Thursday, February 21, 2019

I Like #129

 Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like Valentine Flowers, and husbands who come home with them, and honestly I like flowers anytime! Don't you? We are short on bright colors around here at the moment.

I like how the tiny Valentine painting came out, the heart flowers are quilted in...
I loved talking to my friends this week on the phone, and in my art quilt meeting.
this quilt is pretty big... about 32" X 36"

I loved finishing the Valentine quilt, and believe me it was a big push at the end.
I made it with thin strips/strings and had to match background strip size to red strip size, then decide where to position them. There are many Valentine fabrics in the piece, plus some dogs of course!

I finished hand sewing the binding on, turned it over in triumph, and then saw the loose weave muslin at the bottom edge had pulled out! Panic! No problem...
 I just fixed it by un sewing the binding, front and back, then piecing in another strip of white to cover the frays,

 and reapplying the binding... front and back. Not hard, just tricky and unexpected.
Machine embroidery stitches here and there

the quilting came out just as I'd like it to... whimsical, balanced but not symetrical, flowers for beauty, vines for growth, horizontal lines for peace and groundedness. It's our 25th Valentine quilt so far.

I loved the shadows cast by our family room table when the sun came back after two days of snow

I am really liking the current mystery novel, recommended by Diann at little penguins.

Love that the BBC show Delicious is back. Dawn French who was Vicar of Dibley is in it. The drawback is there are only 4 episodes in a season. That's simply NOT ENOUGH.

I like Survivor is back, and Doc Martin, and Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I liked stumbling upon this mandolin group on Youtube

I liked this denim vest for dogs
Denim Dog Vest with Wild Breed biker patch and studs. Even if your sidekick doesnt ride on the back, this mutt can strut his wild breed heritage. All DenimDawgs vests are made from recycled blue jeans with the best fashion labels. Nice and soft and just the right faded indigo color. A
I like this pet bed (link: and there are lots of them to make yourself... heh heh don't mention that to Milo

I thought Wed's horrible-scope was inspirational:" Look for ways to free yourself from unnecessary worry or attachments to the past that are holding you back."
How do they know me?

Milo's Moments
Hi y'all! I like nearly everything except being told to "staywithmama" which is all I seem to hear on walks anymore. How can I read pee mail and look for bunnies tied to Mama's apron strings? Just kidding, as if Mama wore an apron since there is little cooking going on around here unless it's the half hearted attempt to warm my kibble with hot water. Sheesh. But back to likes... I liked the ball I found in my toy box when Mama tipped it over
And I liked the tribute Mama wrote for me, since I can't type, and am busy watching for intruders, you can( read here.).. love you!!!

Now be sure to see what these people have on their lists this week! Join us sometime... if you write a post let Mama know and you're in!



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  1. we love your artpieces you have such a good eye for the details and the pawfect match of colors... the boys want such a dog bed now too... not sure if we start another diy-project LOL

  2. I like how the Valentines heart turned out ! It really works well with the staggered strips.
    The denim vest you showed for dogs looks like it would be easy to copy.
    Holly has a dog house, but she won’ Go in it ! Mr Thoughtful worked hard to build it, but she said “No way! I might get stuck in there and besides it is dark!” So far she will go in to rescue random treats that Dad has the audacity to throw it into the dangerous place. But that is it, in and out! It was built when we first got her, so I guess things won’t change.
    So, anyway I put up a Thursday post today! I can see again. 😁

  3. I just love your little quilts, especially the painted face. And the denim dog vest - so cute and clever. I expect Milo to be sporting one of those vests soon.

  4. Your valentine's heart quilt came out so cool! I know you struggled with the proportions and the loss from seam allowance, but you got it just right. I love that the edges of the heart are "raggedy" it makes the composition so much better. And clever fix on the back- I hate when that happens. I've had it too, in my case I noticed before binding and just made my binding wider to cover it up, but your solution was more elegant! And that dog bed/room is too cute!

