Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Like Thursday #126 Old stuff is new again

Do you know what time it is???
It's I Like Thursday time! Time to don your tiara and let us know what you liked this week. Nothing is too small or too large to list...

First, the weather people said we'd get a trace of snow Monday... er... 5" and it's still here turning into ice fields in the sun. I like my windows bringing in light, and enjoy opening the blinds around the house each morning. I like my elephant watering can.
We went to the Vintage Market last weekend

so I'll show you some things I liked there... I like the market a lot in general. It's a mix of old and antique, repurposed antiques, and specialty foods.
On Monday's post I showed you the cabinet/tall table I wanted but didn't get.
Isn't this lovely???
 a sweet shade of periwinkle and so delicate.

have a seat... I love wicker and aqua, so this was a fave
and this chest of drawers had the most interesting inlays and well as stones in the drawer pulls
At first thought I wondered how cuckoo it was to turn a sewing machine into a lamp but the shop owner said the cabinet was a mess
available at Upscaled Goods in Colorado
On the other hand, this cabinet and machine is perfect, beautiful isn't it? Can't you imagine it new, sitting in a lady's living room, only opened when she is sewing? (mine stays open all the time as I sew all the time!)
Maybe someone sat at a machine like this to make this top...
Whew, I mean we're all leaving an unfinished top or two, but wowie, this is a hot mess mix of handsewing, and machine sewing, the original "modern improv" quilting. 
How cute is this kitchen cart??? I admit I wanted it but don't really have a home for it and it was a little rusty... 
I asked where they found that Little Nancy head... a sign maker in CA had her...the owner was sitting on this repurposed outdoor set, she covered the seat with precious rose petal fabric... so girly in pink!
Wouldn't it look sweet in my studio two?
But I kind of wanted this too...
available at pine needle creek in Colorado
and if they threw in that water pitcher, all the better. I love that celery green (chair)with the bold red.
I loved the shape of this suitcase, the owner said it wasn't a sewing machine carrier, and used to have a matching hatbox/cosmetics case, that sold.
Nice sentiment if you have a big wall that needs a sign. I liked this sign too... lol  

It's been so icy and snowy here, I was happy to go out at least to sweep off the porches. And after the sun melted what was left after a couple of nice neighbors blew off their sidewalks, I was able to walk Milo a bit... I admit I walked up and down the same sidewalks a lot to get in some outside time, but at least I was outside.

The streets here are not plowed so crossing to the next sidewalk is treacherous.

I was happy to see Grace and Frankie back on Netflix for the 5th season. I laugh out loud, over and over at these two women's antics!
Story image for netflix grace and frankie from

We liked this new to us sauce from Trader Joe, saute chicken tenderloins and serve over brown rice
Trader Joe’s - Marsala Style Sauce - A Rich Sauce Made With Chunky Mushrooms 13 OZ (369 g)
I am at a low ebb, energy wise. I have a lot that needs doing, and a lot that would be fun to do but I am not really doing it right now. I still love hearing a friend's voice on the phone, and still enjoy sewing in my little studio... I am at the point of the cattails in snow piece being about 24 X 44, and am trying to trim it to straight edge before adding in an interesting border. I probably won't publish pics now as I might want to enter it in a competition and many of them don't allow a piece being shown online.

I've enjoyed watching celebrity big brother although they are pretty unlikable. I'm watching Project Runway all stars too for the fabulous challenges! Lots to read when I can focus. That's it for me... Milo may have something to say...

Milo's Moments
I remember Daddy... like it was just this morning... I'll never fill his shoes
Sigh... I love running through the tall snow! Daddy went for a rideinnacar today so I laid down with his shoes, remembering the morning walk
I do not like putting on my boots, but it gives me better traction! We walked by the driving range several times this week, and Dad let me run around the deep snow there! Now I insist on doing it EVERYTIME we walk! I played with Gracie this weekend, and with Little Murphy. Never tire of that and would like being able to play with them every day. Mama has added in an extra chew treat since I'm in the house more this week, heh heh, now she will have to do that Every Day!

