Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I like Thursday Happy Valentines day!

Valentine quilt in progress... almost done!
  Welcome to this week's list of likes... and it's Valentines day! Happy V-day to all my friends! Love you!

vintage Valentine cards on the mantel
 Let's Start with a surprise gift box from my friend Diane (who lives in Texas with two s'poo's)
The little chicken pin cushion, complete with awesome hairdo, and the flamingo pink aurifil thread were merely two gifts in the box. Milo will show you a few items later.
Love love love the fabric she sent... I'd buy yardage but it's vintage... just look at the little bows on those s'poos!Ooo lala
Then my friend Sally in MA sent me a bumper sticker from contra dance...

each contra dance starts with two couples holding hands 4
anyone else do contra dance? We haven't gone since moving but hopefully we will soon...

We liked this quick crispy thin crust pizza from the grocery store
and these sinfully good coconut cookies
I loved quilting my Valentine quilt this week, and will do a more in depth post on it later
Just seeing the texture develop with parallel lines and free motion quilting...
Very improvisational

Want to hear some pretty music? Here are three love songs hand picked for you

Say a little prayer

We were made to love...

My friends Danny and Charlie sent me this bandana so I will get lots of pets when we go out... and two new toys!!!
Is that for me? Give it to me !!!
I can take the tag off, just let me hold it. It's all soft and squeaky and crinkly! Mama loves them cause I haven't torn the wings off yet! A dragon and a shark.Ha! That shark hasn't met poodle teeth yet!
I figured out there is a bottle inside one of them that crinkles, so I took off the cap while it was inside, then opened the bottom to take out the bottle but Mama took it and replaced the bottle and closed it up.
and gave it back so it crinkled again. These are my two new favorite toys and I love them.
It's so much fun to have a new toy, isn't it?
Now, why don't you go see what Mama's peeps liked this week? And join Mama's little party by doing an I Like post too! Let us know.


  Minou's Minute

(part of our group but not posting today)

I'm going to these parties, want to come along?
sundays in the city
Pink Saturday!
can I get a whoop whoop Fridays
Thankful Thursdays pet parade


  1. I love that vintage spoo fabric!!! Great likes this week, your valentine quilt looks fab! Milo is getting so big! He is such a handsome fellow, wish he was closer for Scout to play with! Happy Valentines Day Hugs!

  2. I contra danced for a while, but DH didn't so I decided to quit. There are certain pieces of music that I still remember some of the steps. I do miss it ....

  3. Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day LeeAnna! Fabulous vintage fabric and just so perfect for you with that thread. Aww Milo, those are some good friends to send you some new toys. They must love you a lot. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The chicken pincushion is so cute!! My mom and I made some of those a long time ago and I still have mine! He's actually my favorite pincushion and has held up well. HE still has eyes and a beak, but alas his top knot has worn off over the years. I love seeing the pictures of your quilting, I can't wait to see the whole valentine's quilt and hear how you resolved the design.

  5. Oh my gosh, I've missed you! LOVE your new pincushion! Such a fun heart quilt and your quilting is just fabulous.

  6. Wonderful assortment or craft projects and photographs. (And those Tate's coconut cookies are delicious, aren't they?!)

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for some Diana Krall first this this morning!I've been a fan of hers for many years thanks to my dad introducing me to her music. Such feelings in her arrangements. Your Valentine decos are too cute. I like that Pizza too-they have many versions. I purchase the Tates GF cookies at Safeway! Happy Valentines Day. mary

  8. Your quilting on the Valentine quilt is so fun. I just can't seem to master free motion quilting with any kind of curve.

    1. Hi Sara... it's like driving a stick shift. Gotta get timing of gas to movement right. I showed a painting friend of mine how and she took off! I was like, well, now you're good at my stuff too!

  9. Beautiful quilts! Love Milo's bandana!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. The Foot Care Clinic told me to avoid antibacterial soaps and lotions because alcohol is their main ingredient and it dries the skin while killing germs. They used a pumice-stone device to gently scrub away callouses and dry skin (actually it tickled!) on my heels, and told me to use Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetes Dry Skin Relief lotion. Hope this helps!
    Oh, and they trimmed my toenails, too

  10. Your heart quilt is much bigger than I had imagined! Love the quilting you're doing on it.

  11. Cute dog. I responded to your issue with Thursday 13 asking for more info. Not sure what the problem is.

  12. So many fun likes today! I love your Valentine quilt especially, and love the close up shots of your quilting. Beautiful!

  13. You have lovely friends to remember you like that. The chicky pin cushion made me giggle. Quilting is such a beautiful art. And, you create stunning pieces. Happy Heart Day to you and yours. xoxoxo

  14. That chicken is absolutely wonderful! Happy Valentines day!

  15. Oops...hit the post button too quickly...I LOVE your are very creative!

  16. Have a fabulous Valentines Day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  17. Would love to see the finished quilt in total. Is that a heart? My 13 are here:

  18. Lots of cool things and great tunes too. Milo, you're quite the entertaining character! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  19. Happy Valentine's Day! I like that kind of pizza, buy it for myself for lunch every once in a while. Pretty mantle! Hope you are having a terrific Thursday/Valentine's Day.

  20. Another great post. Kudos on that free motion pretty as is the quilted heart. You are one talented gal, LeeAnna.

  21. Yes, Milo, you are cute. And what a fun new toy! Your heart quilt is bigger than I realized. It looks great. I was so excited when I found the sticker! I'm glad it arrived. :-)

  22. Vintage does seem so nice now, and you have a lovely selection of cards, too. Milo looks so happy to get stuck into his new toys, I do hope they last for a bit as I know many toys tend to get de limbed or finned after a few hours of fun :)

  23. Great likes. Your quilting is awesome. Love the vintage post cards as well as the fabrics, and the chicken is fabulous.

  24. Your Valentine's quilt is gorgeous! Love it.

  25. LA - belated Happy Valentine's Day! I can't get over Milo's eyes as he obsesses over the toy! Wow, he is intense about his playthings! Enjoy your week ahead.

  26. Hi, LA, your valentine's quilt is ooh-la-la. I love your free-styling. Very cool.

  27. Poodles bows! I don't know if you're familiar with the Eloise books but that poodle looks like it loves, loves, loves staying at the Plaza.