Friday, April 12, 2019

Aqua as a color

getting the pieces planned out before sewing them
The color for April at the rainbow scrap challenge is AQUA which is a personal favorite.
As a working artist I need to know my colors... and as a fiber artist I need to have all colors here and ready to be used.
 The challenge is to use your scraps to create something beautiful. I have a lot of scraps organized by color. I have yardage organized by color or sometimes by type (flamingos) I label my drawers, and bins of scraps. None of them said Aqua. More about the snowballs in a minute...

not aqua but I'm still moving these around
I looked up the difference between turquoise, which I do have lots of, and Aqua.
Aqua is half green half blue. Turquoise can be light or dark and is more blue than green.
I love turquoise
more snow on Thursday. Yipee.
I know aqua when I see it, and managed to hunt through my stash to find enough to use this month but I also realized that the human eye will blend colors that are close to each other, so mix turquoise, greenish blue, bluish green in small pieces and it will read as aqua
I also sat down to sew together some scraps my Maryland bee mates sent me, and think they blend together well in the turquoise to aqua frequency. Colors vibrate, so if the blues, and greens are sewn near each other shouldn't their vibrations blend like a pretty song's chords?

These were cut off of strip sets to make a big quilt, and I love the angles and mix of different patterns. It was fun to sew them together playing with angle, and color, into something like blocks. I trimmed them to save the most fabric so each little block is a different size.

I thought about overlaying an applique on this. I like the abstract though, and asked a couple friends if they thought some thin strip inserts would be interesting
suggestions were orange, yellow, lime inserts, and I dug into the batik scraps and pulled little scraps of nice warm colors. I think a half inch wide insert will be nice, randomly pieced in as I fit the blocks together.

Back to this year's block, the flowering snowball...

aqua/turquoise turtle pin cushion
I like making this block a lot! I like this color a lot! so I made a lot of blocks to go into a rainbow quilt. I made about 15 color blocks, then a few dark edges with color in the snow part, and some white edged ones with color in them. I've done this with all the colors so far and putting the whole thing together should make for an interesting top!
the whole thing has kind of snowballed! Look at the cute patterns, alligators, frogs, fish.
the odd snowballs. All blocks finish at 8" (hopefully) we have a king sized bed. I'll have to plan ahead to quilt them in groups and put them together after.
anyway you look at it, it looks bright and pretty on the design wall! Next week will be the chandelier blocks in Aqua.
I saw this when I looked up what it meant to love aqua
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  1. I love aqua and by now I still work on the perfect aqua for my walls it either ends as turquoise or as oh-my-god-what-is-that?

  2. I share your love of aqua and turquoise. I have a friend who is insanely fond of teal. Though, by her definition, "teal" is anything from the palest aqua to the darkest blue green. To me, teal is the color on a mallard's head ... period.

  3. LOVE your made fabric and the piece you are making with those deliciously scrappy little blocks. Your flowering snowball quilt will be gorgeous with the rainbow of colors and the interest of the many different fabrics. Terrific post.

  4. Love those aqua blocks. That scrappy/crumb quilt looks awesome! Great colors.

  5. Your flowering snowball quilt blocks are just gorgeous!

  6. Wow- I never gave much thought to my favorite color till today- I think turquoise or aqua. It's in my clothing, around the house, in my fabrics. HMMM. The snowball quilt is lovely.

  7. Wow, on many levels LeeAnna. Aqua is my favourite, pretty much any blue though, but the colour of water just draws me in. I love love your snowball project (not the snow you got, poor you, are you 'feeling' all Alberta there?! Incidentally they didn't get any...oh but they will, as per usual, always an April snowstorm or two. I really like your improv piece too! Lovely post altogether!

  8. Those flowering snowball blocks are amazing, especially with the mix of dark in there. These are going to make a stunning quilt. The subtle differences between aqua and turquoise sometimes passes me by. My cat block is probably more turquoise. But I love all of those shades of blue/green.

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love the pops of colour between the aqua blocks! Aqua ...great description of you!
    Winter weather here this weekend and around 20C by the end of next week!
    That snowball quilt is going to be amazing!

  10. I always thought that aqua was a paler version of turquoise, but I guess I was wrong. BUT I love them both and often wear those colors. I have on an aqua sweater right now. I think it is a flattering color on most people.
    I love how your quilts are coming along. I once had an orange cat and a turquoise chaise lounge in a summer house. I thought it looked so cool when he napped there.

  11. So many great aqua scraps and blocks. I have so little of that colour, but I got some from a friend yesterday. Going to make some blocks.

  12. me 2, i am a aquamarine type of a vintage girl! I love that you injected bits if warm and shades of pink colors into some of your recent blocks. thinking your Birds mockup could benefit also by addition of pinks,red,purple and touch of yellow, just saying

  13. OMG, that color personality describes you to a T (for turquoise?). Begone snow! Hope that's the last of it.

  14. I love those snowball blocks! Real snow, not so much.

  15. The colour description of aqua fits me to a T!! I also just finished an all white bathroom and aqua was the accent colour I used in it!

  16. Those flowering snowball blocks are so cool! Won't they make a wonderful, and interesting, quilt?!

  17. Love those flowering snowball blocks! The quilt is going to be stunning - can't wait to see the interplay between the light and dark!

  18. Love, love, LOVE your blocks in AQUA!!!

  19. Your blocks are beautiful. They are going to make a stunning quilt. Thanks for linking them up to Oh Scrap!

  20. Beauties all, LeeAnna. I love seeing what you are creating. I now know much more about aqua, a colour I've not thought much about as in its meaning, etc.

  21. I love this colorful post! The aqua quilt is going to be a stunner! And that sweet little turtle pincushion! And those birds! Cannot wait to see where they land. :)

  22. Lovely blocks, and aqua is really a beautiful color!

  23. Such a tropical post. Thumbs up on both projects.

  24. Aqua is one of my favorites too, and I see a lot of myself in the personality of aqua. Love all your aqua projects!

  25. I always wonder the difference between aqua and turquoise. I always say my favorite color is anything blue-green, because I love all of them... darker, lighter, they're all just so beautiful! I love what you are creating with these!

  26. Turquoise is my favourite colour too. Aqua I find sometimes too light.

  27. Loving all these flowering snowball blocks, in all these colours!

  28. The aquas all look so pretty and I love that bit of orange in there. Those are really great looking blocks.