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  1. yes... the table and the chairs are fantabulous... I would buy them immediately ;O)))

  2. I think it would be very dangerous for me to spend the day at that market! I'd come out needing a U-Haul for everything I'd buy! Milo, it's okay to miss Dad, just don't start chewing on those shoes!! Our snow will be leaving us this weekend with temps near 60F. WooHoo! Cabo and I may even get a good walk in at some point! Take care and stay warm. xoxox

  3. So many lovielies at your Vintage Market. The periwinkle cabinet, that red cart..... What a cool place. I'm likin that Marsala sauce, too. The winter view from your windows is pretty. Stay safe and warm.

  4. So many vintage treasures to see. I got off a plane from my cruise at midnight Monday to below zero temps. I've only stepped outside to retrieve newspapers since. But it's warming up today and I'll have to go get groceries.

  5. I liked the white table with red trim - it reminds of something my grandmother must have had. Hope the predicted warmer temps the next few days get rid of some of your snow and ice. I know that feeling of just wanting to get outside and walk!

  6. I love old funky chairs, and the dresser would be fabulous especially the color. Great fun finds. It has been too cold the last 2 days for Bobbin to be even allowed outdoors. When the temp doesn't get about -15 she is given some leeway.

  7. I love these cheerful posts which show me things I'm unlikely to see otherwise. it's so much fun to notice little lovelies while we are out on our daily routines. Particularly love the drawers with the inlays.

  8. I still have Mama's treadle Singer that I think a good cleaning would make it work again. Belt may off, too. It needs a place to be displayed in this cramped museum of a house that almost looks like the Vintage Market you went to. I love going to those venues to get ideas of what to do with the old stuff we inherited.
    Your elephant watering can is so cute. I imagine it smiling as it sprinkles water onto plants.
    Hugs to you, your Mister, and Milo.

  9. We have no room for more furniture or other stuff so I rarely go into antique malls. We have watched all the Marie Kondo shows on Netflix while here in TX. We definitely need to start cleaning out and reducing the clutter. My husband even claims he's ready to do so, but we'll see what happens when we get home. Cool and cloudy here in Houston, but nothing like it is at home with bitter cold and snow. Just keep thinking, spring is coming, the days are getting longer.

  10. Aren't those vintage markets fun to go through? Fun stuff. That red cart could be repainted and look fabulous. Especially in a bright turquoise. Just saying. We received close to 10" and the poodle pups couldn't have been happier. Elsa ran like like a jack rabbit in it.

  11. Such cute things, and I love seeing pics of Milo. He is adorable!

  12. I love all of those antiques! I see several things that look very that sewing machine! Enjoy your week! Stay warm and safe!

  13. I like all of those items in the antique section. All of it is gorgeous, in my opinion. Nice to see that Milo has booties :) Thanks for linking up today.

  14. I saw a flamingo lamp the other day and thought of you. It seems like now I note them they are everywhere...even here in Canada. I love where you spend your time looking around. Very nifty shops. Milo has spiffy boots for his winter walks. Looks snowy there too. Now we have settled into more of the Polar Vortex icy temps. What a winter!

  15. That is way too much snow! I like all of those goodies and we used to have one of those old sewing machines here. Hey Milo, I don’t think I’d like boots either but you go outside so it is a good idea. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  16. I like the sunlight streaming in through your blinds! And I have just the place for the aqua and wicker furniture (aqua is such a happy color to me!). Hope you've had a great Thursday!

  17. Oooh, look at all that wonderful retro stuff! The snow looks like more trouble than fun though.

  18. this page brings me so much joy as i furniture hunt

  19. I love all your likes but that red elephant watering still my beating heart! Awesome! Can't believe Milo leaves his boots on. I won't even try them for Miss Priss here. She has very definite views on what she will wear! Have a great week!

  20. I love the dishpan hands sign. lol. We have cold, but no snow. I'm not sure I want to wish for snow for I'd likely get buried in it. :-) Thanks for hosting ILT - I enjoy reading everyone's posts.

  21. Wonderful things can be found on such markets and in stores... to bad that so many people don't appreciate things long enough and Always are up for the new

    That flowercannister is beautiful.. specially for an elephantfan

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week at
    ♫ M e l d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  22. nice watering can - I'm rather fond of elephants myself.

  23. traction! function over form, for sure