Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Like Thursday # 122

My new calendar says it all!
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I liked these mint tins at the Art Museum in Denver

I am enjoying my red carnations on the table. Red is a good color for me, so I'm keeping it around a bit longer
I like the perfume DH got me for Christmas... a tiny little pink bottle of Nanette Lapore... one of my very favorites! Her graphics are adorable too. And the Lancome box holds four miracle creams guaranteed to make me beautiful and youthful.
The box is so cute!
We found the snowbaby on the right at the Dillard after Christmas sale... the little tree has a glitter star and turns around! We got it as we bought a tree this year!
 The one on the left was last years, to represent moving. ( I cannot find my others, sad face).
The turquoise snowflake is all beads on wire, from the CUBA exhibit!
I also got a book from that exhibit, with a style I love, now I want to do a quilt like that.
I loved the Rose Parade
I watched with my buddy
I could eat the floats
I marched with our band in so many parades. I learned so much more than just how to march while playing a song...

I'm so happy these people kept up their lights. The world is getting dim... but these people are doing their part to keep it pretty.

I liked the after Christmas sales
Hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma, marshmallows from REI, fabric not shown, 6 yards for $28 various prints. The beaded flowers for the tree from Dillards

 NYE  was bitterly cold and snowed all the livelong day. And accumulated. No going anywhere!
We all bundled up for walks, and I like that my  pup accepted his snow boots with grace.
I have dainty feet, no?
He had a bath, because he was competing in the Pepe LePeu contest (just kidding) so his hair fluffed out into a thick poodle coat after, plus we put his real coat on.
Even as we were bundled up in down coats, our neighbor shoveled his walk while wearing his winter shorts and sandals. Oy vey! It was 12F.

I liked tire tracks that made the snow look like trapunto quilting!
I liked our New Year's Day dinner...

... of Turkey ham with pineapple, ginger,onion, lemon and orange juice and marsala wine, with black eyed peas and collard greens with pepper vinegar. Plus Ambrosia fruit salad, and some homemade cranberry sauce. Traditional fare for a Southerner.


I had a great holiday! Here I am resting up from all the fun, on Mama's blankie. She and I even had a nap one day on the big bed, in the middle of the daylight! I was finally able to stretch out since Daddy was downstairs.

Why, I do have goals for this year, thank you for asking.

I'd like Mama to accept the fact that I'm a fun loving guy, that I chew a sock now and then, that I nip at their hands, dance around, eat snow and fro up. I'd like her to lay in a supply of leashes so I can chew them on walks as often as I want. I'd like to go to bed earlier, and eat more treats. Play with friends every day. I'd like to finally chew up all the toys in the playbox. I need to learn to resist squirrels and...
 I want to make Mama happy by learning not to pull on walks, but... you all know how hard resolutions are to keep.

This week I liked playing lots with friends, having new toys, having Daddy home, going for rideinnacar more often, and I hardly minded getting all dolled up for walks. It was cold even for me.
yes I had my snout in the snow! But no urping up this time!
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  1. Happy New Year LeeAnna! I can't believe that guy shoveling in shorts and SANDALS! It just be a guy thing - you never see a woman doing that. Or at least I haven't ever! And that Lancome box is so pretty! Milo looks so sweet in his boots! What a good boy. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Happy New Year! I bought those same marshmallows for hot chocolate. And the guy shoveling in shorts made me think of a former neighbor. We knew if he was wearing long pants then the temps had dipped below zero. Otherwise he wore shorts all of the time. I miss that guy!

  3. Your little snow baby figurines are so sweet! I hope you find the missing ones. I laughed at the guy shoveling - it was awfully cold for that! I loved Milo's new year's wishes!

  4. I love the Rose Parade...went a couple of times as a kid. We have crazy neighbors like you too...shorts in 12 degree weather all Winter.

  5. Oh that Milo, we knew he was fun loving but who knew such dainty paws! Murphy tried to chew her lead too and Tony wrapped it in duck tape...sort of stopped her. Marshmallows, and such lovely treats. I also liked seeing your dinner menu, just a few things a little different from us. I'm making pea soup with the ham bone now.

  6. We watched the Rose Parade too. Oh, Brrrrr Humbug on that dude out in the snow in shorts. Hey Milo, you always make me smile dude, have a sock for me. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. I'm not a collector or anything, but I love tins of all kinds. Those boots look precious.

  8. Hi LeeAnna,
    Happy new Year!
    yes, lighted front yards do give January a boost!
    cute boots for mints as well as Milo!
    Love the opening photo!
    take care,

  9. Hello Milo!
    I visit to read about your Mama's adventures, but (don't tell her) your adventures are more fun!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Well! I never! lol it's okay, he entertains me too!

