Friday, January 18, 2019


Don't you love Rubies??! I do! What a nice gift they would make for Valentine's day!
Well, these are made from red scraps. Inspiration came from Jean Wells art quilt book, and the Rainbow Scrap challenge color of the month, red.

I'll just show some close ups so you can see the fabrics are different. I pulled thin strips out of the bin... and for some reason wanted to keep them kind of even. I did the log cabin setting courthouse stairs.
I started with any size rectangle... and tried to keep the darker shades to the shorter sides for continuity.
All the fabrics looked different before being sewn, then blended together after.
Then I got the idea to try log cabin blocks starting with a diamond, and a hexi instead of a rectangle.
"Brilliant cut" and "marquise cut" gemstones

I began to think about other colors and how the whole quilt might look together, so I played a bit with settings...

The blocks blend too much and side by side... how about black strips between?
not this regular, maybe if I set them like the first configuration with black... like gems laying on velvet in a jewelry story
Now that these are done, I'm working on my nature abstract of cattails in snow. I'll show that later... it's so much fun to design and sew.

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  1. These are gorgeous and I am so happy to see you creating again. I like the black background like loose gems.

  2. I love all the different reds. You've pulled them together in a way that really glows. What a fun project!

  3. That first photo really looks like gems from a distance. Just beautiful.

  4. I wouldn't know where to start. I've not a crafty bone in my body.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  5. This is such a gorgeous idea! I am right with you on laying them out as gems. They make my heart sing. =-D
    I especially like the 'gem cut' rubies starting with something other than a square.
    Wonder what sapphires would be like - hint, hint!

  6. Very pretty, I love all the different reds combined togther!

  7. So pretty! They really do look like rubies!

  8. Yes i do love Rubies! My Ruby is curled up in a box of painted scraps i planned to make a baby quilt out of today. Change of plans. i love how you combined all kinds of shades of red to make
    your components Sparkle !!

  9. Which of Jean's art books are you referring to?
    She has several wonderful books.
    Ta for the inspiration.

    1. Journey to Inspired Art Quilting: More Intuitive Color
      I had to look it up... I had a hard time reading it, and do my improv work in a different way...

  10. Wow, those jewels are absolutely stunning! Way to go!! xo

  11. I always love following your works. What will you do with these shapes?

  12. Oh My...your blocks are gorgeous. I have a Ruby ring my hubby made from my original engagement ring - so these blocks make me smile.

  13. You have been busy exploring!

  14. These are great. Love your vibrant red scraps.

  15. I am not one who loves jewelry but these fabric gems have caught my eye. Well done!

  16. These look fantastic, LA. Yes, I love rubies, how could any little girl whose seen the W of Oz not be fascinated with them. They blend beautifully and shaping them like gems was inspirational. I love reading your crafty posts and yes, doing fine, playing cards on an old iPod Touch and watching TV instead of going out today. Tomorrow, however, is another story, but I'm sure I've driven in much worse and the plows were thrilled to finally have something to do.

  17. They absolutely do look just like gemstones, and so clever of you to make them in a range of different shapes too. Gorgeous!

  18. Those really are gem-like! The black background is a great idea, too. I enjoy hearing about your vision and process!

  19. They look like rubies! I thought they were rubies before I started reading. I like the way they look displayed in your photo. I wonder what they would like on a background of burlap.

  20. Very jewel-like! That simple decision to put the darks on the short ends was very effective.

    It tempts me to think of emeralds and sapphires, too. Maybe even diamonds? Although their color tends to be all from their surroundings.

  21. Beautiful job on making your gems. They look amazing in red. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  22. I love rubies and yours look beautiful!

  23. I've always said that all reds go together and you have proved it once again.

  24. Beautiful blocks, I love red! The display of all of neat!

  25. These are beautiful jewels! A bit darker red, and they'd be garnets, for January.

  26. These are super fun and look so good!