Thursday, February 28, 2019

I Like Thursday #130

Welcome to this week's list of likes. I've been watching, then researching Queen Victoria to learn more. Something about Milo's stance last night made me think of her Royal Highness.

I liked meeting the owner of the Vet practice yesterday when we had to go back for yet another ear infection. Milo even relaxed in his presence. We may have to start allergy shots.

I like that I woke to Milo's wagging tail this morning, meaning he's feeling better.

I liked that we went to the library on the way back, and that we can order books to be reserved for us, from other counties... and they show up on the shelf waiting for us...
I have lots of exciting books on art and beading to look through now! And the latest Rhys Bowen book!

I liked that even near the end of the day, Panera had some sweeties for us... bagels, mini scones and pecan twists!
The weather people said it was to be 60 F with no snow yesterday but it was 32 with snow twice.
I would have liked a job where you don't ever have to be right.
They are saying it's going to 0 F Friday with 6" of new snow.

Our downspouts drain became clogged, froze and cracked this week. Joys of home ownership.

I really liked this week's episode of the good doctor... it made me think "great thoughts" The doctor on this show is a surgeon, but has a form of autism to cope with. Talent on one hand, a major challenge to use that talent on the other hand. The person in charge decided this doctor would not do well as a surgeon despite talent, because he couldn't do the necessary person to person interactions.

My initial thought was, I'd rather have a brilliant surgeon who had no interpersonal skills. The episode where the doctor was put in the lab, made me think about skills vs drive. One can be really good at something but does that define them? Do they have to do what they are good at? I was very good at social work, but it exhausted me. I was good at knowing what the problems were, but worry about the kids wore me out. And dealing with administration frustrated me.

I had a friend in Tampa who went all the way through medical school, through his internship and residency and became aware that he was very good at it, but hated it. He had the fortitude to change careers, after all that training.

I just love this post from the blog BeatriceEuphemie... so pretty, books, recipes, crafts, home style... this post was so full of goodness I had to share

I'm not into cooking but I ran across this blog and just adore the way they  approach food. One of the categories is different countries... I love Greek food, so checked out this recipe for stuffed tomatoes.
Greek Gemista brings big juicy tomatoes together with a healthy, vegetarian mixture of rice and summer produce, creating a perfect summer dish. | Curious Cuisiniere
Like my niece said to me once, if you haven't made enough for leftovers, you've wasted your time! I plan to try these and make enough for leftovers as the cooks say they are better second day.

I liked going through the studio boxes this week, and now I actually see floor in the guest room.
Not long ago this was floor to ceiling, wall to wall boxes. I'm wondering if I need to keep ALL my materials... and if a person can stash their stash of sewing stuff then remember where it is in the next life.

Milo's Moment
Hi Ya'll  I've been thinking... I sure am happy to have that vet appt behind me. My ear kept me itching all night, and I liked the vet tech... small fingers and gentle. And she tasted good. I'm not one to go to a doctor til it's really bad but it turned out okay this time. 
I've been liking sleeping these days, it's cold and the bed is comfy. I feel pretty secure sleeping between Mama and Daddy too. I've been playing with my new toys a lot, the ones Auntie Diane sent. 

I am the official bottle lid remover/inspector around here, and there is a bottle inside one of those toys. I know it because I'm "smart as a whip" so Mama says, although how smart can a piece of leather be? But I get the lid off while it's INSIDE the toy! 

Oh and I'm big now... I will be two on Friday, and I weighed 60 lbs at the vets yesterday! Finally I'm fully grown and ready to pull Mama down any sidewalk now! Mama got a tear in her eyes and said I'm the same size as Cole now... it just took me longer to get so big and tall. 
(ed. note: My baby is all grown up! I suspected as much as his jim-jams are tight and he can't walk between my legs any longer when playing chris-cross) 

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! So it's true - Milo and Scout are siblings?! Happy Happy Birthday Milo. I hope you have a fabulous second birthday tomorrow. I am thrilled to say goodbye to February. I'm sorry about the 60 versus 32 weather day. I agree about the being wrong job! ~smile~ Roseanne

Judy D in WA said...

I love reserving books from the library! I am ready to say see ya to winter and welcome spring and all the spring colors. Birthday hugs to Milo!

Scrapatches said...

I like Thursdays so I am playing along today. Thanks for sharing the Thursday love ... <3 Pat

Sandy said...

Glad you posted about the library. I just finished a book and need the next one quick. It is a young adult book. I like Fantasy Adventure but this one is more plagued than others with the teen dilemma of liking two guys. Still, the adventure is great! One of those where there is an alternate world.