  10. Happy New Year! I love that the lights are still up. For us, we keep the lights up until the official end of the Christmas season--January 13th (Feb 2nd if you're traditional).

  11. That calendar does say it all. I am back to work today and the early wake up was tough. Thanks for linking up today.

  12. That was a fun read! I love the dog. Beautiful!

  13. Love those cowboy boot mints! How cute! Happy New year to you and Milo!

  14. I don't get shorts and flip flops in winter. Love the lights and the beaded flower ornament.

  15. Aw, Milo is the best of all. So cute and I love those booties.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  16. There a neighbor in my hood who was wearing a puffy jacket and bermudas the say it was 5. What it wrong with these fools? Some nice after Christmas scores for next year.

  17. Milo looks very urbane in his boots. I'm slowly starting to put the Santas and trees away, but the attic door is blocked by a stack of boxes with my husband's "stuff", so I can't get things to their proper off-season homes. I'm also getting rid of a ton of old magazines. Trying to de-clutter, but it's so hard.

  18. I think Bobbin needs boots, but she doesn't even like to wear her rain coat, but heaven forbid we go outside to potty when it is cold and wet. URGH. Love the Cuban Book. Looks like you have a fun down week with hubby. Happy New Year.

  19. Those pup snow boots are the bomb! We also like the color red, so does The Female Human.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  20. I have a few snow baby figurines too. They are so cute. I have no patience with the after-Christmas sale crowds so I hardly ever get any good deals. Milo, you are just too cute in your sweater. I don't think Cabo would tolerate those booties! Santa brought him a new toy and I've resign most of the seams three time already! I hope you have a wonderful 2019!

  21. Love those little booties, Milo! I've had some I-need-cake days. Whew! This is the season for peppermint bark. yum!

  22. I really dislike parades (I know) but for some reason I do love the Rose Bowl parade, it just fascinates me! Didn't you know shorts are the new pants? ;) Milo looks very stylish in all his outdoor gear.

  23. I love vintage! You always show some interesting pieces! Love the red carnations, and as always that sweet pup. happy New year!

  24. It's always fun to see what you like. The boot tins are adorable. Your neighbor is insane.

  25. Those shoes on MILO!!! I could never get Scout to agree with that. I find that boy dogs are more amiable than girls. Scout definately has a say in what she will wear--and not wear! Great likes!

  26. I used to collect snow babies but gave them to my daughter when we moved. Soo sweet. Your neighbor looks so comfortable in the snow-haha. This was a fun post. Enjoy! mary

  27. Those cowboy boot mints are adorable. I had a good giggle at your neighbor's attire hahahah

  28. Some more great shots and the one of the dude in his "winter" shorts, haaaaa. And the sandals, that is some hardcore stuff, you usually only see that on campus around here. And I think the last time I saw shorts and shower shoes in the snow the kid was wearing socks.
    I'm going to say the pic of Milo giving the stink eye in the wonderful blue shirt is perfect for Say Cheese!
    Does he ever try to engage with the images on TV? My hair also fros up all the time and I dance around and like eating treats after going to bed early. I think we both have issues with squirrels too, hmmm am I really a standard poodle?

  29. The calendar is right we need more CAKE. Mommy has told us tales of eating snow when she was little. Those of us with 4 legs have never seen snow here. Mommy says it snows here once in a blue moon. Mommy is weird.

  30. I am glad you have persisted with me. Thanks for your encouraging notes, Christmas card and all sorts!
    I had my 2nd cataract surgery yesterday, so I have posted a very late Thursday post. Don't want to overdo the eye though...let it settle down.

  31. I am so happy you had a great holiday and your pup with his snow boots on is even more adorable than usual.

  32. LeeAnna - Happy New Year! One of my bucket list items is to go to the Rose Bowl Parade in person. And my sister, who is a florist, says that you can arrange to see some of the floats up close as they are being finished. To die for! I look forward to your lovely posts as 2019 rolls on. Have a super week, my friend!

  33. I love Milo's little booties! The postmen around here seem to compete with one another for how cold it can get til they stop wearing shorts. Not for me. At the moment I have on 5 layers and that is just in the house!

    My Mom always watches the Rose Bowl parade on New Years Day because it is her birthday. 81 this year!

    My husband has been coming home with post-Christmas sale chocolates. Like we need them. oh, they were choc covered nuts, so apparently that makes them healthy.

    Starting to see better. Just wish the back would get with the plan.