Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Like thursday #124

 Welcome to this week's list of likes. The 7" of snow last weekend was apparently perfect for snowmen building. They're all over the 'hood! And this one was spotted in our library...
made of plastic cups and wool stuffed in some of them! Clever!
not so clever...

I liked going to a drawing exhibit with my friend Rose, who is a graphic designer. She knows all about drawing techniques...
At the Parker Pace Arts Center
I liked this artist a lot, for whimsy and technique. I can sketch... like a 4 year old but this was simply amazing. Different styles, all good, all meaningful.
Artist: Adonna Khare price $1,500.00
Rose pointed out drawing is slow... deliberate. An artist that draws likely is imparting some symbolism or meaning, or at least trying to communicate with the viewer. We had a good time discussing the art, sharing history since we are new friends, finding common ground, and walking around the little downtown
Christmas is so yesterday... Valentines day is the new holiday y'all!
Speaking of red...

I like one of my  Red scrap projects as it builds.
Blending the lessons in Jean Wells' book (my art group is doing together) and the RSC project color is RED this month. I'll do a better post on these tomorrow! After  using those scraps, I also got the top closed on the scrap bin. (and removing the pink scraps that got mixed in)

I really liked checking out a lot of craft books from the library... I'll show you in a laterr post since there are some fun ones.

I like the book DH got me on special at Amazon... and want to make the quilts but they need the specialty ruler... so I found the next-to-last-one at a shop today! Look, even the ruler is smiling!  Gonna have me some fun with this!

I love that Project Runway All stars is on Lifetime channel again! I missed the first episode but love watching how they face a challenge with cloth!

I like this stone
purchased as a surprise gift for guitar playing husband
 I found in an artisan store in Parker, CO.. a river rock with a guitar cut through it.Or... a frame for my poodle-pup!
"Modern Silhouette of Poodle"

Milo's Moments
Barking out loud! Hi everyone, Milo here!
 I liked the snow, and all the smells in it!
Now, I have some questions for you...
Running Free in the tiny park!
when the mama yells "no Pull!!!" to me, seems like she is the one pulling on me! It makes no sense to me! I have to  check out a smell, and there she is pulling against my leash! Yeah, stop pulling... MAMA!

All you peeples out there, please explain to me why the Mama and Daddy get mad when I get stuff off the tall food stand (dining room table)? I'm an equal member of this family right? They eat off the tall food stand, why not a tall poodle?

While we're at it... why don't I get a plate of food at night in front of the talky-talk when they do. Their bowl smells a lot better than my bowl. I'll be only sniffing their bowl and they put up a fuss, "MILO! lay down!"  I don't expect them to go to any trouble for me, I don't want anything special,  I'll just have a bowl of what they're having.

Finally, why don't they put me up on the big bed when I want to go? They know I can't jump because of my unfortunate accident and surgery when I was 5 months old. I want my alligator chewie at 7 pm not 8 pm, and want to go to the big bed earlier than they do. All I'm asking is to get my jim-jams on sooner and into the big bed so I can rest my weary poodle head in comfort, but nooooooo, I have to wait til Daddy wants to go to bed to be lifted up.

While I'm at it, why do they take up so much room on the big bed? I like to snuggle as much as the next poodle, but they seem to feel entitled to take up most of the bed leaving me a small strip between them. I make the most of it though! I start out all balled up as if I take up almost no space. When they start snoring, I sneak up between them, and lay across the bed, kicking out my long legs, moving them to the edges.

What's the problem? They know it's time to get up when they are pushed out of the bed!

Please make Mama happy and visit her friends to read their likes for the week!

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  1. I remember the boy who used the snow from the dog area for his snowman LOL... the idea with the plastic cups is super clever, that is a fabulous decoration... I will buy some during the next days before the EU law sends them all to nirwana :O(

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, I would love to hear what Rose says about drawing. I love looking at good art - it is amazing what some people can do! Way beyond my skill level and even my imagination. Your red gemstones look fabulous - so very pretty and very real like. Ooh, I love Project Runway too - up next is the unconventional challenge. They usually repeat the last episode an hour before the new one starts, so you can catch it maybe? HAHAHA - I love Milo. I've got no explanations about why your peeps act the way they do, Milo. I guess you'll just have to accept them the way they are! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. My snowman would definitely look more like the not so clever one. That rock you found your husband is so cool! Did they have other instruments? I bet it was fun hearing your friend's perspective on the drawing exhibit. One of my close friends works in the art gallery here and I always love going there with her as she points out things I'd never notice. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and great weekend!

