Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday stories

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February is for love, so please enjoy my little story about love of what you do...

The words are from Sundayswhirligig prompt: sing, laugh, kitchen, darker, well, beautiful, brother, table, how, eat, dare, say

                         Knowing who you are
 Julia laughed as she danced around the kitchen counter, picking up dirty dishes and loading them into the dishwasher. She started singing while she worked.

How exciting! She got a call from the publisher this morning... a publisher! and they wanted to publish her story!!! Whee!!!

"Don't you dare give up!" her sister said, when in a dark mood, Julia said she might as well stop trying.

"your stories are magical! We need beautiful  stories these days, so many people are giving up the fight, but not you, ya hear?"

She could always count on Jane to encourage her, but that's what sisters did, whether it was true or not. She loved Jane, and knew in her heart that Jane always told the truth.

She looked down at her cat, The Wise One, and said, " Did you realize you were living with a real writer?"

"mreep!" Two replied, thrown over his feline shoulder as he headed for the litter box.

Julia laughed! What a review! Wonder if he'll write that on Amazon for me! She looked at the table, strewn with papers, all the detritus of life collected in one place on display for anyone coming to her house. Oh brother! She could write a book, but couldn't eat at her own table without balancing a plate on a pile of stuff!

Wasn't it amazing how life could change in an instant with one phone call?

Now she had an answer when a dinner companion asked what she did for a living. Now she would make a living! She had a title, writer! Then she thought about what Jane said the last time they talked, when Julia was beyond sad and feeling like a loser...

"Julia, you write. It's your passion. So you are a writer. When people ask what you do, say you breathe. You breathe and experience life, you live then you write about it. You write. Fame and money are secondary to your passion. You may walk dogs for money right now, but that doesn't change who you are"

Julia wondered for a moment, who am I? I write. I'm a writer.

Then she wondered if she should send a copy of her book to Oprah

Love, Lee Anna 
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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    I hope this encourages others to believe in themselves and their talents! Keep on writing LeeAnna!

  2. "When people ask what you do, say you breathe. You breathe and experience life, you live then you write about it"
    .....or paint, or sing or piece or draw or ...quilt!
    Love you sunday stories and our power just returned!!!

  3. Great story Lee Anna! A welcomed break from the many other poems that are offered. And you are such a talented lady with your creations. Keep at it Ma'am! (this is the first time Hank got on to your blog, extremely glad that I did!)


  4. simply great.
    yes, we write to improve our fitness.