are really pretty. Is the Easter bunny going to bring Milo a sock dispenser? That would be a cool toy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter!

  5. Oh get better. I had "the cold" about 4 weeks ago. Went to my chest, back to head, back to chest, still coughing. Reading, sleeping, and binge watching tv are my past times when I am sick. Love Milo's sock dispenser.

  6. I got a good laugh out of Milo's sock dispenser. He's just like a toddler. LOL Hope you feel better very soon!

  7. I sure hope you are much better today! Love that tutorial on the lunch bag. Thanks for the link! Get well soon sweet lady!

  8. Having a cold like that just sucks. Hope it will ease soon. Meanwhile a great excuse to rest and watch shows, etc. I love the scrappy bookmarks. And Milo has it made with that sock dispenser doo hickey.

  9. Oh no-that really sucks having a head cold. I use my Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler to clear my sinus congestion. It works but you have to use it at least once a day for 10-15 minutes. I even purchased one for my daughter and she was reluctant to do it but it works for her too. Its about $28-30 at Walmart or Walgreens. I don't use the Vicks in the machine-just distilled water. If I get a bad cold like that I use Vicks Vaporub on neck and chest to keep airways open. Your bookmarks are so pretty. Get well soon! mary

  10. I'll bet that quilt is gonna be pretty and I sure hope you feel better soon. Hey Milo, I love your sock dispenser, we'd all have fun with that too. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. So sorry you've been sick - that is no fun, especially when you have miss your groups that you were looking forward to. The scrappy bookmarks are great! I love any small thing made out of scraps, and those are a fun idea. Milo, at first I thought Mom really did make you a sock dispenser - oops!

  12. I absolutely love Milo's post...made me laugh out loud! I hope you are on the mend.

  13. Mr. Domestic's video has me intrigued. I need to check out his tutorials. Thanks for linking up today.

  14. Sorry to hear you are sick. If you are having bad headaches with head congestion, you may have a sinus infection and need an antibiotic.
    Love the fabric bookmarks!
    Hello Milo! That sure does look like a sock dispenser to me, too!

  15. Wow - a sock dispenser. How cool is that!?!? I love your bookmarks. Bummer about being sick - feel better soon! I haven't seen Mister Domestic before - he's entertaining. :-)

  16. No fun to be sick - sorry you don't feel well. Love your bookmarks and hearing about what you have been up to. Milo is too funny. Dogs really do have a sense of humor. I just caught mine stealing candy out of the Easter baskets. Thank goodness he only ate one.....So naughty. He kept coming over to me as if to say, "Aren't you going to stop me?" and I wasn't paying attention at first. I love Mister Domestic! Hope you get better soon and that the Easter Bunny brings something sweet :) xx Karen

  17. Sorry you've been sick and hope you're better soon. Enjoy the sewing box.

  18. BOL I would love a sock dispenser Milo I have to dig them out of the dirty laundry basket. BOL Mom is still trying to figure out how I get them out of the bottom of the basket without messing up the other clothes. ~Fenris, who loves SOCKS

  19. I wrote a big post from my phone and the atmosphere ate it.
    What I said was...
    Oh, I am so sorry to hear you are so poorly. It is Not Nice. Please take as much rest as you need. Nothing else is more important. But you must have been thinking somewhat clearly to come up with the words 'sock dispenser'. That is clever! And the look on Milo's face!!
    Holly decided to go for a cat when I had her lead. We came round the corner but she spotted it first. So, I am very achy today. Everything seems pulled out of shape. Even my hand...'Why is my hand hurting?' Oh, I was holding the lead.
    Anyway, Look after yourself.
    Big hugs!

  20. I'm so sorry you've been sick this week! That's wretched! I hope you're feeling better and can take your cool new quilt to show. I burst out laughing about Milo and the sock rack.... You really keep us going! Thoughts for a clearing head!