  4. Great likes, even the snowman Phal....what a neat art exhibit. Oh your red scraps are gorgeous they remind me of facets on jewels. You will love the QCR. I have the big one, and the small one, so fun to play with! Milo you and Bobbin seem to have the same problems with your humans. I am sorry we don't seem to get it at times and frustrate your little furry heads.

  5. A fine assortment of likes...just wonder how you file through a beach rock..they are so solid. Amazing. Love how those reds are like jewel tones there and yes to using up scraps.
    Milo's take on life is always icing on the cake.

  6. Your red blocks are wonderful - they really do glow like gemstones! I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the quick curve ruler, too. It's fun reading what Milo might be thinking at these different times. I think you could write an entire book with him as the main character!

  7. I love snowmen, wish we got enough snow to build some around here :)

  8. Milo is hysterical. I love those snowmen especially the last one.
    cant wait to see your finished project.-love all those blocks. That guitar rock is sooo cool.Thanks for including me and have a great day! mary

  9. I love all things Milo.

    Have a woof woof day, Milo. My best to your peeps. ♥

  10. Oh my Milo--you are asking a lot of questions today--life just isn't fair sometimes--but you are a good doggie and will not let it bother you I am sure--you are loved--that is the most important thing to remember!!
    luv, di

  11. Really liking those red gemstones - that color fabric is the one that I have the least of.

  12. Milo is so funny. I always enjoy his point of view.
    Love the plastic cup snowman; that's the only kind that would work here. I miss a couple of days of snow each year.
    Beautiful guitar rock. Clever of you to find it. And great to visit an exhibit with a friend; so much to discuss.

  13. Like the plastic cup snowman and loveeeee Milo!

  14. Love that plastic cup snowman. A fun idea. The guitar stone is pretty cool. Never seen something quite like it. Thanks for linking up today.

  15. Love all the reds and Milo of course.

  16. Hello, I am not a snow lover but I do love snowman. Cute series of photos. Always nice to see Milo! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  17. Your seven inches sounds perfect for snowman building. Ours was too deep to roll anything so our snow lady was made by piling up shovelfuls of snow and carving out the shape! Our church hosts a Masters Art Exhibit every year where a local gallery brings in art for viewing. The last exhibit was mid-century abstraction. I learned a lot about the mindset behind the paintings. It was very interesting.

    Oh Milo! You poor baby. Maybe Mom and Dad will pop a bowl of popcorn and share with you while watching the talky-talky. Cabo loves popcorn! And, maybe they will get you some stairs up to their bed so you can retire when you feel like it?! Your Mama is better than Cabo's since she will take you for walks on cold days! Tell your Mama woof for Cabo and I hope you all stay warm and safe.

  18. Milo, our Molly the Cat asks the same thing about why we take up too much room in the bed upstairs and why she can't have any cheese when we're eating it. She's not ever satisfied with the answers.
    Hey LA, I'm feeling warm smiles in all your words today. Love it.

  19. Love those snowmen. Your red jewels are pretty. That river stone is really neat!

  20. I think dogs teach us what patience really your beautiful quilting. The snowmen are great, too. How fun to go to the drawing exhibit with your new friend. Love the shot of Milo through that wonderful stone. x K

  21. How fun - snowmen to build. Love your gemstones!

  22. Milo, I was going to say the same as Lisa. Maybe they can put a step stool for you to get up in stages. Holly says that then you can go on the big bed when they go out and leave you in. "Back in a bit." But there is a bit of trouble when you are so asleep you don't hear them come back. Then you hurry downstairs, but somehow they know. it is very embarrassing when Dad sneaks upstairs and finds you before you wake up!

    The rock you got your husband is amazing! Must have some special tools to be able to get through the rock.
    The Library Snowman is so clever! If everyone made one with the cups they had used, they would no longer be single-use plastics. I Wonder if there is a way to light one up?

    You will have to show us when you use those rulers. I don't really know how they work.

    I posted my likes, late. oops.

  23. LOVE, love, love the library 'snowman.' Very clever!

  24. Beautiful snowmen, and now they are here with me. I love your red blocks. I hope to make some for tomorrow.

  25. It's been many years since I've made a snowman! I forgot how much fun it can be.

  26. We don't get that much snow in New Zealand, not enough to make a lovely snowman!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  27. Oh my, advertising is the ruination of traditions. We do like your stone, I wonder if they do one with a cat carved through it?
    As to sleeping on beds, well it isn't even good for us cats, just be thankful, Milo, that your staff aren't as haphazard as mine and you end up getting squashed or turfed out of bed as not been seen in the dark, MOL

  28. Some really nice shadows this week. Thanks! I should add that I prefer the snowy snowmen to the plastic one! :)

  29. Your gemstone blocks are gorgeous! I worked 18 years in a jewelry store, and your blocks look like amazing ruby's!! Hugs, H