Glad Milo's ear is feeling better and that he is more relaxed at the Vet. Pepper loved the going part, but when we got to the point of going in to see the vet, she headed for the door. " I am done now." DH takes Holly. He says she is not too happy to go in. But I don't know what she does. Probably put the brakes on like she does if you decide to walk a different route than normal. Wow she can be heavy if she wants!

Sorry I haven't got much for my post this week. The photos were taking about 5 minutes to load. and sometimes not actually showing up on the compose tab.
Don't get too cold up there on top of the world. ;)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Rhys Bowen is one of my FAVORITE authors! Of course we already know that we like so many of the same books! Enjoy your afternoon!

Scrapatches said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, LeeAnna, and for commenting on my blog. For some reason, you are appearing as a no-reply comment so I shall reply here. Please feel free to include my blog in the links. I love visitors. I will read up and get the hang of these Thursday posts ... looking forward to sharing with the group ... :-) Pat

Lisa said...

Milo's stance reminded me that The Crown should be coming back to Netflix soon. Cabo has yeast in his ears and I've been squirting meds in them twice a day. Oh, he loves that (not). Glad Milo's ear is getting better. We're suppose to have 3-5 inches of the white stuff Saturday night. Sunday's low is below zero. I'm sooooo D.O.N.E. with winter. Cabo will be two on March 26th. He weighed in at 60lbs last week and the vet said he probably needs to lose 5 pounds. LOL! Him and me both! Hope you all have a warm and wonderful weekend. xoxo

Mary in Boulder said...

Wow, you have really cleared out the guest room! That was a lot of work and I bet it feels good to have things more under control. Glad to hear that you and Milo are liking the vet better now.

Sara said...

Happy birthday Milo! This LONG winter seems to be getting on everyone’s nerves. We had snow this morning and expect another 2-4” tomorrow. I’m hoping for the lesser amount because my hubbie isn’t home to snow blow and I’ll have to shovel.

sonja said...

Agreed about the "Planned Overs" as i call them as in 2 dinner entrees for 2 peeps plus perhaps a soup starter! Chilly here as well,slept well under 3 quilts plus socks
Milo looks so regal in his tartan drape, glad he it feeling better!

Sandee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Milo. That's good news and it makes your mom happy too.

Those Greek Stuffed Tomatoes look mighty good.

Have a woof woof day, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

Michelle said...

Sorry to read that Milo is having ear trouble. I know that is no fun for him. I hope the situation resolves. Thank you for linking up today and each Thursday.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What a great post. You have a cool library who will get you books from other counties. Milo looks so royal in that first photo. I absolutely laughed out loud when I read the forecast vs reality. How frustrating! I appreciated your thoughts on being qualified for a job but not really liking it. I was in HR for years but had to keep lowering my expectations of some employees (and bosses). Thank you for the link to a delightful blog at Karen's Beatrice Euphemie. Wow-so many topics I could identify with. Have a great weekend. mary

Elaine S. said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Milo!

PaintedThread said...

Ooh, library books, pastries. Mmm. Happy birthday, Milo!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

As always so many lovely things. And I will definitely be checking the recipe for Greek stuffed tomatoes...some favourite things there.
I love libraries and we have a reserve system too so books can come from any library in Ottawa and neighbouring towns. For book lovers, heaven!
Fed up with this winter and longing for spring more so than any other year, it seems.
I still think of Scout and Milo as puppies and now they're not!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You got me wondering about that job in which you don't have to be right, I haven't come up with it yet and I was pondering.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I also enjoy watching shows about a real person, and researching them on my own to learn more! Our library dies the same - they're part of a consortium and books are available from all over. I love going in when I get an email saying I have a book available - go in and find it, do the self checkout and off you go! Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Milo! Two!
Hi LeeAnna,
So true...if you haven't made enough for leftovers!
Weather! was a sunny 18C Tuesday! rainy and 9C today.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Happy Birthday Milo! So glad your ear infection is clearing up! Scout has allergies too but apparently not as bad as Milo. We changed her food to a annamaet salmon and venison but she is stll doing some scratching her body. (although our house is dry so it could be just dry skin). Have a wonderful day!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Milo appears to be channeling his "Albert, Alll-bbert" chase with his regal cape on. (I just love that show). Theirs was an interesting relationship. Stay warm and cozy this snowy weekend. Not too keen on the highs in the teens but like you said, a job where you get it right rarely is the perfect job. Let's hope they're off on this forecast too.

Jean said...

Glad things went well at the vet for Milo. And Happy Birthday to Milo! Reserving books at the library is great. I do that often. It's so nice to just go and get them. Hope you are on the start of a wonderful weekend!