Saturday, February 9, 2019

Don't eat the yellow snowballs and two sweet videos

flowering snowball blocks
For my Rainbow Scrap challenge this year, I have three sets of blocks going each month in the chosen color. Gem stones done with improv techniques, Chandelier blocks a la StichTherapy, and flowering snowballs.
8  8" blocks
 I got my ordered templates this week, and hurried to make a few Snowball blocks to show.

I also worked on my  Valentine top, and finished the top Friday. Time to quilt it now!

It's fun to use my turning cutting board, and the templates, to cut up scraps making order from chaos.
It's going to be fun to see these in all the colors of the rainbow. Merging, swirling together, blending side by side.

I find myself getting precious about my scraps... "no this one is too good for this" Please stop me if I do that again! Use the fun stuff, the good stuff!
Sewing curves can be counter intuitive. You must pin the start and stops at right angles or the whole thing can become skewed. I use only three pins to put the large sections together
Then carefully let the fabrics meet under the needle as the piece gently curves away as I stitch
This is meant to use up scraps, and I learned the block looks much better when you use different patterns. I love the way this floral came out... this would be a spectacular quilt done with 12" blocks in florals.
For the love theme...
People of different colors, religions, genders all getting along... hands holding hands, hands reaching out to help each other through this tough life.
two sweet videos of animals adopting other species...

 Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Today is a reminder that humans are just other animals, and animals can love unselfishly.
They rely on each other for emotional support. We all need love.

Animals (including human animals) can fight and they can love.
Problems develop when one perceives a threat to resources, although perception can be off base. Haven't you ever unknowingly pre-judged someone later finding out you were wrong, there was no threat?

Have you ever talked to someone quite different from you and found out how much you have in common? I remember sitting on a bench in DuPont Circle when a group of tall boys wearing drooping jeans joined us. It was unnerving as we didn't know them, and one hears stories of danger in big cities, and let's face it, we're much older than them. I started a conversation, as I do, and by the end of the interaction, most had wandered off, but one boy and I had the best talk about writing and novels. I can still see the glow in his eyes now, years later, as he shared that he wanted to be a great novelist. He was about 19, living in a poor neighborhood apt, making his way in the big city, but he had dreams few people asked him about.

I admire humans who understand love is more rewarding than war. 
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  1. These flowering snowballs are delightful.

  2. Hello, your blocks are pretty. I enjoyed the animal videos. All kinds of people are what makes the world more interesting. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    Those blocks look so cool!
    Communication between the ages....keep it live!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love those flowering snowball blocks.

  5. Wonderful post - love the message about getting along and the sweet videos. Your quilting is beautiful! x Karen

  6. Those flowering snowballs are so neat! That will make an amazing quilt design!

  7. Love those swoopy curves! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous, with all those colors and prints dancing together. Imagine how boring our quilts would be if every piece of fabric was exactly the same.

  8. MUST look for that template set!! Sometimes it really pays to order stuff like that. I adore your Flowering Snowball blocks in YELLOW!!

  9. I love those yellow florals in the snowball blocks - just makes me feel happy to look at them.

  10. awesome artworks. And thank you for sharing videos.

    have a great day

  11. I admire you for having this fascinating conversation.

  12. I prefer my snowballs with fresh made maple syrup on them. That's slightly yellow isn't it?