Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The informer

I've decided Milo's role is that of

"The Informer"

Cole-buddy was the policeman. He hated conflict, he maintained order in every situation. If his playmate ran through my flower garden and I yelled get out of the garden, he turned to look at me, saw the source of the conflict, and ran over to nip at heels til the offender had left the area.

Milo is the Informer. He would loudly bark to alert us to the garden trampler but would not go over to enforce the law. He's a communicator. Like the commercial on TV he just lets you know there's a problem, he doesn't solve the problem.

If you're an informer, then living around other people is a non stop job.
He must be constantly on the alert to a neighbor leaving their house to get in their car, or a cat in the yard, a dog walking by the fence. If he can see it, he's letting us know he can see it. It's up to us what to do about it, that's not his job.

He's the informer.

He is also not conflicted about his announcements. He does not defer to our corrections to use an inside voice or be quiet. He knows best. It's his job, and if our puny human ears can't handle the truth then it's on us. He informs. The informer.

Once he's let us know there is something suspect within view or earshot, then he comes back to stand by our chairs, to touch base and let us know he's here. In case we need back up in handling the issue of a dog walker, or a squirrel. Yep, he's right there to help, mostly by emotional support.

He's more of a bark and run type of fellow.

He takes his job very seriously and is on alert all waking moments. Ready with a ruff! or a Bark... BARK... BARKBARKBARKBARK!
Are they DEAF?
It must be exhausting, since there is no police-type here now to follow up his alerts. He has to rely on our feeble efforts to protect the home. He's on full throttle all the live-long day and at night, falls asleep hard. When he goes out, he's out. There's no waking him.
"off duty" "leave a message" "let sleeping dogs lie"
 He sleeps as hard as he runs during the day. You can shove him over in the bed, but it's a slow inch by inch of ground. After you wedge him over, and slide your own legs in bed, a dog arm reaches over your leg to pin you in place. Until he rolls over onto his own back, 4 legs akimbo, in complete trust that his work is done for that day.

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  1. you make a fabulous job as the informer Milo :O) and we would like to listen to your news efurry day ;O)))

  2. The sound sleep of a day well spent.

  3. Oh Milo!! The life of an informer dog is so exhausting!!

  4. I was thinking exactly what PaintedThread said - sound sleep of a day well spent. You just have to love those pet personalities. One of my daughter's dogs is an "informer" as well.

  5. Milo sounds a lot like our Little Bit. She was an informer too and would take over the bed very well. This made me smile. Our Little Bit went to the bridge October 22, 2015. We miss her so.

    Have a woof woof day, Milo. My best to your peeps. ♥

  6. Love your story of Milo the Informer. Your humor just shines.


  7. Aww Milo! You do a great job as the informer. Someone has to do that job and I can't think of a better pup for it. I'm glad your peeps have finally figured out what your role is! It took them long enough, huh?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I really love your writing, LeeAnna! This text brings a smile to my face and brightens my morning. Thank you.

  9. Gotta love a poodle who takes his job so seriously. Well done, Milo.

  10. Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof WW Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. It must be exhausting to be on constant alert with such cavalier humans. Poodles are supposed to be one of the smartest dogs but I didn't know they were such good watchdogs too. What more can the sweet boy do and of course he knows better, haha. Tell me more about Cole-buddy if you get a chance.

  12. I love your story, LA. I can see it as a picture or early reader book. Milo the Informer. :-)

  13. Cabo is also an informer! Is it the poodle that is protective? I know it's not the golden retriever in him! He does protect us from the squirrels that invade my bird feeders, although not very successfully (thankfully). Milo takes his job seriously, and you gotta love that he's so committed! :-)

  14. Way to go Milo, it's tough work...but you've earned that rest! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. BOL! OMD, that is me too Milo! Don't worry about the peeps tryin' to shhhhhhh you....I don't pay much mind eithers ~ unless...Ma gives me that 'Ruuuby!!' voice (you know the one...the 'I'm not kidding' tone), then MAYBE I'll stop. maybe. If she doesn't understand, that's her problem, amirite
    Keep up the good work Milo!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Being an informer is a hard job especially when the peeps are not properly appreciative.