Saturday, February 16, 2019

exploring the color yellow

The color of the month for Rainbow Scrap Challenge is yellow. Sunny yellow, happy energetic, glowing yellow.

I went back with the flowering snowball templates, and made last month's red to go with this month's yellow blocks and whee! what fun!

I sorted through my yellow squares to make the chandelier blocks (from Stitch Therapy) and something about going from raggedy scraps to tidy blocks piled up soothes me.

My chandelier blocks  don't look outstanding in yellow but I know blended in with all the colors, they will make the quilt sing and glow.
The fabrics are cute. The top left is a Dr. Seuss from my MD friend Cheryl.
Love the florals and the sheep. Larger center squares lend themselves to focus prints.
that pic is skewed a bit! But they are now safely tucked in next to the red blocks, all the RSC blocks are in the same box, so I can find them again each month. Soon there will be too many of each block for that. I am doing Chandelier blocks, Snowball blocks, and abstract gemstone logcabin blocks. On the other week I do some little abstract.

I finished the Valentine quilt, and love it again. Mid way I usually feel I've wasted all that fabric and time, but something about tidying up the edges, binding, and blocking makes it all worth while! I'll do another post on that and the wee little painting I turned into a 3" X 4" masterpiece (lol)

Milo is tired of me sewing so much lately
 I heard a humph flop! and he laid down next to his bed. I patted the little bed and he scooched, does your dog do that? move without getting up? He scooched his head over to touch it. Died of boredom.

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  1. Love your yellows! The blocks look wonderful and really like those curved 4 patch/ or whatever the name is! I'm a little foggy today. So much sunshine to brighten this gray month.

  2. Yellow is a happy color to me. Beautiful.

    Milo is a jewel. Yes our Little Bit did that too.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  3. Those yellow pieces are so cheerful and happy.

  4. You’re having some fun with yellow. I really like those flowering snowball blocks and can start to picture a whole quilt done in a rainbow of colors.

  5. The flowering snowball blocks are just great - I love the reds and yellows together in that photo! Looking forward to seeing your Valentine quilt!

  6. Hi from sunny Davie, FL. We're currently at my brother's and I actually did some sewing today. Don't have yellow scraps with me, so RSC is on hiatus until I get home. I'm working on a scrappy baby quilt using a pattern by Connie Kresin Campbell called the Crossroads block. Oly have 3 blocks left to do, but don't have a 91/2" ruler to square them up so either have to put that aside or go to Joann's and buy one. I was happy to see you finished your Valentine quilt. That's a record I'd hate to have you break. Hope you haven't got too much snow. It's been frightful at home.

  7. I love your chandelier blocks, but thought they looked a bit tricky. Thanks for the close up photo which shows how they are constructed, not too tricky after all.

  8. Love your snowballs! they looks great in the yellow and red. So cheery. Glad you are sewing and enjoying yourself.

  9. I like the reds and the yellows together. Lots of pretty blocks and curvy curves.

  10. Oh, I like the reds and yellows together, though I wouldn't have thought of pairing them up. It looks like you are getting a lot more sewing done now.

  11. Those snowball blocks are intriguing. Are they machine pieced? They look difficult.

  12. I love ALL of your RSC blocks in YELLOW!!! Poor, Milo... Mama NEEDS to sew!!

  13. Loving your 'snowball' blocks! I too was wondering if you were hand piecing these?

    1. I am machine piecing them, I find sewing curves by hand to be too difficult but two pins on these and it's a snap. Addictive.

  14. Real women have curves. Ask me how I know :-D
    I love the bright energy of red and yellow together and the curves are just perfect. I hope working with such warm colors keeps the winter blues away. Hugs to you.