  5. Your Valentine's heart quilt is just amazing! I love how the heart is formed just with different length strips. Wonderful that you've made one every year like that! We love Doc Martin! We found Season 8 on Acorn TV, and binge watched it in 3 nights. :) Now I'm going to miss all those quirky people all over again!

  6. Those flowers are sweet. I love your finished Valentine painting-especially the hearts. And, That Valentines strip mini is perfect. I cannot believe that pet bed! What a fun post. Thanks for including me. mary

  7. The flowers are so beautiful. I love all your artwork. You're very crafty.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  8. Flowers anytime is wonderful. I love you heart art piece. Oh...I did post my I like today...just late...

  9. Hi LeeAnna! Beautiful flowers! I do love having flowers around, although I usually have more flowering plants than flowers that die too quickly. They sure do perk up the place, don't they? ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I am a fan of your valentine quilt. That turned out just beautiful. Thanks for linking up today.

  11. I love all the quilting on the heart quilt and that little quilt is fabulous! Such pretty flowers. Hey Milo!!! (I posted today, just a bit late.)

  12. You always have such wonderful things. Flowers and valentines the close ups of the quilting. You are good!
    I wonder too why the British make only a few episodes per series. They definitely leave you wanting more.

  13. Two days of snow - oh I'm colder just reading about it. Love your heart quilt.

  14. Hey Milo the Informer, I did not know that kibble can be warmed in hot water. I wonder if our Molly would like to try her dried food that way.

    Hi LA, it's nice to see Aubry and Dave on Survivor. I wish it had been a 2-hour show so we could know where Rheem went.

    That's a beaut of a quilt. I think of the heart as a reflection in water.

  15. Flowers! So pretty. Love your heart quilt - all the little details. Delicious sounds interesting. Those pet beds are fun. :-)

  16. Love your projects! They are so much fun! Your husband is a sweetie, those flowers are wonderful! :) Waving at Milo!

  17. I enjoyed the Valentines!!!
    All of you are so inspiring! (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  18. Beautiful flowers to brighten the day for sure. Love the Valentine art and quilts. great piecing and matching on the large one! Happy PPF!

  19. Pretty quilting!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. What beautiful quilt art, your pieces are lovely! The flowers are very pretty and your pet seems so sweet.

  21. Beautiful flowers! I agree, they really lift the spirits especially when winter has dragged on. I like Valentine no. 25 too - especially the special little details in the quilting and the way your outline is clear but not smooth.

  22. Those lovely flowers really made me smile! And your quilting is so amazing - I really admire anyone who can do that kind of thing as I am hopeless at all things sewing! Happy PPF from Number 33 :D

  23. What an extraordinary artist you are! So talented in so many different areas. Your creativity is wonderful as are your works of art.

  24. Absolutely love that vining. Your quilt projects are simply beautiful!

  25. Love your artwork with the stitching, very creative :D)

  26. I like all of those things too. However, I love your quilt!!!!

  27. LA - you are blessed to have a hubby that brings you flowers - and what an interesting variety of flowers in that arrangement - love it! Congratulations on your completed quilts, especially since the Valentine's one required some last-minute perseverance! I just read your 'week ahead' post, too, and I can relate to the weather - we are in the midst of another snowstorm as I type! But I hope your week is a good one, INSIDE!

  28. For some reason, I cannot comment on your posts from my laptop! I type it and hit Publish and have no idea where it goes! Anyway.....I love your quilt and am going to have to buy some spring flowers soon if winter keeps up. I love it when flowers jump into my shopping cart. That little dog bed is so cute....but waayy to small for Cabo. He needs a room. :-) Great eye to catch the shadow shot. One never knows where inspiration lies. Hope your week is a good one. xoxo

  29. You always have such interesting things to share, LeeAnna. Your Valentine's quilt came out awesome! I think you did a great job varying the different red tones for a vibrant heart in the center. As for flowers, I enjoy them in pots on the front steps, but I would way rather my husband surprise me with a little gold box from Godiva instead...